Weekend Wrap-Up in Pictures

Has everyone played Cranium? It's a super-fun board game that combines all the best board games: pictionary, trivial pursuit, name that tune....and playing with playdoh! It's a blast. I hosted Games Night last night and we spent a good two hours playing this. You must try it - it's FUN!
craniumGames Night is now going to feature Catch Phrase EVERY time--have you played this game?? You should--it's soooooooooooooo much fun. Did you see all the o's? That means it's true. This was about 12:30am, after 3 people left, there was just Amy, Dean and I. One of us is a pansy-girl and fell asleep...cranium catchphase games Amy and I then recruited my son and his friend to join us and there were a few times Amy and I were laughing ourselves into hysterics and crying, it's such a funny game...this is the looks we got from the teens as we rolled on the floor:

When school clothes shopping at the semi-local outlet mall, I fell in love with this plush sbillabong sweatshirtweatshirt from Billabong. Typically, I believe that a child under the age of 5 doesn't need pricey clothes - they grow SO much from birth to six, that it is a bit of a waste of money.
However, sometimes, you just can. not. resist.

A sweatshirt for a size 3T shouldn't be expensive - ever. However.....if it's super-soft and fluffy and it makes you want to crawl inside of it yourself and never ever let it go, AND if you buy a bit over-sized, AND if it's on sale, AND if you go to buy it and find it's discounted even more----You MUST buy it.

And so I did.
Oh--I don't have a baby. Nope, but we have family who do and here he is, looking as cute as ever. He's really only 1.5 yrs old, but this size 3T is not ridiculously large at all!! He's quite a good-sized kid, but hopefully this sweatshirt will last through til next year. If not, I am going to figure out how I can lose enough weight to wear it myself!

My friend Alison has a new baby!!! It's her very first and she's very proud. I was a little leery at first, but I totally love her baby!
What do you think?

pug puppy


  1. Pam said...:

    I haven't played cranium, but is sure sounds like fun.
    Baby clothes are very expensive, but sometimes they are just too cute to resist!

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    I LOVE CATCH PHRASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best game ever, I challenge anyone who disagrees to a dual.

    Also, I miss my baby :(

  1. Jay said...:

    I've never played that game. But, I do love board games. Whenever I'm up at my sister's house we have a game night. She and I are the only one's who really love game though. LOL

  1. carma said...:

    the boys looked highly amused ;-)

  1. kyslp said...:

    We like to play Cranium, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  1. Date Girl said...:

    Catch phrase is the best game ever! I just got the electronic version, because we've played the old school version so many times we know all the words. Everyone gets to excited and gets super loud! It's a blast :-)

  1. Hit 40 said...:

    The boys look like they are plotting a crime?? Maybe tping??


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