Book Review: Ravens by George Dawes Green

Ravens (George Dawes Green) is a fabulous read!
Ravens George Dawes Green
I read this book in just a matter of hours! I think it's pretty simply written, I would say that any teen would enjoy it as much as any adult, but it's more suited for us older folk.

It's a book about a family who wins the lottery and before they even have time to celebrate, a couple of scheming criminals come into town and hatch up a plan to get part of the lotto winnings.

The characters are all believable, with a wide range of types.
A few:
The daughter who is just irritated with everything about her parents and just wants to grow up and move away. Her friend who worships her and is just out to find love and acceptance.
The grandmother in the story is a lively character, playing poker and drinking with her granddaughter. I like the connection they have.
The criminal Shaw McBride, who is a bad guy in general, but he's mostly just talk. He just wants money---we can all relate to this, right? The other criminal, Romeo, is just a follower of Shaw, trying to find his path in life. He knows they are doing something wrong, but he doesn't really know how to break free and be himself.

There's a couple of odd things in this book - one is where some abstract character talks of visiting a man who puts claws in her bare back and hangs her from the ceiling. I don't know where George Dawes Green lives, but this is not normal. I've heard of this before, though I don't think most people have, and it seemed a bit odd for it to be in this book. It's just a bit far out there to be part of this normal small-town tale. It didn't ruin the book, he did a good job of looping it altogether, however, I think he might lose a lot of people with that bit.

I also think he could have developed the character of the old-timer police officer. He was missing a little something to make me feel connected to him.

I want to win the lottery (which I rarely play) but this book was another reminder of why it would be bad to win----people will try and steal it!!!

It's better to just slowly save up your money and not tell anyone when you have a million.
Because they will try to take it from you.

This is a great book if:

  1. You play the lotto and dream of what will happen when you win.
  2. You have considered extorting money from a lotto winner.
  3. You need an easy read for bathtub time.
  4. You have the stomach flu.

Good book!


  1. kel said...:

    Great review!! I'm adding it to my TBR list!

  1. carma said...:

    I was with intrigued until it came to the "claws in bare back" - but since I fall into category #2 ;-) I may give it a go anyway!

  1. I saw you on SITS and wanted to check out the book review. The book sounds great!

  1. Pam said...:

    That's a fun review. I read this book and I really liked the grandmother. You won a copy of "A is for Admission" in my book contest. If you'd like a copy, please send me your address to aw 97 bw by Wednesday afternoon.

  1. Have another hug....Thanks for the recommendation I'll have a look on Amazon for it.

  1. otin said...:

    You know what is interesting? As much as I like to write, I read about one book per year!

  1. Oh but I want to win the lottery! I'll just put them in a bank's vault so that no one can steal it, noh? LOL

  1. Hit 40 said...:

    I have read a review on this book on another blog too. They also loved it.

    Money does not buy happiness. Large amounts of cash usually destroys a person's life. I have a friend who fell into 300,000. It absolutely ruined her life.

  1. Lani said...:

    Sounds interesting.. I often daydream about winning the lottery:) I don't think money buys happiness, but it sure would make life a little less stressful:)

    I would love if you would stop by my Blog For A Cure Blog Party, going on all week long at Gain some new followers, win some prizes, and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:)

  1. Melissa B. said...:

    Greetings and Salutations! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...Pontificating, today, on the state of the world.

    Yes, We Can? No, He Shouldn't


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