Woodstock Envy

There was so much happening back "in the old days."
The first trip to the moon, color tv and cd players being invented, the creation of reeses peanut butter cups, travelling by airplane....and WOODSTOCK.

It just sounds so amazing, that some normal people came up with this idea, and then it just blew up from a concert for 5,000 to a concert of 50,000 and then to a half a million and they actually found a way to go through with it, with few lasting negative ramifications and with an everlasting spot in history.

We will never have anything that can compare to this.

If someone tried to do something similar, not as a revisit to Woodstock (which I think has been done many times), but just as a large scale concert---there would be too many drugs, too many weapons, and too many problems of all styles and flavors.

There would be a Meth Head group - you'd know them by the stringy hair, pock-marked skin and the missing teeth. They would talk fast and randomly cause bodily harm to each other, but they wouldn't necessarily notice they have done damage or had damage done to them for days.

There would be the group on mushrooms, watching the stars glow.

There would have to be a group on cocaine--they would be dancing. Warp speed style dancing.

Everyone would be stealing from each other. Fights would break out. There would be anarchy for all.
Except the pot smokers--they would just be watching it all happen.

And music....there wouldn't be music because musicians these days are paid gazillions of dollars to perform. And with the egos of the singers today, they would probably have trouble sharing the bill with others.

Ticket prices would be outrageous.

Oh, and don't forget the zoning laws and all the other issues that would pop up. It's really a recipe for disaster. I have no idea how they pulled off this thing.

Photos via Woodstock69.com

The new Woodstock movie comes out later this month. I won't be seeing it in the theaters, as I can't really get over the cost of movie tickets these days, but I will for sure rent it on dvd. It's the closest I will ever get to something as insane as Woodstock.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I am kind of glad I am too young for Woodstock. I would have had sooo much sex with sooo many people. It was the universe's way of protecting me I guess ;) Here is being born in '85!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    We never go to the theater anymore either. So expensive!

  1. julia said...:

    Oh, it exists. It's just called Burning Man. It's a big party in the desert. http://www.burningman.com/
    Pretty incredible. Tickets are up to $300 buck now. Check out the pictures. It's more organized than Woodstock in that they create a city for a week.

  1. Badass Geek said...:

    I'd much rather watch the concert DVDs, myself. I don't like the crowds at concerts.

  1. Creepy said...:

    I couldn't handle the crowds... but back in my partying days... I'd have been in the shroom group... oooohhh pretty stars.... preeetttttyyy.....


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