Superhero of the Day: Bill Clinton

I sleep with my radio on, every night. It’s just a clock radio and it just plays quietly in the background. 98% of the time it is tuned into NPR.

You know how sometimes what you hear in the background enters into your dreams? This happens to me at least once a week. It makes for interesting dreams.

I woke up the other morning listening to the story of how Former President Bill Clinton (I heart him) scuttled off to North Korea (aka The Backwoods of the World). And this is what was in my dream just before I awoke:


  1. Cara said...:

    Oooh.....I bet bill could rawk the superman tights!

  1. ♥georgie♥ said...:

    LOL...i think u and i are in the minority about luvin bill!

  1. krista said...:

    one of my good friends has such a huge crush on bill clinton. we got her a huge clinton doll for her one year for her birthday and took him to the bar with us and sat him on the bar top and toasted him. it was nice. but it would have been all that much better if he were wearing a superman costume.


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