Presents Day 2009, Part One: The Family At Large Edition

We celebrated Presents Day up north this weekend with the family and it was a blast!
It's a three hour drive to get to my folks house; sometimes it seems like nothing, sometimes it takes FOREVER.

It's well worth it regardless. We laughed and laughed and ate and laughed and laughed some more.

We opened presents on Friday night. We all got/gave some great gifts.

One of the funniest moments accidentally happened when I opened a gift from my sister. It was an Adult Mad Lib game. She had bought it months and months ago and had set it aside for Xmas. Then she wrapped it up and brought it on over....and was much surprised when I opened the gift and started flipping through it and found one of the pages already completed! Apparently my sisters kids were waiting in the car one day and it was in the back in a box of goods and they pulled it out and completed one. It's and ADULT version mind you, so it asks you for totally adult words....and I'm going to love playing this with my adult friends. I'll spare you the details of what the kids wrote (it has an unfortunately common derogatory word for gay a few times), but it was QUITE funny that the gift had been sampled already. We laughed quite hard over this...

My sisters family gave me the Pictionary game with the little guy you write on and it provided us hours of laughter. I could not love this game any more!!
Pictionary ManA funny story: see my sweet little mom pictured above? Keep that sweet face in mind as I tell you this story:
Mom was on my team. The category is Movie Titles. I have to draw for my mom and get her to say the word Shaft. Knowing that my mom would not have any idea about this movie (and it would be difficult to draw that movie anyway), I went a different route.....a different type of shaft......making it an Adult version of the game...

AND I thought this would really work, because my mom works in the medical field.

So I sketched out a diagram of a penis.

Yes, for my sweet little mom.

And she just sat and stared for a moment and was not sure she was in the right house I think....and then she names off 3 or 4 synonyms for penis-words we NEVER hear my sweet little mom say, words she probably didn't expect to say to her daughters and grandson at her kitchen table...and so I start indicating the middle section of my drawing....drawing a line at the top and the bottom of the "shaft"....repeatedly and frantically tracing over them to get her to focus on that middle section.

While sweet little mom just stares.
And my sister laughs hysterically.
And Andrew starts screaming out: "She's cutting it!! She's CUTTING IT!!!"

Mom and I didn't win...but it was a fun game nonetheless.

Young Andrew - turkey carver.

Mom and her new coat and purse. She's just darling!!!

And anytime Andrew gets slightly bored, I find him like this:

We couldn't possibly travel anywhere without a guitar!

And here's the kids:
That's my nephew sitting with his girlfriend in front of him (she was with us both days while my nephew was there and at no time was she not touching him). My niece is standing in back (she's so pretty!) and there's my little Andrew sitting in front (I love him).

Oh - and I have blown my nose about 7000 times in the last 48 hours. I think I have sneezed 22 times. This is so totally unacceptable!! I was sick two days after Thanksgiving!!! I am DONE being sick!!! Presents Day Part Two in just five more days!!! I can't believe it!!!!


  1. Stopping by from Aayymee's blog - congratulations, fellow award winner!
    The story of your sweet little mom and the SHAFT is HILARIOUS! I can just imagine MY children trying that same thing on me, and the horror on their faces as I rattle off all those possibilities. My mother, though? She'd probably take one look and say, "Well, it's either gotta be a hard drive or a shaft!"
    Your family looks adorable, and Andrew bears a resemblance to New Moon's Jacob, the new heartthrob. Better keep a close rein on him, Mom!

  1. kilax said...:

    Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh. I cannot imagine how you would get someone to say "shaft"!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    lol. love those stories...sounds like you had a great time! happy holidays!

  1. April said...:

    Happy holidays to you and yours, Kaylen!

  1. otin said...:

    I love pictionary! It sounds like we would be a fun team playing!! I am glad that you enjoyed your trip, but the sick thing has got to stop!!!

    if I played a guitar, I would carry it everywhere, also.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I'm glad it was fun. Those are some great pics, especially the one with all the kids. How'd you get them to smile? LOL

  1. kyooty said...:

    sounds like fun night for all. Very nice coat on your mom! :)

  1. I have never met a game of Pictionary I didn't like--your famiily sounds like FUN.
    What a great way to spend your holiday.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    It sounds like so much fun. I had a smile on my face the entire time I read this post. Feel better.

  1. Your mom looks cute in her coat.

  1. we have that game too (pictionary man) and have so much fun, we played it after my 2 year old (then 1 1/2) went to bed and about half way through the game she got out of bed and knocked on her bedroom and door and kinda yelled at us for being to loud and went back to bed.

  1. Santa Claus said...:

    Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!! From me and my buddy Otin

  1. Heather said...:

    Too funny, making you mother say those kind of words in front of everyone. My mother would have quit playing!

    Merry Christmas!

  1. Serenityville said...:

    hahahahahah, that's great - thanks! merry christmas!

  1. Kaylen, you had me laughing SO loud, I woke up poor Nano (the doggie) and he gave me the dirtiest look. But looking at your sweet mama's face and you "cutting" that poor little pictionary man's PeePee, OH MY!!!!
    Andrew sounds like my son... cannot go anywhere without the guitar(s), I have lots of photos of Alexander with his, too.
    Sounds like LOTS of fun was had by all, cannot wait for part 2.


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