Recipe of the Week: It's a 7-Layer Dip Kind of Day

This is one of our family favorites.

It's cheap, it's easy to make, and the leftovers are great for days. This is something I like to make if I know that I am going to be away for dinner the next day and want something easy the kid can make for himself.

It doesn't have to be a super fatty dish, here, let me help you...

You'll need:

Cheese. I buy the pre-shredded low-fat 4-blend kind.

Whatever kind you like. I suppose a total foodie would make their own. This is not me.

Refried beans.
I buy the no-fat traditional or the no-fat zesty salsa.

Beef: Ugh. This is definitely not necessary (ever). My son loves this with beef, so I humor him. I tried it with ground turkey one time for a healthier option, but he rejected it. I suspect he rejected it mostly because he saw it and knew about it...I should have just hidden the change from him.

For our house, I always make two separate pans of this - one with beef, one without. Because I'm enlightened about the wrongness of eating red meat. I don't force this particular enlightenment on others.

Sour cream. I buy a light container and a fat-free container and combine them so there's still flavor, but not as much fat. I can't really tell the difference from the full on yummy goodness of sour cream if I mix the two.

Guacamole. This is something I don't go light on. Do they even make a low-fat guacamole? Probably not. And if so, it probably isn't good. Guacamole is a gift from the heavens, we shouldn't reject it! I did try to use just avocado, thinly sliced - I thought it would make it a little healthier than the guacamole and it would also help my 7-layer dip be thicker. Mission failed - don't try that at home.

Green onions are a must have. Fat-free right? And this counts as a vegetable I think. Veggies=healthy!

This is easy to throw together and takes about five minutes once you have all the supplies ready.
It's just a matter of layering the ingredients, hence the name "7 LAYERS."
The only part we do slightly special is to mix the salsa and the sour cream together, like this:

This is also a yummy alternative to serving just salsa at a party.

The layers go down this way:
Refried beans on the bottom, beef (if you must), green onions, guacamole:
Then the sour cream/salsa mixture, I added diced tomatoes on mine, and then cover with a layer of cheese.

Heat in the oven at 350 (cause I cook almost everything at 350) just until the cheese melts.

Eat with the (mega-expensive) baked tortilla chips and call it good.

I also want to try this with a layer of lettuce. I think I should actually just serve it over lettuce and get rid of the tortilla chips altogether.
You could also add olives, if you haven't been enlightened that they are not tasty.

Anyone else make this?

Anyone have anything else I should be adding?


  1. Yaya said...:

    Oh i love a good dip!

  1. Yum...dip...yum! Can you send me some???

  1. I know some people make it with a layer of shredded cooked chicken, instead of red meat.

  1. Penny said...:

    Add: Me and a fork. Yum to the Nth degree!

  1. Kimi said...:

    Oh man. this is one of my favorites. Is the deans guacamole good? i've been trying to find a good store bought one. i've only ever made it with homemade guac. olives and tomatoes are a must! i am enlightened on how super yummy olives are.


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