Weekend Wrap-Up: Dirty Tissue Edition

I'm sick.
But I'll play along, I know everyone gets really antsy to find out about my weekend.

It was a super-long weekend, which would have been great-if Andrew hadn't brought some germ into my life and contaminated my every pore. I spent most of Saturday and all of today in bed. Kids are great.

So Thursday was turkey day. I made this beautiful bird. I ate not one bite of it. I can't even remember what turkey tastes like, but I don't really remember loving it, and I really have no urge to eat it.

But I hear this turned out well...so yay me!!

There was just the right amount of people over - we had plenty of variety in foods, lots of helping hands, but not too many that people were in the way.

Dean carved the turkey. Janet (sitting down) didn't really do much but drink wine. Amy drank wine but spent a lot of energy fretting on her stuffing and the gravy. Michelle (in the blue) was wonderful and asked to borrow a headband to get her hair back and didn't even blink when the only headband I could find was the kitty cat ears I wore at Halloween.

It was a good group. We played games and talked and talked and ate and ate.

Did a little shopping Friday morning.
Watched movies.

Started sneezing.
Blew my noise a million times.

Saturday - repeat above.

Sunday - repeat, but I didn't actually leave my bed until 2pm. I'm sick!!!!

I did finish my book about Afghanistan and I'm horrified that our country is so selfish in its foreign policies. And I'm disheartened to think that Obama will be continuing on the same path as Bush in this regard, unless he really surprises us all on Tuesday when he unveils his Afghanistan plan. Sad.

And now I've started the Diana Gabaldon book and would love to just crawl into bed and do nothing but read, but the book is so big, too big to hold-I'm sick!! And weak. And reading is making me sleepy and I want to try to stay awake for a good 6 hours.

Will I make it to work tomorrow? Who knows....if I don't go, I'll feel guilty for not being in the office (though a lot of people work from home and it's not a big deal), but if I do go, I'll feel guilty for infecting others. Lose-lose situation. I might just sleep in and spend the entire day blowing my nose.


  1. Nat said...:

    Stay home and get better! :)

  1. TQ said...:

    Stay home. Trust me! After having been sick 3 times already (and I already feel a 4th time coming on!) in the office, it's not fun. I'm just glad those times I was sick I hadn't infected anyone else on the team (at least that I know of!)... but that's just me :) It took me four years to not feel guilty about staying home from that place when I am sick and learned that by actually resting and taking care of myself, I would make it back sooner than later. Hope you feel better soon!!

  1. Definitely stay home until you feel better. You need lots of rest and plenty of liquids... hope you still have some wine left, or did Janet drink it all??? :-) Try warming red wine with some mulling spices, it will feel great on your throat and help clear your nose, plus it will help you get the rest you need.
    Hope this makes you feel a little better, you have an award at my blog:


  1. krista said...:

    i want janet's job. assuming, of course, her job is to drink wine.
    and now that it's actually monday, i hope you're reading this from a place of feeling better-ness.
    i made that word up just for you.

  1. Cara said...:

    I hope you stayed home today! It sounds like ya'll had a good Thanksgiving!

  1. kyooty said...:

    GO to SLEEP! if you can't stay awake, go to sleep!

  1. ooh you braved THE MALL on friday?!?! Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  1. Flea said...:

    You poor baby! Sleep, sleep, sleep.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    Hope you're feeling better soon!
    Erg, I heard some not so great stuff about the new book, I'm putting off reading it.


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