Weekend Wrap Up - Bulleted Edition

  • I went to my first high school football game since maybe 1991 on Friday night. It was actually my first time going to a football game of any kind since 1999. That's a full decade with no live football games! I went because my friend had to go (dedicated moms unite!) - and it wasn't horrible. It was fun just hanging out, but without the right company, it would be miserable. Football does not interest me.
  • Saturday was games night with friends at my house. We had a good group of people - played some of my favorite games: Cranium and Catch Phase (the little handheld electronic one).
  • Between six of us, we said the word Anus 3 times (this would NEVER ever be a word you need in either game) and Slut at least 110 times (again, would NEVER be needed in either game). You might say that there some drinks consumed in the course of the evening.
  • We could NOT stop playing Catch Phrase and there were four of us that played deep into the night, nearly falling asleep before finally calling it quits at 3:30am. FUN!!!!
  • Today was lazy and wonderful. I slept in, I read the paper, I watched some tv, I did lots of laundry and now I'm going to do a couple hours of work to help ease the stress of my workload for the week.

Our Mexico trip is fast approaching!!!!!!!!


  1. Ms. Sarah said...:

    sounds like fun had by all :) enjoy your trip to mexico

  1. krista said...:

    i have such a crush on lazy sundays.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I hadn't been to a football game since 1991 either, until about 2 years ago, my daughter had a band performance at the high school. It was fun but way too cold, my butt froze to the metal bleachers. Luckily, my daughter decided NOT to be in marching band, so we've never had to go back.

  1. Jay said...:

    Last year I went to a high school football game for the first time since high school. So, it had been 22 years. After the game I was like "okay, now I can claim I've been back to my old high school for a game." I haven't been back again.

  1. Heather said...:

    Sounds like a blast! How can you not being having fun when anus is said 3 times and slut 110?!

    Mexico...mmm, sounds soooo nice! I'm very jealous!

  1. Pam said...:

    I do not like football either. My teenage daughter thinks this is the height of entertainment even though her school has last every game this year.

  1. Otin said...:

    My weekend review- I blogged! That would be an easy post!

  1. Sounds like a fantabulous weekend!! We did the same on Sunday... I can't even remember Saturday. How bad is that, and it's only Wednesday, must be my meds - scary.
    The last high school football game I went to was in 2000, so only 9 years ago. My oldest was a freshman and decided to play that year. We were living in New England at the time... way too cold for my liking. He took up diving the next year, MUCH warmer sport, and I THOUGHT safer... NOT. Junior year it was girls all the way, no more sports, stuck to music... now he's in the Army and being shipped off to Afghanistan next month... Oh, well... I'm still really proud of him at whatever he does.
    Glad you had a great weekend, and am looking forward to your Mexico pictures, I haven't been there since June '08.


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