Yoplait Thick & Creamy: Giveaway for All My Fans!

Well, the giveaway is OPEN to all my fans. But only two of you lucky birddogs will win.
And win you will!! (TWO of you, not ALL of you)

I was as excited as could be to hear I actually have two of these to give away, because I LOVED the package I received from MyBlogSpark.

I received this last month (I'm timely, I know) and the yogurt is just what it says: Thick and Creamy, it's almost like it wants to be a frozen yogurt, but is not as cold. Fun!

I personally love Yoplait because they have such a huge variety, they aren't overly expensive (I can find them somewhere on sale at least once a month), and they have a lot of low-fat/low-calorie variety that doesn't taste low-calorie.

Blahblah....anyway..........you can win this fabulous package:

Who doesn't like free gifts?

This set is cool because it's not all like "hey look at our product, eat our product, try our product, tell your friends about our product...." It's just very casual and sly and says, hey....here's some cool stuff.....enjoy it with a sample of our new product. I like subtle.

SO- stationary set, cards, cute case, and a nice sized booklet with a ton of cute little post-it notes AND to top it off--a PEN.....oh, and a sample of the new Yoplait Yogurt (via a handy dandy coupon).

Don't you want this?? YES, you do.

Leave a comment with a fun remark about any of the following:

  1. Favorite yogurt flavors
  2. Favorite people to send real handwritten cards to
  3. How many times have you tried to win this from other bloggers and lost

And I guess I'll play along with all the other bloggers and do the usual:

Extra Entries:
Leave a separate comment if you are a follower or subscribe by email
Leave a separate comment if you blog about this post

Contest runs through 10/7/09.
Winner will be picked by random drawing - maybe something boring and ordinary like the random number generator.

Random Thoughts Tuesday - kittens and krispies and cooper, oh my!


Random Tuesday - join others for this day of randomness by clicking above and visiting Keely at The Unmom!

I spent about 90 minutes researching cats to determine if our beloved Whiskers is indeed a Russian Blue. Verdict: He is NOT! He is actually from Thailand (yay-I love thai food!) and he is a type of blue called a Korat. Nothing Russian about him. We will have to stop calling him a communist and telling him "dasvidaniya." No wonder he never responded to our russian words...russian sounds nothing like Thai.

Boca Gardenburgers, Flame-Grilled styles are by far my favorite of the gardenburger variety for at-home cooking!

I LOVE rice krispie treats. I am making them tonight!! I LOVE them. One time in high school, my friend Michelle and I went on a rice krispie treat diet. We ate pan after pan. It makes sense, right? There's just a small amount of butter in them. Rice krispies themselves are fat-free and so are marshmallows!! I don't think there was any success with this diet. I somewhat recall not really feeling well with this diet though. I sometimes buy these at Starbucks for $1.49 each-and they are not even that good. I think I can make two big pans full with the $3.00 I spend on 2 of these at Starbx.

I don't like Ryan Seacrest. Sorry...I'm just not entertained by him in any way and I do not think he is that handsome. There's something I just don't find appealing.
On the other hand, I would run away with Anderson Cooper at any time, were he to suddenly not be gay. (but that isn't possible since you're born gay). I just want to be his best friend. I'm going to email him. He probably comes to my town at some point. There's no reason he can't stop by for a barbecue! I'll keep you posted.

It's cold at night!! I actually had to put on my winter socks the last few nights.

I'm excited about The Amazing Race! We have a good mix of dysfunctional couples and a few normals. What I don't understand is why they have semi-celebrities on the show. Don't the celebrities get ENOUGH in this world?? Like the famous (to some people) poker player team-they have billions of dollars in their pocket, do they really need to go on a game show and take away the chance for normal people to come across a million dollars? And as fun as it is to watch the Harlem Globetrotter team run around in their mammoth size bodies, they have trillions of dollars to spare! Give the common folk a chance!!!
I have a giveaway starting tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Come back then. Tell all your friends. FREE STUFF!!!

Book Review: Ravens by George Dawes Green

Ravens (George Dawes Green) is a fabulous read!
Ravens George Dawes Green
I read this book in just a matter of hours! I think it's pretty simply written, I would say that any teen would enjoy it as much as any adult, but it's more suited for us older folk.

