Wordless Wednesday, one day late!

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!!

Someone on some blog somewhere started this, probably feeling like a lazy blogger and now lots of people do it...and I'm going to join in...but as I was looking for a pretty picture.....I realized it's not Wednesday!!!

Every day this week, I have been waking up thinking it was a different day, but never the right day.

And even today - it's my Friday at work, and for most of the day, I was fully thinking it was Wednesday. I'm not sure what my deal is....but anyway--it's my Wordless Wed/Thursday and I'm obviously not doing it right-a) wrong day dork and b) not so wordless.

This is a pic from the Oregon Coast at the Sea Lion Caves. You actually go underground and see this big inlet-like-area where the sea lions lounge about, it's interesting, but if you have a strong sense of smell-you will not like it. Sea lions apparently don't bathe themselves. They smell....well, bad. I don't even know the right word to describe it. This is at the opposite end of the cave where you can get some great fresh, salty air and look out on the ocean.


  1. Badass Geek said...:

    That is just beautiful.

  1. Sea lions don't bathe themselves? Don't they swim in the sea? I thought they were supposed to smell like that.

  1. Wow. That's BREATHTAKING!

    Found you through SITS. I'm reading your other entries and loving your blog!

  1. Raven said...:

    What a beautiful pic! I had no idea sea lions were so stinky, but I'd love to see them anyway. I saw a walrus once at Sea World and fed him some fish, but he spit it back at me (after he chewed it all up), all in my hair and face. It was quite gross. Hopefully sea lions wouldn't do that. lol

  1. Crystal P said...:

    That must have been something to see! Wow...


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