Weekend Wrap-Up

This was another 3-day weekend for me. I think I want to always have 3-day weekends. I'm totally over working five days a week. It's really more my style.

I had a fairly productive weekend!

I repotted 3 plants. Remember how I used to kill plants? Remember how Andrew used to refer to our house as "the place where all good plants come to die?" Well, we can no longer say that!! My plants LOVE my new house!! I'll update with pics another day, but take my word for it--this is a plant-happy home!!
And my addiction to buying new plants is worse now. I have to make a very conscious effort to not buy new plants every time I go to the store. Sometimes I put plants in my cart and then have to take them back out again later. I need a sponsor to help me get through hard times...

I also cleaned up my phone a bit. I have this wonderful Samsung Omnia which I am totally in love with and would marry if it were legal. It's awesome in so many wonderful ways. One of the things I love, as an avid text-messaging fool, is that it saves text messages as a conversation, not as individual messages. This is great so if I want to see what I sent someone three days ago, I can select their name in my message inbox and just scroll up. I can read a conversation between me and someone else very easily-it's great. However, I was trying to figure out why my 80mb had 68mb in use all the time....I don't have any extra programs installed and all my photos are stored in a separate place. SOoooo....I started digging around and found that all of my text messages from May were saved. SINCE MAY!! I'm not a teenage child texting 8000 a month---but I did have almost 3000 in my inbox. I had no idea. AND then I checked my sent box--and they are saved there too!! Almost 3000 there!!! And picture messages??? Yep...tons of those too. I deleted about 6000 messages and guess what happened? TONS of memory!!!

For the last two months, my sweet little Samsung Omnia had been showing from 18-12MB free in storage. Today, I have 34MB free!!! For those of you who don't understand storage and MB stuff, let me just tell you: That's a HUGE difference!!! HUGE!!! And now I have absolute Samsung Omnia love again.

Now if only I could figure out why my battery is always running really low by 7pm every day. Another day perhaps. (baby steps)

We did some school shopping this weekend. Can I just say that who does Nike think they are charging $91.00 for a pair of normal, non-athletic, run-of-the-mill shoes??? (we bought them for $75.00 on sale--which is STILL an outrage)

I also went to bingo with my bingo-addicted coworker, who we will refer to as Prancy (a nom-de-plume to protect anyone who might not want her name published as a bingo addict). During the big game for an $1800.00 (not a typo!) game, Prancy's son and I were both down to ONE number - #59 - and we were all on the edge of our seats...VERY exciting....and THEN----we see the next ball come up and.....before it's called, we hear 4 people yell bingo...but ....but....>BUT----the next ball was #59!!!! We were one number too late from sharing an $1800.00 (not a typo!) payout!!!! I hate you #59!!!

And then today was volunteer day - I had my normal Love Letters event and had a great group show up, and then immediately following that event, I had 7 people come to my house and we worked on a different volunteer project: the Alphabet Project (more on that another day). Andrew barbecued up some goods for us and we had a great time. It was perfect weather so we ate on the deck (I love love love my deck!). A VERY productive day.

Andrew had his first job interview today---cross your fingers!!! He'll find out mid-week whether he will have an income, which will mean he will be able to buy a car. BIG news for everyone!!

**oh, and if you are looking for a really great picture for your wall: check out my young friend Natalies etsy store---she took these beautiful pics and they are very economical. And she's a really great gal and will put your money to good use! (Like college tuition. Or rent.)


  1. Nat said...:

    I love Kalen! :)

    That is all.

  1. Nat said...:

    Nope, that is not all.

    I love KAYLEN!*


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