What's On Your Plate This Week?

Just so ya’ll don’t start to think that I haven’t been cooking since I'm a world traveler lately….here’s my food update:

Sunday: (yes, the day after we got back from vacation!) we had this chicken casserole, which I’m sure everyone here has made before. It’s the easiest dish to throw together and you have a lot of leeway on what you put in it.

I used: White rice, Cream of Mushroom soup (with garlic), carrots, peas (andrew picked out every single one and made discouraging remarks about each one he found), asparagus, green beans, and chicken breasts (boneless and skinless of course – cause that makes it less cannabilistic for me). Just throw it all in a pan – add water for the rice, and cover and throw in the hot oven for a bit. I think I typically cook most things at 350, I’m not sure why. I know my oven has other temperatures it can get to, but for some reason, 90% of the time the oven is used, it is heated to 350.
Monday: Pizza snacks. Fast and easy, love them. Used fresh onions, I like them!

Tuesday: Andrew had to work – so he had pizza snacks, I had mussamun curry, which I bought on the way home (YES, I know it is really easy to make).

Wednesday: Sloppy joes and fries for Andrew. I just had a few fries and a bowl of cereal. It was my work from home day and I snacked much too much to need to eat dinner!

Thursday: Chicken stir fry – with the extra veggies from Sunday: asparagus, carrots, peas (andrew begged me not to use, but then he was being a brat so I added some anyway cause if he’s making me miserable, why should I not add peas to make me happy?? I like peas!), green beans. I added mushrooms per request, but I’m not sure they did anything for it.

Friday: Is usually serve yourself night. Andrew is going out….with a girl….ugh.

I need new dishes to try....I'm going to look into this. Exciting, I know!!!

Oh---and I have a contest coming up....anyone want to go to the movies - FREE??? Sunday a contest starts for four free movie tickets!!!


  1. Gabrielle said...:

    Love the menu! Thanks for coming over to Bee Wise Bags!

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    I've got lots of recipes, easy ones! Ask me! Also, I don't really enjoy like a bowl of peas but I like them with things mixed in, but as a kid (meaning till I was 24) I wouldn't eat them. He'll grow out of it.

  1. Jenny said...:

    omg(goodness)....i made the best healthier version of chicken pot pie ever!!! Everyone loved it and i got the recipe from a website recommended by your blog (the one where you get some free nuts and then you get weekly emails of eat healthier)....they healthified a recipe and it was nummy with some modification...i will email it to you if you want..it was so good i cant stop thinking about it.

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    OMG! Wait a second - I never got my free EFFING nuts! You totally scammed me!

  1. I really should start cooking - well, I do but I should learn to cook more... just couldn't be bothered when I get home from work... I am wanting to know 'Jenny's (comment above) recipe for this Chicken Pot Pie.. sounds delicious...
    Happy Halloween...

  1. Lynette said...:

    Kaylen, Sorry I have not been by sooner! Forgive and then blame Verizon. If you been popping in at Crazed Mind you understand.
    Busy day for me but....
    will be back for a full visit this next week!
    Thanks for following

  1. TQ said...:

    That beats my bologna and cheese any day :)

    And Andrew went out on a date... how's mom feel about that one? ;-)

  1. Abi said...:

    Now I'm ravenous and I just ate lunch :D

    Eeeee a date :o I'm so dreading my boy child doing that :o

  1. Anne said...:

    My older daughter does the same thing when I put vegetables into something. She acts as if I am trying to kill her with whatever I have added. Thank you for sharing your menu. I love looking at what other people eat. It always gives me new ideas for things to cook.

  1. Jessica said...:

    I make the same chicken thing only use cream of chicken soup because my family thinks I would poison them with mushroom soup. whatevea...


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