Random Thoughts Tuesday


I am not a helpless female!!! I replaced two broken heads on my sprinkler system!!!
I have a third that was broken off way down low (that’s a sprinkler technical term) and I’m going to pass on doing that one, though I COULD! I have a hacksaw!! I used it the other day to trim the bushes in the back yard (trimmers? What are those??).

Anyway, let’s focus on the important stuff---like how I replaced two sprinkler heads myself!!! It involved digging and getting dirty and coming in direct contact with multiple worms (which were made more plural when I cut them in half with my digging) and *gasp* a slug that I accidentally touched (WITH MY BARE HAND). It also took two trips to Home Depot, running back and forth through the sprinklers to get to the newly fitted one to adjust it, and working in the hot sun. And I have emerged triumphant!!!

And then, after a 20 minute struggle with the 800-lb treadmill with 1 step, 2 doorways, 2 narrow halls, 3 corners, and a stubborn teenager---my treadmill is now set up quite nicely in my room. It’s as if the spot was made for my particular treadmill—it couldn’t fit more perfectly. There’s about 1/4 an inch on either side of it…it doesn’t get much more snug.

And then I woke up early this morning and actually used said treadmill! Yay me.

Why don't we have year-round school anymore?? We are not being the smartest country by letting our children laze around for three months!!

I HIGHLY dislike Brooke Hogan. I don't watch her stupid VERY fake show, but I have seen bits and pieces of the horror of it and I'm not sure how ANYONE can stand to watch it. She is a horrible actress and how could anyone believe it's a reality show? Vh1 is really a sad channel.

I am addicted to buying plants. I buy a new one every chance I see a pretty one that is on sale. Stay tuned for pictures. You'll be bedazzled.

Oh, speaking of plants, the stupid 100-degree weather we had all last week has killed my large flower pot thing in the front yard and my only tomato plant in the back!! Stupid sunshine!! Somehow this is probably Brooke Hogan's fault.

I have a hummingbird feeder in my back yard. It has been emptied of special red hummingbird juice TWICE. I have seen one hummingbird one time. Not at the feeder, no. Just fluttering about. And that's it, never to be seen again. I can't keep feeding these things if they aren't going to give me any pleasure in watching them slurp the syrupy goodness that I provide. Ingrates.

I still can't believe I won $1000.00!!! This is the luckiest year ever for me. EVER.


  1. ArtSnark said...:

    Great Rtt - congrats on the hard work & the win!

  1. kirsty815 said...:

    Oooo good for you being all independant and stuff! I'd have canned it after touching the slug, can handle worms but not slugs. Ick! Great RTT!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Haha! These are great! Awesome you got a treadmill! Good job with the sprinkler heads!

  1. Robin said...:

    Congrats on the sprinkler head success! While your repair certainly has more moving (and alive/dead) parts, I can relate to the feeling of triumph - my shower head recently literally blew right off the wall and it took a couple trips to Home Depot and some serious elbow grease with a pipe wrench but I felt very accomplished when I replaced it with a fabulous new rainshower head. Yay Girl Power! (And boo slugs!) And thanks for stopping by my blog

  1. You da man...scratch that. You da woman for fixing those sprinkler heads. You should be proud of yourself. I don't know if I could have done it.

    I feel your pain with the worms and slugs. We replaced a ton of grass in our backyard a couple of months ago and I had to deal with 'touching' both.

    Congrats again on your windfall!

  1. You rock! Way to go with the sprinklers. The worms would have scared me off.

    I am impressed you are treadmilling (is that a word?). Exercise is not my strength.

    I have never heard of Brooke Hogan, but I like the idea of blaming her for everything that goes wrong. I may have to borrow that.

  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    Industrious and lucky!! Great RTT this week.


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