It's a book about a family who wins the lottery and before they even have time to celebrate, a couple of scheming criminals come into town and hatch up a plan to get part of the lotto winnings.

The characters are all believable, with a wide range of types.
A few:
The daughter who is just irritated with everything about her parents and just wants to grow up and move away. Her friend who worships her and is just out to find love and acceptance.
The grandmother in the story is a lively character, playing poker and drinking with her granddaughter. I like the connection they have.
The criminal Shaw McBride, who is a bad guy in general, but he's mostly just talk. He just wants money---we can all relate to this, right? The other criminal, Romeo, is just a follower of Shaw, trying to find his path in life. He knows they are doing something wrong, but he doesn't really know how to break free and be himself.

There's a couple of odd things in this book - one is where some abstract character talks of visiting a man who puts claws in her bare back and hangs her from the ceiling. I don't know where George Dawes Green lives, but this is not normal. I've heard of this before, though I don't think most people have, and it seemed a bit odd for it to be in this book. It's just a bit far out there to be part of this normal small-town tale. It didn't ruin the book, he did a good job of looping it altogether, however, I think he might lose a lot of people with that bit.

I also think he could have developed the character of the old-timer police officer. He was missing a little something to make me feel connected to him.

I want to win the lottery (which I rarely play) but this book was another reminder of why it would be bad to win----people will try and steal it!!!

It's better to just slowly save up your money and not tell anyone when you have a million.
Because they will try to take it from you.

This is a great book if:

  1. You play the lotto and dream of what will happen when you win.
  2. You have considered extorting money from a lotto winner.
  3. You need an easy read for bathtub time.
  4. You have the stomach flu.

Good book!

Leave the Sleeping Cat Alone

Sometimes you have this really sweet looking kitty laying on your bed and you just MUST reach out and pet it....or rub his belly....or tug on his belly fur....

korat cat

And then he gives you a warning look like this....but who really takes that seriously.....

And then suddenly, the sleepy kitty strikes....
korat cat

Yummy, Delicious Food

I'm feeling sick. The kid is feeling sick. Our house is full of sickness.

No energy to type...so I'll share some pictures of our dinner last night.

For the herbivore:pizza snacks pizza snacks - I tried using fresh, diced tomatoes for the first time. It was really quite good!!!

For the carnivore:
steak teriyaki Some kind of steak, marinated in a super-secret special marinade (it involves teriyaki, rice vinegar, diced onions, and some other stuff), rice with teriyaki sauce and freshly grilled asparagus.
I'm not going to say one meal was better than the other....I'm sure they were both equally delicious.
Your choice?

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Random Thoughts Edition


I’m having a very sharp tooth pain!! Hot or cold, lukewarm or not…it’s like being stabbed with an icepick in my gum. Have I mentioned I HATE the dentist? Here’s part of the reason why:

And people are still arguing against national health care?? What if I did not have insurance?? This was for two small fillings and one filling replacement. And this does not note that they gave me nitrous gas for free (though I think they did that for their own safety – I’m what you would call a high-anxiety dental patient).

The Office is the funniest show in the entire world!!! It really is. I’m not a
huge fan of the british version-I got the dvd of it and could not make it
through one episode. British humor just doesn’t appeal to me. My son and I
regularly decide which character are friends are. Sometimes we have to combine
characters – so we would say someone is Pelly, a combo of Pam and Kelly, or
Jandy-a combo of Jim and Andy. It’s a good show to do it with…we tried Friends,
but their characters aren’t as solid or unique.

Someone came to my volunteer event last month and donated these:

That’s a LOT of stamps!! People are so generous with their donations. I started the Love Letters projects almost 4 yrs ago and had a small paper box of supplies given to me to start with. Since then, I now have collected donations and gathered supplies and have about 8 good-sized boxes of supplies. About 90% of which was donated! People are great sometimes!!

