Random Thoughts Tuesday

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Have you seen the show Hoarders on A&E? It's pretty insane...I think in my next career, I will be a professional organizer. I LOVE going into my sons room and organizing things for him. Organizing is fun!! (for other people)

Remember that mystery person who put in the post in my driveway? I'm still waiting for him to come powerwash and seal off my deck. He should really get this done soon-it needs to be done before the rain starts coming...

You know how you plan a vacation and you buy the package on expedia and then you start thinking about losing 20lbs, and what will you wear, and what will you do, etc....I think at some point you actually start saving money so you have spending money while you're on vacation...I have apparently decided not to do that and instead I bought something I've always wanted!!


Seriously--I've had cats my entire life, but have always lived in an apartment that was too small to have one of these, and they are SO ridiculously expensive. At one point I researched actually making one even (that idea went nowhere). But now....now, my cats are so happy!! And you can't put a price on the happiness of your cats! And we got it at the pet outlet store, so it was 60% off! How can I pass that up?

Ginger loves the top nest. She doesn't actually jump up there herself (that I've witnessed) but if someone lifts her chubby little furball of a body up there, she will curl up and purr in happiness.
Whiskers is more content on the ground level, but has adventured up to the 2nd floor now and again.

I was looking for a volunteer project for my team at work the other day (our company gives us 16 hours of paid volunteer time a year!) and I found two great organizations to volunteer at!! I'm very excited - I needed something new. Stay tuned for more information. I love volunteering!!!

Does anyone watch Dog the Bounty Hunter? I can't tell you why, but I totally love this man:

I really really really want to set up some kind of adjustable laptop holder that will be attached to the wall just above my treadmill and one that adjusts so that I can pull it down in the front of the treadmill electronic thingy and I can read my bloggety blog friends blogs while I walk. I walk slow-there's no concern. I won't be typing gobs and gobs, so I really just want it so I can read while I walk. Anyone have one or have advice? I know one blogger who does it--he walks for like 3 hrs a night while he's online (perfect!), but his setup is really quite complex and I want something quick and simple. Anyone?


  1. ArtSnark said...:

    Brilliant idea on the blog-walking! Wonder if I could rig something up on the stationary bike (that is still in its original box!)

    Volunteering rocks! That is so cool that your company pays for it

  1. Well I had to leave a comment for a couple of reasons. I too have what I call a kitty condo and my cats love it, well worth the money. And I think Leland is hella fine! Love the way he talks and oh what a body! Stopping by from SITS :)

  1. Margaret said...:

    After your crying comment, I had to start following your blog. You will cry his entire senior year and then a few months after he goes but after that it does get easier. LOL Really by the time it is time for him to go you will be as ready as he is. I do organization and home staging for real estate companies. You should look into it.

  1. Badass Geek said...:

    I always thought that cat trees look like fun.

  1. Raven said...:

    I think I need to have Hoarders come into my house! It is crazy! But, if anyone so much as looked at my book collection with the intent to get rid of any of it, there would be much violence. lol

    Your cat tree looks awesome. My cats would love that too, but I barely have room for my kids in my apartment, so we'll have to wait till we have something bigger.

    Have fun volunteering! Kudos to you for making the world a better place!

    Dog the Bounty Hunter-mmmmmm nummy. He got a haircut didn't het? I thought it was long last time I saw him. I don't have tv so I don't get to watch that much. I like it short.

    Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I totally have cat tree envy at the mo .. LOL .. I want one!

    Please tell me you seriously do not want that guy on Bounty Hunter!?!!! We watch it over here and I giggle at all of them on that show!


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