Weekend Wrap-up: Couldn't Be Busier Edition

Busy weekend!!

Saturday was the Holiday Ornaments for Seniors event. I bring about two boxes full of misc crafty scraps (which are all donated from various sources) and some very crafty people volunteer their time to make the greatest decorations for a low-income senior housing.

Here are just a couple of my favorites:
These have foam centers and are covered with cotton batting. The best part: Look at the girl snowman ---- she has a very stylish purse!!! How adorable is that?
The bodies of these are made from those large old beads that preschools use for making necklaces. I have no idea how the little chorus books are made, but these turned out AMAZING. How darling is this?? And some girl just came in, with no idea what was going to happen and she created this masterpiece! Awesome work!

After the event, I ran some errands and then Saturday night friends came over for games night. We had a fair amount of alcohol, more than our fair share of laughs and good times, and we ended up staying up playing games until 3am!!! THREE AM!!! It was just so much fun - a very good group of friends.

Today was another holiday volunteer event - a local apartment complex for low-income families receives donated gifts for their families. Then they set up all the donated gifts in their community center as a "store" and during one hour, the families can come select which gifts they want. My volunteers and I helped sort the gifts by gender and age and then helped find a present for the parents.

Most of the families were lined up outside for the entire hour that we were setting things up, as they wanted the first pick. We anticipate that not everyone can stand outside and be first, so we set aside a few of the bigger gifts and replenished our stock halfway through. Kids weren't allowed in the "store," but we had a couple kids follow around the window areas and watch their moms. This one little boy was outside and he kept saying, "I'm so excited!!" He watched his mom pick out a big play dough gift set for him. She explained that she never has money for a babysitter and there's no one to watch him, so there is no surprising him on anything ever.

The families were all very grateful, and the program coordinator was even more grateful. She said she doesn't usually have volunteers helping at the store and it's typically just her and another employer. It was great to feel the appreciation and I think all the volunteers had a great experience.

My son couldn't be bothered to help out - he is now up for adoption (not for not-volunteering, but for not coming to help me when I asked for it). Please let me know if you are interested. He really is a good kid in many other ways.

Did I mention I was up until 3am?? I'm exhausted! Off to a long bath and an early bedtime.


  1. kilax said...:

    I love the little snowmen! I wish I was that creative.

    The little store idea is great. It's smart that you planned to replenish the stock. I hope the people don't get too greedy with that, like in Black Friday in stores!

  1. Alison said...:

    I'm sorry I had to miss it. I had some "good" ideas for ornaments, too.

  1. Nessa said...:

    The ornaments are adorable. You did some major helping out. Good job!


  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    You are so truly awesome, with all the volunteering you do! It really does me some good to read about it. You are a very rare breed, Kaylen.

  1. Julie said...:

    What a neat idea!!! I love the snowmen!!! Merry Christmas =)

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    The snowpeople are awesome. I think it's great that you set aside some items and restocked.

  1. carma said...:

    those are some amazingly crafty ladies!!

  1. Those ornaments are so cute. What a great way to help out at both places, especially after you were up until 3AM. I'm usually up until then, but then I don't get out of bed until at least noon! :-)
    Shame on Andrew for not helping... but I don't think my boys would have gotten up early to do it either, so sorry, can't help you there.


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