Andrews cat Whiskers is the cutest pest ever. He insists on drinking from a steady flow of water. We bought a small $5 water fountain for him, which he has used about twice. Otherwise, he will cry and cry until you turn on the faucet for him. And if I’m in the bathroom doing anything at all, he is here:

The fountain is the brown thing to the right. The Scooby Doo cup that it looks like he is hugging is an alternate cat water "bowl" because we don't always remember to clean/fill the regular cat water bowl by their food. The Scooby cub is a perfect height for them and it's easy for me to fill up each day and ensure they have fresh water (and it's funny that the cats drink from a cup featuring a dog).

Does anyone have a ton of episodes of This American Life? I really love this show, but I don’t usually have the radio on when it’s on and I always forget to go download the podcast. I love this show. You can listen to the archives online, but you can only download the current week’s episode. I have a bunch from last year when I remembered to download each week – I’ll trade you what I have for what you have!!

I’m reading a book by John Stossel. If you aren’t aware of him – you are missing out. He is the “Give Me A Break” guy who does reports on stuff put into the media that becomes mainstream knowledge but which isn’t necessarily fact-based. And it has a lot of information on money the government wastes. And laws that are pushed through for bad reasoning. It’s interesting. He is really asking you to question what you read in the media – and it really makes me question what he is telling me in his book!!

Weekend Wrap-Up in Pictures

Has everyone played Cranium? It's a super-fun board game that combines all the best board games: pictionary, trivial pursuit, name that tune....and playing with playdoh! It's a blast. I hosted Games Night last night and we spent a good two hours playing this. You must try it - it's FUN!
craniumGames Night is now going to feature Catch Phrase EVERY time--have you played this game?? You should--it's soooooooooooooo much fun. Did you see all the o's? That means it's true. This was about 12:30am, after 3 people left, there was just Amy, Dean and I. One of us is a pansy-girl and fell asleep...cranium catchphase games Amy and I then recruited my son and his friend to join us and there were a few times Amy and I were laughing ourselves into hysterics and crying, it's such a funny game...this is the looks we got from the teens as we rolled on the floor:

When school clothes shopping at the semi-local outlet mall, I fell in love with this plush sbillabong sweatshirtweatshirt from Billabong. Typically, I believe that a child under the age of 5 doesn't need pricey clothes - they grow SO much from birth to six, that it is a bit of a waste of money.
However, sometimes, you just can. not. resist.

A sweatshirt for a size 3T shouldn't be expensive - ever. However.....if it's super-soft and fluffy and it makes you want to crawl inside of it yourself and never ever let it go, AND if you buy a bit over-sized, AND if it's on sale, AND if you go to buy it and find it's discounted even more----You MUST buy it.

And so I did.
Oh--I don't have a baby. Nope, but we have family who do and here he is, looking as cute as ever. He's really only 1.5 yrs old, but this size 3T is not ridiculously large at all!! He's quite a good-sized kid, but hopefully this sweatshirt will last through til next year. If not, I am going to figure out how I can lose enough weight to wear it myself!

My friend Alison has a new baby!!! It's her very first and she's very proud. I was a little leery at first, but I totally love her baby!
What do you think?

pug puppy

How to Brush Your Cat's Teeth

Ha - it's like I'm a professional cat owner or something.
We started with how to clip your cat's nails. That was a good one. That featured the rambunctious Whiskers.
I don't think most people bother with their cats teeth, but you should!! Let me share a little story.

Come, sit down. Let Kaylen tell you a little tale...

Once upon a time, we had this beautiful white princess of a cat. I was a normal cat-owner and we did normal cat-things with her. Like brush her hair, squeeze her, love her, talk to her like a baby, feed her human food, spoil her rotten, etc.

And then one day, we came home and found our beautiful white princess cat had blood coming from her mouth and she just cried and cried and hissed and hissed. We took her to the vet and found that her fangs had rotted and one had come loose, and one needed to be pulled. After a few hundred dollars donation to our local vet, the beautiful princess came home minus FOUR teeth and with some antibiotics and a scheduled teeth cleaning.

Fast forward two years--repeat story from above, but more money because the teeth were worse and I had to pay for anesthesia and a special state-of-the-art, high-tech, lunar-landing-worthy laser that fights tarter like it was an alien life form. Her teeth were whiter than George Clooney (I love you George-call me!).

