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Sometimes I have nothing to write about, but feel like writing. Is that a form of writers block? Or maybe I just have a boring life..........

Today's blog post is brought to you by other people. Cause I have so little to share.

AndrewHas his first car!!
This is what it looks like now:

This is more like what he is wanting it to look like:

Not the color so much, but the tricked out style of it. I suspect he will get there at some point. He got a great deal on it so he had money leftover and has already had installed new speakers. He's saved his money for two years. I hate wasting money on something like speakers--but it's not my money and music is important to him, and having a nice stereo is helping him love his car...so who am I to not be happy for him?

You know how you are driving along enjoying your life and then some punk kid pulls up next to you and his stereo makes your car shake? That might be mine. Sorry for that. He really is a good kid-let's let him have his music, shall we?

Bruce was out fishing on a lake yesterday early morning. It was just him and one guy a short distance away, both fishing from the side of the lake, peacefully and calmly...when SUDDENLY - men in camouflage came out of the woods and said they were from the Dept of Fishing and Wildlife and flashed their badges and wielded their weapons (okay, maybe not--but I heard they had them!). Apparently it is a very serious criminal offense to hook a fish the wrong way and if you hook a fish through the gill or something, you must throw it back or be stoned at the stake. OR you will be given a $300 ticket. Yes---a fine of $300 for catching a fish THE WRONG WAY.

Say what??? True.
AND the man next to Bruce argued with the Governmental Fish Police and he got a $1500 fine for something like resisting bowing down to the fish police or something. He denied and argued and the Fish Police actually had it on video and pulled it out for man-next-to-Bruce. WHAT?? Fish police have video cameras and camouflage??? With the state of the world today---are we seriously paying governmental workers to go hide in the forest and protect the dignity of fish?? If I hadn't heard this from Bruce's life- mate, I would not have believed it. If you are reading this, I won't blame you for not believing it--cause it really is un-fishing-believable. ha.

Whiskers: (in his own cat words)
Today was an adventure. I woke up at 7am and found that one of the five stupid teenage boys who were here or maybe my own boy (who KNOWS that the last one up MUST check all doors to make sure they are locked)--LEFT THE BACK DOOR OPEN. Surprise!! Not just the screen door, such as has happened in the past, but the actual DOOR was open. That was nice of them, because I have wanted to explore for many, many weeks now, but I get yelled at when I start to leave the deck or go outside alone.

After 2.5 hours or so of being outside, I crawled under the deck as I heard the boys up and about. And then I sat patiently and listened while the boy and the mom searched frantically for me inside and out. And I would have sat under the deck all day, if they hadn't started spraying it with water!! And then I cried, they got excited, they kept calling me and I chose a back way to get inside the door so as not to bother them with their cleaning game and decided to curl up under the bed...while they finished rewatering and rewatering the deck, and calling and calling my name for the next hour.

Eventually the mom found me and for some reason, punished me with a bath. She's mean. And then the boy gave me catnip and scratched my belly lots and it was all okay.


  1. Nat said...:

    Yay! I'm so glad that Andrew found a car. He's growing up so fast...

  1. Jenny said...:

    omg (oh my goodness)
    I am SO excited for Andrew!!!! It is so funny he got the same car tyler had!!! I cant wait to see him trick it out! Tell him me and uncle jason are proud of him and so impressed with level of responisibility and maturity! What a great kid!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What?? There's a wrong way to hook a fish?? Bizarre!

  1. Pam said...:

    My daughter feels the same way about her car. She doesn't know that she is getting a car stereo for Christmas. She'll be the other punk kid! : )


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