Little Clansmen, Bugs Trapped In Machines and Lazy Writing

There's this great little place called SCRAP in North Portland (or NoPo as many lovingly call it), and you can go there and find a wealth of recycled mish-mash: paper, matting, yarn, fabric, plastic thing-a-bobs, and holiday decorations, just to name a few of the items. If you are really crafty, or have small children who like to create things (don't all kids do this), then this is THE place to go.

Things are mega-cheap there, like the large gift bag I got for a quarter, or an entire roll of designer-style wrapping paper for a buck. I get used cd's there for 25cents for an inch thick of them (like 30 maybe) - they are great for my holiday ornament project. And ribbon - who doesn't need ribbon?? But you don't want or need a full thing of ribbon, then this is perfect-you can get the leftovers of someone else for just a small amount...

Anyway, SCRAP gives me a small donation each month for supplies for my volunteer project. They are awesome. I can get some great supplies to supplement my volunteer donations and never need to buy anything myself. Love it, right?

Young Natalie and I went to the new SCRAP store in NoPo yesterday. It's kinda like a garage sale in many ways--it's just a hodge-podge of stuff, some of which are just thrown in bins and you have to dig through. Prices are not always clear and you never really know what you find. This month they had some huge boxes of blank airline ticket paper to be printed on. And big heavy signs that say WebPulse - you can buy these and cover them with a personal picture of some sort and it would be cheaper than having it made professionally - AND you are saving the earth by helping recycle-bonus!!

So we found a bunch of stuff - Xmas decorations are out. I got some ornaments, a little holiday tree that is perfect for some miniature ornaments I bought at a school fundraiser 5 years ago (yes, five-never been used), and a bunch of random things for the holiday ornament project next month.

AND - I stumbled upon this little guy in one of the bins - someone please tell me that this is not the type of character that it looks like:

clansman toyI went to the drive-through ATM at my bank yesterday and saw this:
creepy crawly bugs It's a creepy-crawly bug, right.....but what's really special about him, and what isn't necessarily visible in the picture, is that he is INSIDE the ATM machine. I put my hand up to see if it was real-it was--and he crawled a little when I touched the screen. How is this possible????

The weekend is almost over, and alas, I will have to go to work tomorrow.

Oh - and did you notice how incredibly frequently I'm blogging?? It probably feels like I'm blogging all day, every day, right? Yeah, it does to me sometimes. I'm taking part in the NaBloPoMo tradition and posting a blog post every day for the month of November. It's my second year partaking in the fun. It's a good way to get motivated to write. It's really just for the lazy people who can't step up and join in with the National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo.
I'd love to write a novel, maybe next year I'll try it. I think I would need to have a time restraint on my novel like this provides, otherwise I might just procrastinate on doing so (as I have done the last 10 years).


  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    Wow, that sounds like a really cool place. I've never heard of anything like it.

  1. kyooty said...:

    that little dude does look exactly like what I think he might be but the green is throwing me off? Isn't that usually white?


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