Fast forward eight years, and we now have some serious bad breath going on with our feline friends.
And so.....with our two precious furballs, we now have to brush their teeth. We don't do it regularly by any definition of the word "regular" - but I try for at least once a week. I'd like to do it more, but....well, I would also like my cats to like me.

So here is a short clip of the lovely Ginger, not enjoying her dental time, but not really fighting much either.
Sorry in advance for the old lady hands - I'm not really that old, right Otin? :)

The key is to repeat the phrase "good girl" over and over apparently. It is hypnotizing.

Random Thoughts Tuesday - Random Edition

Random Thoughts Tuesday today!

Today is my one year anniversary at my job. I can’t believe it’s only been a year…and I also can’t believe it’s already been a year! Time is shape-shifting again…

My teen has determined that the car bra is no longer to be called that---it’s a mask. A car mask. Because headlights are the eyes, duh, and why would you put a bra over your eyes? This made me laugh.
Later in the week he asked if cheese is a vegetable (but I’m not supposed to tell anyone this happened so don’t say anything!).

I am mentally preparing myself to get my $8000 tax gift from our government for buying a house this year. I can’t wait to have my hands on that money!!! I’m absolutely going to put most of it back into the house, as I’m certain I need to do things…I don’t know what these things are, but I’m sure there is something that homeowners need money for. I know there are people out there who are dreading tax season but it cannot get here fast enough for me!

Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken is the best frozen lunch out there.

You know how when you gain weight your stomach gets bigger? How come when I regularly drink water(or other fluids), my bladder doesn’t get bigger?? I really love to drink water before bed-really hate having to get up and pee at 4am.

I am going to Mexico NEXT MONTH!!!!! I don’t know why I haven’t been working on my Spanish. Or losing weight. I haven’t though-neither of those. I’m pretty sure we are not going to need to use a lot of Spanish skills, it is a resort and a touristy type of town.

Today is the Massage for the Cure day. Some people participate in the Race…others of us have a relaxing 55 minute massage. Whatever it takes to cure cancer, right?

And why haven’t we found a cure for breast cancer? Is it really that impossible to figure out how it works and then kill it?? Why hasn’t Al Gore helped out with this?
Speaking of cancer-sad for Patrick Swayze. Who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing?
Not to speak ill of the dead, but um, well (brace yourself)…he really wasn’t that great of an actor. Sorry. You can be mad all you want, but he was not the best! I’m just saying. It doesn’t belittle his life in anyway…but let’s just say it like it is. He was successful – but he wasn’t the best.
Like Michael Jackson in a way---he was successful and great at music, but he was not the best human. Sorry. He wasn’t.
Sad for them, but let’s not act like Superman just died.
And don’t get me started on Superman. Man of steel, turns back time, etc….but THAT is his outfit of choice?? And being a reporter is the best way for him to make a living?? Man of steel…not of brains.
And why doesn’t Spiderman wear a cup? He is not the man of steel and he’s putting it out there that he is wearing a onesie with no protection down below?
Anyway…sad for Patrick Swayze. Sad for those people who loved him.

Anyone else have the Samsung Omnia? I love LOVE this phone---but I don’t feel that it fully loves me. Like why does it think it is using a lot of memory when I haven’t downloaded any programs? And why does it sometimes just shut itself completely off with no warning or reasoning whatsoever and refuse to come back on and I have to physically take the battery off to restart it? And why can’t I select what I want to show on my main screen (the Today screen it’s called)? I can select three things or a bunch of things, but I can’t pick and choose what my bunch are-they are preloaded things…are you following? If you were cool enough to have a Samsung Omnia you would be! And if you were smart AND cool enough-you would know how to use it, which obviously, I am not.

Other People's Stories....

Sometimes I have nothing to write about, but feel like writing. Is that a form of writers block? Or maybe I just have a boring life..........

Today's blog post is brought to you by other people. Cause I have so little to share.

AndrewHas his first car!!
This is what it looks like now:

This is more like what he is wanting it to look like:

Not the color so much, but the tricked out style of it. I suspect he will get there at some point. He got a great deal on it so he had money leftover and has already had installed new speakers. He's saved his money for two years. I hate wasting money on something like speakers--but it's not my money and music is important to him, and having a nice stereo is helping him love his car...so who am I to not be happy for him?

