Random Thought Tuesday - Politics Suck Edition

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I think I’ve mentioned before, maybe not, that the company I work for changed its leave policy and we are only able to carry over a certain amount each year. Though I have only been here a year, I had accrued enough that I had to use it or lose it, and I have been taking off every other Friday for the last 6 weeks and it has been WONDERFUL. But alas, that is coming to an end….and now I will be back to working *gasp* five full days a week. Well, not this week-thanks Labor Day!-but next week for sure. Five full days!!! As much as I love my job—five days in a row is a lot, isn’t it??

There’s a documentary on HBO about the last day at a car factory-GM I think- and I want to see it but don’t have HBO! Lame. Can someone please watch it and film it with their video camera and then upload it to their blog? Thanks! I heard about it on NPR this weekend and they interviewed one of the employees at the factory (who is in the film) and she was crying really hard and talking about losing her family. She had worked there for 25 years or something. The assembly line workers followed the last car as it made its way through the factory, so at the end of the line, the entire workforce was there to see the completion of the last vehicle and then they all cried. Sad. Do we really think about the actual people who are losing more than just their job when a company folds? I always feel sad for them losing their job—but there’s more than that. They lose their work-family, because though they might stay in touch a little bit with a few people, the people they work with every day for years are no longer around. Sad.

I’m excited to hear that Michael Moore has another film coming out. The clip I heard was him making a citizens arrest of the executives at AIG. Funny. Did you see the last one he did on healthcare? It was pretty interesting. I know a lot of people hate him—he does go to extremes sometimes, but his information appears to be true. Like the woman who was paying thousands on medicine she needed to LIVE, as in she would die without it. She was not working due to her health problems. The thousands she was spending was after medicare. But Michael Moore did this silly gathering of others who need medical help and did this stupid clip about them on a boat cruising on down to Cuba and getting medical care for next to nothing. I didn’t like this scene. I should be in movie production, cause that should have been cut. Anyway—the medicine she needed was like $4 or something. Point for Michael Moore and the medical care of Cuba. And then they tried to get into Guantamano Bay, Gitmo to some, but they got turned away. I would have also cut that. I get his point, but it was kind of silly to demonstrate his point that way. I feel like his silliness discounts the seriousness, but maybe he’s just trying to make the film more interesting, less dry. I really liked the Roger Rabbit movie he did – I watched it about 4 times in college in my sociology classes/groups. Good stuff.

It irritates me that people are so mistrusting of the office of the presidency of our country that they would be up in arms over the idea of the president talking to our children via the schools. I saw some crazy fanatic lady on the news CRYING about the idea of brainwashing her children in school via this presidential message. CRYING!! I remember hearing Ronald Reagan give a speech to my elementary school. I do not remember there was a big uprise in the public about the potential brainwashing about to take place. I’m certain we did not just listen to the President talk-we discussed it in our class and maybe wrote a paper on it. How is this any different from this year?? AND Laura Bush gave a thumbs up to President Obama reaching out to the children---isn’t that enough? Sweet little Laura would never endorse something that might hurt our children. No matter what political party you are in, you can’t really fight a thumbs up from Laura Bush. There’s a better blogger than me who said more and wrote better: here. If I was still in school and it was pre-internet and I could plagarize easily, I would copy that word-for-word.

A constant blogger whine: There are some bloggers I know who get like 100 comments a day—and it appears that they reply to ALL of their comments. How do you do this???? I have other bloggers who I leave comments for on a fairly regular basis, but they don’t comment on my blog. They don’t like me. Whatever. It doesn’t stop me from commenting. And it doesn’t affect my blogging, cause I’m not solely blogging for you. Or you. Or you over there. I’m just writing. But getting some comment love is a nice pat on the back.

I had people over for games night on Saturday. At one point, we were playing Last Word, where you have cards with themes and cards with letters and a buzzer that sounds at random periods of time. The letter card is flipped and someone tosses down their theme and you have to say words that start with the flipped letter that correspond with the theme. You want to be the last word out before the buzzer sounds. Following? So at one point, the letter was C. The theme was “Halloween.” We had gone through the normal C words: candy, clowns, creatures, candy corn, etc. You don’t have much thinking time-you have to blurt out words as soon as you think of them. It’s very fast-paced and there’s a lot of pressure to say something QUICKLY. SO – I yelled out, “colored kids.” And as soon as I said it, I realized it was not QUITE what I was going for….I was thinking of face paint and trying to make it into a word that starts with C. It didn’t come out right. I love games nights! One of the guys who came over has a list of all his games online and he owns 232 games!!! He has them listed out with a ranking and description of most of them. CRAZY. He said that the board game companies send him games to review sometimes, but most aren’t that great so it’s not as exciting as it sounds. I love free stuff!

School starts this week!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
AND my baby begins working at his first real job this week!!!


  1. I too cannot get over that people are getting SO worked up about Obama talking to the kids about education... gee, not like he is going to be talking politics/medicare - people need their heads examined... whether you like the guy or not... you can't go wrong with encouraging kids to stay in school...

  1. otin said...:

    I am not for censorship in any form. I think it is silly that we are worried about what the president is going to say. Kids will be shooting spitballs anyway.

    As far as the comments go, I usually try to read people's blogs who take the time to read mine. It is getting harder to do it but I am trying to keep up with it! I do it because I want to!

  1. Raven said...:

    I love Michael Moore. Yes he's extreme, but then I'm extremely progressive, so much so that the Democrats are too conservative for me though I vote Dem cuz I don't want to split the liberal vote and make it easier for the Neocons to get into office. I haven't seen Sicko yet, but I plan to someday when I want to be really pissed off. I also want to read his books. I've only read one so far.

    I can't believe everyone is getting so crazy over Obama and the school thing. Get over it already. We put up with 8 years of Bush's brainwashing, now it's our turn! lol But, you know, Obama might turn them all into little Socialists who actually give a flying rat's a** about other people having things like food and health care. *gasp* How awful would that be?

    Can you say, "Sarcasm much?" hehe

  1. Pam said...:

    I had to laugh over your game night. It sounds like such a fun time!

  1. Nat said...:

    "It was 'crash and burn,' you know, like I am doing right now."

  1. Date Girl said...:

    I completely agree-I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with schools listening to Obama's speeches. For those that don't like it, tough, he is the president, and it's important for our youth to know what's going on in our world, instead of sticking their heads in the sand!

  1. Eva Gallant said...:

    I think it's wonderful that we have a president who is literate and articulate again! Bush was painful to listen to most of the time.

    I love games. We used to play Balderdash. Loved it!

    Just stopping by from SITS to say hi;hope you'll do thr same.


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