Random Thoughts Tuesday - Random Thoughts Edition


I’m having a very sharp tooth pain!! Hot or cold, lukewarm or not…it’s like being stabbed with an icepick in my gum. Have I mentioned I HATE the dentist? Here’s part of the reason why:

And people are still arguing against national health care?? What if I did not have insurance?? This was for two small fillings and one filling replacement. And this does not note that they gave me nitrous gas for free (though I think they did that for their own safety – I’m what you would call a high-anxiety dental patient).

The Office is the funniest show in the entire world!!! It really is. I’m not a
huge fan of the british version-I got the dvd of it and could not make it
through one episode. British humor just doesn’t appeal to me. My son and I
regularly decide which character are friends are. Sometimes we have to combine
characters – so we would say someone is Pelly, a combo of Pam and Kelly, or
Jandy-a combo of Jim and Andy. It’s a good show to do it with…we tried Friends,
but their characters aren’t as solid or unique.

Someone came to my volunteer event last month and donated these:

That’s a LOT of stamps!! People are so generous with their donations. I started the Love Letters projects almost 4 yrs ago and had a small paper box of supplies given to me to start with. Since then, I now have collected donations and gathered supplies and have about 8 good-sized boxes of supplies. About 90% of which was donated! People are great sometimes!!

Andrews cat Whiskers is the cutest pest ever. He insists on drinking from a steady flow of water. We bought a small $5 water fountain for him, which he has used about twice. Otherwise, he will cry and cry until you turn on the faucet for him. And if I’m in the bathroom doing anything at all, he is here:

The fountain is the brown thing to the right. The Scooby Doo cup that it looks like he is hugging is an alternate cat water "bowl" because we don't always remember to clean/fill the regular cat water bowl by their food. The Scooby cub is a perfect height for them and it's easy for me to fill up each day and ensure they have fresh water (and it's funny that the cats drink from a cup featuring a dog).

Does anyone have a ton of episodes of This American Life? I really love this show, but I don’t usually have the radio on when it’s on and I always forget to go download the podcast. I love this show. You can listen to the archives online, but you can only download the current week’s episode. I have a bunch from last year when I remembered to download each week – I’ll trade you what I have for what you have!!

I’m reading a book by John Stossel. If you aren’t aware of him – you are missing out. He is the “Give Me A Break” guy who does reports on stuff put into the media that becomes mainstream knowledge but which isn’t necessarily fact-based. And it has a lot of information on money the government wastes. And laws that are pushed through for bad reasoning. It’s interesting. He is really asking you to question what you read in the media – and it really makes me question what he is telling me in his book!!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yes The Office is awesome!

    Our cat likes to drink from the faucet too...weird!

  1. Nat said...:

    Haha.. I love that you name your friends from The Office. LOVE The Office! Also, awesome stamp donation. Can't wait to use them and pretend that I hand-drew the image. :)

  1. Pam said...:

    I hate going to the dentist too. They won't even give me free nitrous oxide, but I think they should!
    Our cat, Peeve, likes to drink water out of anything but his bowl. He is one strange cat.

  1. My dentist uses a laser for small fillings, no needles. Awesome.

  1. otin said...:

    I hate anything metal touching the few teeth that inhabit my mouth! If dental instruments were plastic, I would have a textbook smile!

  1. Jay said...:

    I hate dentists too. And, it's easy to see why every dentist I know drives REALLY nice cars. haha

    The Office is awesome! I like the British version alright. It's a little hard to understand them sometimes. Ricky Gervais is a riot!

  1. Raven said...:

    I've never The Office, but I keep hearing about how funny it is. I may have to put it in my Netflix queue with my other 500 movies and tv I want to watch.

    I had a cat once that would only drink from the running faucet and then he'd play in the water for a bit after he was done drinking. He was a great cat.

    Have a fantastic day!

  1. You know why a tooth replacement is called a crown? It costs the same as the thing on the King's head.

    My sister's cat (Snickers) likes to sit on the bathroom counter, but when she was a little kitten, she overjumped and landed in the toilet!

  1. Sara E said...:

    yep.. I really like John Stoessel too ... he's pretty up front about his thoughts

    have you seen his health care info video? I saw it on You Tube yesterday... loved it!

  1. Mrsbear said...:

    I love The Office, although I routinely want to punch Michael in the throat for some of the stuff he does. That and 30 Rock are among my favorites.

    I hate the dentist. I haven't been in...a while. I'd rather visit any other Dr. than the dentist, just the thought of getting my gums dug around in makes me cringe.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Miss Angie said...:

    What is your Love Letters thing? I'm curious now!

  1. i love the office - marry me jim or i'd even take michael

    and i don't have health insurance, so THANK YOU for talking some sense!

  1. Casey said...:

    Your dental bill looks a lot like my dental bills. Good luck with that pain, hope you don't need a root canal.

    I love The Office. Also, I got a little excited when I saw that box of stamps. I LOVE stamps.

  1. Hit 40 said...:

    I live in fear that my cat will figure out how to turn on the water while I am at work. Then, I will come home to a flooded house!! Seriously??? Does this ever happen???? I need to know.

  1. krista said...:

    damn! i subscribe to 'this american life' and download the podcast every week but then i delete them after i listen to them. i'll start saving them from now on..

  1. I am wanting that cat so bad... to cute...


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