You know how you are driving along enjoying your life and then some punk kid pulls up next to you and his stereo makes your car shake? That might be mine. Sorry for that. He really is a good kid-let's let him have his music, shall we?

Bruce was out fishing on a lake yesterday early morning. It was just him and one guy a short distance away, both fishing from the side of the lake, peacefully and calmly...when SUDDENLY - men in camouflage came out of the woods and said they were from the Dept of Fishing and Wildlife and flashed their badges and wielded their weapons (okay, maybe not--but I heard they had them!). Apparently it is a very serious criminal offense to hook a fish the wrong way and if you hook a fish through the gill or something, you must throw it back or be stoned at the stake. OR you will be given a $300 ticket. Yes---a fine of $300 for catching a fish THE WRONG WAY.

Say what??? True.
AND the man next to Bruce argued with the Governmental Fish Police and he got a $1500 fine for something like resisting bowing down to the fish police or something. He denied and argued and the Fish Police actually had it on video and pulled it out for man-next-to-Bruce. WHAT?? Fish police have video cameras and camouflage??? With the state of the world today---are we seriously paying governmental workers to go hide in the forest and protect the dignity of fish?? If I hadn't heard this from Bruce's life- mate, I would not have believed it. If you are reading this, I won't blame you for not believing it--cause it really is un-fishing-believable. ha.

Whiskers: (in his own cat words)
Today was an adventure. I woke up at 7am and found that one of the five stupid teenage boys who were here or maybe my own boy (who KNOWS that the last one up MUST check all doors to make sure they are locked)--LEFT THE BACK DOOR OPEN. Surprise!! Not just the screen door, such as has happened in the past, but the actual DOOR was open. That was nice of them, because I have wanted to explore for many, many weeks now, but I get yelled at when I start to leave the deck or go outside alone.

After 2.5 hours or so of being outside, I crawled under the deck as I heard the boys up and about. And then I sat patiently and listened while the boy and the mom searched frantically for me inside and out. And I would have sat under the deck all day, if they hadn't started spraying it with water!! And then I cried, they got excited, they kept calling me and I chose a back way to get inside the door so as not to bother them with their cleaning game and decided to curl up under the bed...while they finished rewatering and rewatering the deck, and calling and calling my name for the next hour.

Eventually the mom found me and for some reason, punished me with a bath. She's mean. And then the boy gave me catnip and scratched my belly lots and it was all okay.

Welcome, Fluffy, Our Newest Pet!!

We haven't gotten him yet - but we will!!!

The Dolphin Adventure place in Puerto Vallarta has a Trainer for the Day package you can buy.

Normal people swim with a dolphin and they get 20 minutes with a group in the water with a dolphin. Or you can upgrade and spend 40 minutes. OR, if you are super-special-mega cool like me--you'll be ready to pay out the nose to capture a dolphin, name it Fluffy, put it in your suitcase and bring it home to your bathtub.

Your new home Fluffy!

But if you're like me, you are cheap and don't like to pay for anything full-price. So in looking online, I found that you can reserve it online and get a 15% discount. 15%??!! That's great and all, for normal folk. Not for Kaylen.

I did some searching around and I happened upon another website for the same company. BUT this website says that your online reservation discount is 30%!! And THAT my friends is a discount I can work with.

Slight problem-the discount isn't working on the online reservation system, however, after just about 6 attempts to talk to a live person at this company - I found someone who confirmed that the 30% site that I found is an old link and it should have been taken down when they put up their new site, the one with the crappy 15% discount.

Being the savvy shopper I am, I immediately asked if she would honor the 30%, since I saw that one ages ago and have been planning and budgeting for that price and we'd really like to do the larger package but it's much too much without the bigger discount...and even before I got to the part where I was going to offer to bring our own fish food for Fluffy, she agreed with me that since the site was misleading, she would absolutely honor the 30% discount! Wonderful!!! How can I pass that up??

I can't!!

I think I'm going to go take a bath so I can enjoy the spa tub in my master bath before Fluffy takes it over.

