T-2 Until Pavlova Day!!!

Do any of you out there know the goodness that is called Pavlova?
It's the most delicious thing and it's traditional to have at birthdays and xmas if you are from a down under land. The New Zealanders, the Kiwis, will tell you that it's their dessert. The Australians will insist it is their dessert. If you ever want a really heated discussion with someone from one of those countries, let them know that you heard pavlova comes from the other country. And then stand back a little bit, because honestly-I've known some people from each country and they would defend their dessert heritage to the DEATH. It's serious.

I first had pavlova when I was hanging out with a Kiwi in Korea. Her and her daughter lived about 2 hours south maybe and we decided to meet, just coincidentally around her daughters birthday. In Korea, we didn't have stoves, so baking a cake was a bit of a challenge. Baking a cake that was not native to the country we lived in was even more of a challenge. She actually had to have someone ship her some of the supplies - like cream of tarter.

With the baking supplies challenge done, she found a local bakery who agreed to bake it for her. However, the standard way to bake a pavlova is to leave it in oven for just a short amount of time and then turn the oven off, never ever open it, but leave the pavlova in to cook slowly while the oven cools. We weren't really certain we were able to translate this correctly to the baker, who really thought the entire thing was insane, but he humored us. We gave him the pavlova mix and left it in his hands....and it came out perfect!!!

We made fresh cream to frost it with and covered it with kiwi fruit and it was the BEST dessert ever!
Photo from a real live Australian website.
I don't know why we don't make this more often...it's delicious!! And it will be at my house on Xmas night if anyone would like a bite. But time it right, because it won't last long!


  1. Nat said...:

    I TOTALLY want to try this now... Damn Christmas plans!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ack...never had it, but sounds wonderful...hope you have a merry christmas!

  1. Dual Mom said...:
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  1. Dual Mom said...:

    ohhh that looks yummy. Is it just white cake inside? I had no idea New Zealenders were referred to as Kiwis. Is there a reason for that?

  1. That looks like a great way to celebrate! Yum!
    Merry Christmas!

  1. carma said...:

    I can see why this is your "must have" holiday treat!! Enjoy :D

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Sounds yummy!

    Merry Christmas!

  1. Heather said...:

    It looks great! A little concerned over the turning off the oven, never heard of such a thing!

    Funny how the countries fight over who it belongs to.

  1. Raven said...:

    I've never had that before, but totally want to try it now. I looks delicious!

  1. I looked it up, and it sounds heavenly... so light and fluffy.... and of course NO calories with all that sugar (Oh boy!). I guess the sugar is cancelled out by all the fruit - THAT'S it!!
    Now, I've got it.
    Hope you enjoyed it, and I'll send you my address just in case there is any left over, yeah, right!!


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