Weekend Wrap-Up - Another Boring Weekend

This weekend, in the preferred bulleted form:
  • Andrew grilled steaks for two of his friends. He made the marinade, he marinated it for 24 hours, he grilled it himself, he did great. The other boy made mac-n-cheese, with a full stick of butter (gross). They did it all themselves. What they did not do is clean. Not at all. Not in the slightest. I'm mad at all of them. All teenage boys everywhere.
  • We had a windstorm and it blew over one of the two potted trees that live outside my front door. I blame the boys. It may or may not have been the wind, but really, it could have been the monstrous teenage boys.
  • I went to a holiday craft bazaar named "Every Husbands Nightmare Holiday Bazaar," with my friend Amy and her two kids and one of their little friends.
  • As we pulled in, we were in the middle of a discussion about whether it really was a nightmare for all men and we were in the midst of saying that the only men who would attend would be men who bow down to whatever their wife wants or they are gay. As we turn the corner in the parking lot, going about 2mph, with a window halfway down, Amy points to a man with his wife crossing in front of us and says MUCH too loudly, "There's a man - GAY!" And the children all yell, "The window is open!!" It didn't help that she was pointing as the man turned our way.
  • In the building adjacent to the holiday craft bazaar was a medieval craft faire, complete with people dressed in medieval robes and calling each other m'lady and m'lord. They had some battles going on with pretend swords....and spoke in the olde language....and well, we had to try really hard not to laugh. These are grown men, pretending they are defending their honor to the death.
  • I raked leaves for 40 minutes and only got about a third of my backyard done before the yard debris was packed tight. Is it really necessary to rake them ALL? I really want to, just because if it snows and we go to make snow-people, I don't want them to have leaves dirtying up my snow.
  • I worked about 6 hours this weekend....for no overtime. Just because I really want to do my job well. And not stress out about getting my stuff done during this short week. AND I like having a movie playing in the background while I work. I know some people get distracted - that's not me. I am the Multi-tasking Queen.
  • Did I mention that my son and his friends for some reason had my coasters on the floor in the hallway? Why? Oh, nooone seems to know...but I imagine they are fun to throw like Frisbees.
  • I'm in the midst of another great book and I must get back to it.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm the same way when I'm in the middle of the book.

    Lol at being mad at all teenage boys everywhere!

  1. Lynette said...:

    Wonder if they were playing shuffleboard down the hall with coaster? Or was it air-less hockey?

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    We went to a craft thing this weekend too, and yes my husband felt very tortured. Not even getting to eat soothed him. He hates crowds. I don't blame you for getting work done over the weekend if it makes for an easier rest of the short week.

  1. kyooty said...:

    Better to have the Teen age boys at your house then off doing something stupid elsewhere. :) You have the kissing rule. heheehe

  1. Nessa said...:

    I love the name of the bazaar. Doesn't sound like a boring weekend to me. Sounds very busy.

    Thanksgiving MeMe

  1. Raven said...:

    That's a great name for a Bazaar. I agree with Nessa, it sounds like a very busy weekend. It was far more exciting than mine, I'd wager.

    Enjoy your book!

  1. ♥georgie♥ said...:

    LOL@every husbands nightmare holiday bazar!
    I own a teenage boy...i feel your pain!

    stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I have friends that yell random embarrassing things at strangers, the plus side is that if your car ever gets keyed or a unusually large ding in it you can blame them and they'll owe you big time. :P

  1. Pam said...:

    All teenagers are like that, not just the boys! : )

  1. Dual Mom said...:

    Two teenage boys and an 11 year old girl here. The boys idea of doing supper dishes is putting the roaster (with the scalloped potatoes still in it) into the oven and hope that mom doesn't find it.

    My daughter cleans the bathroom without being asked.

    I don't get it.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    That's boring? You should see my boring.

  1. That is NOT a boring weekend... I love how you are mad at teenage boys everywhere, that is just too funny. I have been in that mood, for years actually. You will get over it, just about the time your son goes to college. Then you will see every young man and CRY!!
    Hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgivin!!


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