Random Thought Tuesday - Politics Suck Edition

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I think I’ve mentioned before, maybe not, that the company I work for changed its leave policy and we are only able to carry over a certain amount each year. Though I have only been here a year, I had accrued enough that I had to use it or lose it, and I have been taking off every other Friday for the last 6 weeks and it has been WONDERFUL. But alas, that is coming to an end….and now I will be back to working *gasp* five full days a week. Well, not this week-thanks Labor Day!-but next week for sure. Five full days!!! As much as I love my job—five days in a row is a lot, isn’t it??

There’s a documentary on HBO about the last day at a car factory-GM I think- and I want to see it but don’t have HBO! Lame. Can someone please watch it and film it with their video camera and then upload it to their blog? Thanks! I heard about it on NPR this weekend and they interviewed one of the employees at the factory (who is in the film) and she was crying really hard and talking about losing her family. She had worked there for 25 years or something. The assembly line workers followed the last car as it made its way through the factory, so at the end of the line, the entire workforce was there to see the completion of the last vehicle and then they all cried. Sad. Do we really think about the actual people who are losing more than just their job when a company folds? I always feel sad for them losing their job—but there’s more than that. They lose their work-family, because though they might stay in touch a little bit with a few people, the people they work with every day for years are no longer around. Sad.

I’m excited to hear that Michael Moore has another film coming out. The clip I heard was him making a citizens arrest of the executives at AIG. Funny. Did you see the last one he did on healthcare? It was pretty interesting. I know a lot of people hate him—he does go to extremes sometimes, but his information appears to be true. Like the woman who was paying thousands on medicine she needed to LIVE, as in she would die without it. She was not working due to her health problems. The thousands she was spending was after medicare. But Michael Moore did this silly gathering of others who need medical help and did this stupid clip about them on a boat cruising on down to Cuba and getting medical care for next to nothing. I didn’t like this scene. I should be in movie production, cause that should have been cut. Anyway—the medicine she needed was like $4 or something. Point for Michael Moore and the medical care of Cuba. And then they tried to get into Guantamano Bay, Gitmo to some, but they got turned away. I would have also cut that. I get his point, but it was kind of silly to demonstrate his point that way. I feel like his silliness discounts the seriousness, but maybe he’s just trying to make the film more interesting, less dry. I really liked the Roger Rabbit movie he did – I watched it about 4 times in college in my sociology classes/groups. Good stuff.

It irritates me that people are so mistrusting of the office of the presidency of our country that they would be up in arms over the idea of the president talking to our children via the schools. I saw some crazy fanatic lady on the news CRYING about the idea of brainwashing her children in school via this presidential message. CRYING!! I remember hearing Ronald Reagan give a speech to my elementary school. I do not remember there was a big uprise in the public about the potential brainwashing about to take place. I’m certain we did not just listen to the President talk-we discussed it in our class and maybe wrote a paper on it. How is this any different from this year?? AND Laura Bush gave a thumbs up to President Obama reaching out to the children---isn’t that enough? Sweet little Laura would never endorse something that might hurt our children. No matter what political party you are in, you can’t really fight a thumbs up from Laura Bush. There’s a better blogger than me who said more and wrote better: here. If I was still in school and it was pre-internet and I could plagarize easily, I would copy that word-for-word.

A constant blogger whine: There are some bloggers I know who get like 100 comments a day—and it appears that they reply to ALL of their comments. How do you do this???? I have other bloggers who I leave comments for on a fairly regular basis, but they don’t comment on my blog. They don’t like me. Whatever. It doesn’t stop me from commenting. And it doesn’t affect my blogging, cause I’m not solely blogging for you. Or you. Or you over there. I’m just writing. But getting some comment love is a nice pat on the back.

I had people over for games night on Saturday. At one point, we were playing Last Word, where you have cards with themes and cards with letters and a buzzer that sounds at random periods of time. The letter card is flipped and someone tosses down their theme and you have to say words that start with the flipped letter that correspond with the theme. You want to be the last word out before the buzzer sounds. Following? So at one point, the letter was C. The theme was “Halloween.” We had gone through the normal C words: candy, clowns, creatures, candy corn, etc. You don’t have much thinking time-you have to blurt out words as soon as you think of them. It’s very fast-paced and there’s a lot of pressure to say something QUICKLY. SO – I yelled out, “colored kids.” And as soon as I said it, I realized it was not QUITE what I was going for….I was thinking of face paint and trying to make it into a word that starts with C. It didn’t come out right. I love games nights! One of the guys who came over has a list of all his games online and he owns 232 games!!! He has them listed out with a ranking and description of most of them. CRAZY. He said that the board game companies send him games to review sometimes, but most aren’t that great so it’s not as exciting as it sounds. I love free stuff!

