OMG - Yaya Gave Me a Shout-Out

For those of you in the blogger world, you probably know about blog awards and you probably know who Yaya is....and if you don't, you should.

Yaya is one of the most popular non-d.ooce-level bloggers I know. Though I use the word "know" loosely.

These are some really great things about my homegirl Yaya:
She has orange hair, orange Ugh Boots, a special orange blanket, wears orange clothing quite frequently, and another gazillion things I could say that mostly involve the word Orange. She blogs a ton, she's very busy trying to get her uterus occupied or find a baby/child/teen to adopt, she's a wife, and everyone loves her. They really do. She's not writing for fame and she's not writing to get stuff (though who doesn't love free stuff!!). She just writes. And writes. And writes. A lot. She's funny! Really!!

What I really adore about Yaya though, other than the fact that she dances on camera uninhibited (and posts them as vlogs), but the coolest thing about my gal Yaya: she gets like 160 comments a day, maybe more...but she acknowledges your comments!

Sometimes I comment on a blog and the blogger only has like 3 comments...and I never hear a peep from them. They don't reply to my comment and they don't visit my blog. Which is fine...I'm not commenting to earn your friendship people....I comment cause I like to hear myself talk.
But Yaya, even as busy as she is----actually replies to your comments AND visits your blog. Go try it and see. Hmm....I hope she does this. I think she does!! Really....but um, dear Yaya - if you didn't' before, could you do it now so I don't make others feel bad? Thanks!

Annnnnnnnnnyway.....back to me - so Yaya posts one of her famously long blog posts and MY name is on it!!! And she gave me THIS:

Thanks Yaya. I heart you in all your orangeness.

And with this lovely award, I am obligated to complete this:

10 Honest Things About Me:

  1. I often feel like I should be doing more good in the world...and I often feel like others should at least care that they are not doing enough good in the world. (aka I'm a snob)
  2. I went through the check-out lane today and left the 20-lb container of kitty litter in my cart as I always do (it's heeeeeeeeeeavy!) and the rude lady didn't use her little wand thing to ring it up and I didn't really notice until I had already swiped my card and was loading my cart and I didn't double-check until after I left the store (did I mention she was rude??) and so essentially, I am a thief.
  3. I only paint my toenails if I know that they will be exposed to other humans.
  4. Someday I suspect I will be a crazy cat lady, cause I just love love my little furry friends!!!
  5. I often break out in song and dance while cleaning/cooking/driving.
  6. I have thoughts about writing a book someday.
  7. I didn't pressure-wash my deck and it badly needs it and now it's going to rain the next 5 months and I will probably have to replace half the boards in my deck next year because of my procrastination this summer.
  8. I swear a LOT at other drivers when I am driving alone.
  9. I usually drift off to sleep listening to the BBC and sometimes I dream in a british accent.
  10. I have not had bacon for at least 9 years and I have no recollection of what it tastes like.

And with that.....I'm now passing on the beloved Honest Scrap Award to.......


Kyooty was the latest person on my blog to become a follower!
She's a mommy blogger who writes a lot of randomness and a lot of mommyness. She's a Canuk - they are gentle people. AND she's a fan of Diana Gabaldon, who I love! Go check her out.


  1. Rootietoot said...:

    I like this- mind if I link you in my blog?

  1. Tenakim said...:

    Cute- I know that feeling, too. I always visist every blog that comments on mine and that's how most of my "friendships" have begun.

    Good for you and congrats!

  1. Jay said...:

    I'm going to go check out this Yaya chick. She sounds cool.

    I used to answer every single comment. Now I answer most comments. I really should answer all of them though but, uh, well I don't really have an excuse.

    No bacon in 9 years? The horror! ;-)

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    COOL! You are famous lately!!! And I've been commenting on a lot of blogs just like you said! And even though they don't comment on mine its still fun knowing that they know that someone else has read what they wrote (just like you said!)

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I don't always respond to comments, but after two years I've discovered a few things about them. Most people don't come back and read your response anyway, and half the people who leave comments don't have an email address entered to respond to them that way. If someone asks me a question, I will often reply in the comments. Otherwise, anyone who leaves a comment on my blog will get a comment on theirs in return as a way of acknowledgement. Fair trade! :)

  1. TQ said...:

    That's awesome! I think you're just about the only one who follows mine but it would be interesting to hear if others that see mine have thoughts about anything I say. I love that you comment on mine! Yay Yaya! (at least she doesn't wear green and yellow ;-)) Go Cougs and Beavs!

    And on another note... I have now learned new things about you! No bacon for NINE YEARS? Wow, i'm impressed! I feel the same about my toenails - when in winter, we don't pedi.

    I'm with you on the swearing at other drivers... if I'm not swearing I'm singing at the top of my lungs (and no one wants to hear that ;-))

  1. Jessica said...:

    She hasn't eaten bacon in the last nine years but the annual American consumption of bacon has not declined, how is that possible?

  1. emotional diva said...:

    you are too effing cute! yayyyyyyy for you getting an award! i may have to give you another one just to make you say OMG again because it made me giggle! wooooot!

    thank you so much for commenting on my blog! i get alerts on my phone and love love LOOOOVE to get the comments! =) yay! my power has been out since shortly after posting yesterday otherwise i'd have shot on over and left you a novel wayyyy before now!

    i am adding you to my follow list. ur too freaking cute to not come back again!

    divaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =)

  1. I love that you dream in a British accent, how fun! Stopped by from SITS.

  1. Eva Gallant said...:

    Congrats on the award! I did a little browsing and loved your invitation to Robin Williams! and dreaming with a British accent is unique! lol

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Congrats on the award!

    I enjoyed reading your list, you thief!

  1. Raven said...:

    On #2~ Those circumstances would make me a thief too.

    On #3~ I'm the same way. I don't shave my legs either unless I know someone will be seeing them.

    On #4~ My kids always tell me I'm destined to become a crazy cat lady and I don't think it's just cuz I love cats.

    On #5~ I do the same thing. It's very scary, at least when I do it.

    On #6~ I have half a book written and can't finish it cuz of writer's block!!

    On #8~ I swear a lot at other drivers whether I'm alone or not. My kids think it's hilarious.

    So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that we have a lot in common.

    Congrats on your award!!

    Have a happy Halloween!

  1. krista said...:

    whoa whoa i am, reading along and finally catching up with you and then you throw something crazy out like NO BACON IN 9 YEARS? woman!


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