Weekend Wrap-up, Did I Promise a Giveaway? I Lied.

I'm not quite ready for the giveaway...but this week for sure!!

My weekend was long - I took Friday off of work and am really considering how I can retire early and never have to work again. I just love not working five days a week! Five days is at least one too many. Maybe two. Yes, I would be happy to work three days a week. That sounds more reasonable.

Here is the weekend wrap-up, in bullet form because that makes it look less cumbersome to read, doesn't it?
  • Friday, I played bingo with my friend and her son. Uneventful except for: Bingo is located next to the dollar store. The dollar store sells condoms, like this little jewel:Toosh condomsTake note of their slogan, "it's the very best, for all the best reasons." Nice. Simple. Timeless. It's a DOLLAR for a pack of three. I'm not saying that I wouldn't trust these condoms...but I definitely would NOT trust them. I could be wrong...(but I doubt it)
  • Friday night I did a whole lot of nothing...just cleaned the house and prepared for a visit from my beloved parents.
  • Saturday - see above - the parents came to visit!!! We continued our picture taking series of "Grandma is Shrinking." Here's a shot from Dec 2006:
grandmaCute! Look at my baby! He's on the right. I love him! And look at my little mini-mom. She's super-cute! I love her too!

Then this is a shot from November, 2009:
grandmaYikes, who is that handsome man-child?? Ugh, he's going to leave me soon (less than two yrs) to go to college...sigh....but the point is---Grandma is Shrinking!!! Isn't she cute?
She gets smaller every time we pose Andrew next to her.
  • So my dad helped Andrew work on his car, my mom and I shopped. Then my mom and I spent about 90 minutes scanning some really old pics and documents. We're starting a family genealogy project soon and I'm trying to get started on things.
  • Saturday night I watched two movies, Something about Pelham something-numbered, about a subway thing, very exciting, it was really good. If you go to the video store and tell them you want the Pelham movie, they'll find it. It was good!! I also rented Orphan, which reminded me a lot of that one movie about the bad kid played by McCauley Caulkin - until the end. It was a bit spooky overall, a bit violent. It made me a little afraid of my dark and quiet house...but I survived so it's all okay.
  • My beloved Ginger cat pooped on my bath mat. I am appalled that she would do this!! She is grounded - I am not petting her at all this week!!!
  • Sunday was a lazy morning, taking a long bath, finishing a good book (which you must read and I will review later this week).
  • Today was also Love Letters - a good crowd, lots of cards made for kids. I need to get them in the mail, I still haven't mailed the cards we made two wks ago. I have 6 large manilla envelopes to be mailed to sick kids. Yay for us!
  • Oh - Saturday I also pulled all the photos out of my childhood photo album and scanned them. More to come on that later, but omg---do this NOW everyone over the age of 30!!! Remember how we all made sure to buy those photo albums with the sticky pages so that the photos would stick in place? Well those pages are now eating your photos!!! Seriously--what a disaster this is for the photo-lovers of the world. And seriously-go save your photos now!! Don't make me come to your house and take control...just be an adult and go save your memories!! SERIOUSLY!


  1. krista said...:

    i've also seen pregnancy tests at the 99 cent store. i just don't know bout that...

  1. Nat said...:

    Isn't it possible that Andrew is just growing?

  1. Flea said...:

    That's incredible, the way your mom is shrinking. I'm glad you're chronicling this for the medical community. At this rate she'll be Oompa Loompa size in about three years.

  1. Lynette said...:

    first off...i am all for comments but better than chocolate? i think your wrong there.

    second i would love to save my family photos but the most horrid thing in life happened...you sitting down...i know you will be all torn up....yes, sit down. ok, ready....yeah! that's it...we had a house fire years ago and lost them all.....i know....it is ok, years ago...i can handle the loss now. ok, calm down...go fondle your photos for me.

  1. kilax said...:

    $1 for three condoms? Wow.

    Data pooped on our bath mat a few times. Once when he was sick and another time when he was upset we were painting the bathroom. It made me laugh, because he bunched it up and hid his poo underneath! ha ha

  1. kyooty said...:

    The pregnancy tests work at the $ store. yep! I've done them. The Condoms? I have no idea, never use them to start with.

  1. OMG dollar store condoms?! I'm peeing!!!
    Thanks for commenting on my guest post at SFTC! I'm following now :-)

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    You better hurry and send those cards!!!! My artwork is best when fresh.

    Cat poop is so gross. Ick.

    I have some condoms that I got in Hawaii years ago that were 25 cents. They supposedly are coconut flavored but I bought them for the beautiful hawaiian artwork that was on the carboard matchstick box-like packaging they were in. It seems like that wouldn't be the best storage method, but what do I know?

  1. Mama Zen said...:

    I love the Grandma is Shrinking series. What a cute idea!

  1. otin said...:

    I always found that the best birth control was just being so unappealing to the opposite sex that it never became an issue! lol

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Grandma really is getting smaller and smaller, but she's still cute.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    Hey, I will buy ANYTHING that only costs a buck for THREE of them.

  1. okay well my dollar store sells pregnancy tests, so maybe if it also sold condoms they wouldn't have to sell those tests huh


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