School starts this week!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
AND my baby begins working at his first real job this week!!!

Caught On Camera

You've been avoiding me since I moved in, Mr. Hummingbird....but I have GOT YOU!!!
Oh, Mr. Hummingbird, you were tricky...only drinking one time, and waiting until I was out of the room.....actually making me believe that my hummingbird feeder leaks--which I did believe!! But then you slipped up, didn't you?

You flew over for one last drink and didn't realize we were eating dinner on the deck.

We enjoyed how you came 2 feet from us and then hovered in the air, with your little magical fairy wings, and the stood perfectly still...having a stare-down with my son....and then went for one last drink before gliding away at super-sonic speed.

But I have evidence of you now - and now everyone can believe in you!

Random Thoughts Tuesday: Larry King Edition

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I listened to Larry King interviewing a rape victim yesterday. He asked her to recount the details.
Her: I had picked up some take-out food and was going over to my boyfriends
to eat dinner with him. blahblah, man in the car suddenly attacked...
Him: So where did the bag with dinner go?
Her: .......I guess he put it in the backseat?
Him: Okay, continue.

I'm not kidding. That man is done. Call him cooked (twelve yrs ago) and tuck him away folks, cause he is D.O.N.E.
What kind of reporter would ask that question? Why on earth would it matter where her take out food was when she was being attacked?

I hate buying used cars. I always have had one, and I have never ever trusted that it would be a good outcome. The last time I bought a car was about 3-4 yrs ago and it was from a good friend of a friend and my friend knew every little detail about the car. I was ready to buy it before I saw it, I was so excited. And it's given me no problems whatsoever...yet. It's been my only really great used-car-buying experience. And now I have to relive the trauma with young Andrew who has the money saved up to buy a car, a used car. From a stranger. Who is inevitably going to lie to us about it. And it will inevitably have something go wrong on it at the worst possible time.

Did I mention I'm going to Mexico?? I AM!! In less than 3 months. I can not wait!!! I need a vacation!!! It is the first family vacation we've gone on in like 3 years. THREE YEARS!!

I have Friday and Monday off---YAY for short work weeks. Is there anything better? (yes-having a week in Mexico)

I want to volunteer more--I'm already starting to plan the Holiday events. There's a big project thing that I was asked to do for Hands on Greater Portland. Stay tuned for more info on that.

My oldest sister is going to turn 40 this year. This morning she called me to discuss ideas for her BIG birthday, because 40 is a HUGE milestone.

Jenny: Maybe I'll go to Seaworld and swim with Shamu.
Me: The KILLER whale? I don't' think they let you do that.
Jenny: Yes they do...I need something big, and that would be big.
Me: You don't even like the water...
Jenny: Oh yeah, I guess that won't work.

One time I had this fantastic idea that I would have a birthday event planning business. I used to love love love planning little Andrew's birthday parties. And there are lots of working moms out there who just don't have the time to plan these things. I could do that!!! When I looked into how much time it would take to do though, it seemed a bit much, almost a full-time job. I might look into it again. Stay tuned. I have my weekends almost totally free, there's no reason I can't be more productive.

We brushed the cats teeth last night. Ginger gets this look in her eye like she absolutely is planning on ripping your heart out...but she didn't say a word. I think she was too stunned by what was happening to her to say anything. I imagine her on Larry King would go something like this:

Ginger: And I was just getting ready to go look out the window to verify that nothing was amiss in the back yard, blahblah, no random animals lurking...
Larry King: And then....
Ginger: And then suddenly, that kid had me on my back in his lap and my beloved human-mommy was ramming some kind of foul-tasting instrument in my mouth.
Larry King: And what animals are in your back yard?


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