It's Good to Have a Plan!

My plan for the weekend:
  1. Try and take care of some of this issue:
  2. Attend a memorial for Andrew's uncle, this wonderfully colorful and hilarious guy who died much too soon, only 60 years old. I didn't see him often, but it was a guarantee that you would laugh when he was around.
  3. Going to bingo later tonight with some girls from work. I fully intend to win at least $100 so I can buy groceries this week without worrying about the tab.
  4. Hang photos, I think it's time seeing as how I've lived here 8 months and only half the pictures are hanging.
  5. Figure out my taxes. They aren't as easy this year.
  6. Pay my stupid mortgage - it went up starting this month. How is this possible? Why did nobody warn me this might happen???
  7. Play 50 more games of spider solitaire to get my win ratio percentage ranking score details up. This game is FREE on most computers - how does anyone ever get any work done??
  8. Plan some future volunteer events - I want something new to add to the mix, but need to determine what I really want to do.
Wish me luck. That list looks big. Actually, #1 looks really big. I need to sort through all the blogs in my reader and determine if I really need them all there. It's too overwhelming. Do I need to subscribe to the blog about potential movie locations in New York? Probably not. Do I need to read 9 different blogs about books? (yes) 

Have a great weekend, ya'll!


  1. tattytiara said...:

    Oh I know, oh I know. I've started keeping tabs on how many blogs I read in an average day, and the time I spend reading them. Let's just say it would be very lucrative if I were being paid by either the comment or by the hour!

  1. Serenityville said...:

    I've tried and tried to figure spider solitaire out, to no avail. I feel like an idiot each time. Usually cards are my thing kudos.

    Seriously, I'm working on a "things I can't figure out how to do in the blogging world". How do people keep up with their 300 followers? I have 22 and I'm still behind!

  1. kilax said...:

    I just made it through my reader and did a bunch of editing. I feel so much better! :)

  1. Hilly said...:

    I just went through my Google Reader and marked everything read. Sometimes you just need to start fresh!

  1. Suzy said...:

    When there are too many posts to read, I just mark them all read. I have a feeling everyone does this.

    I can only play Spider Solitaire in the easy form. FWIW, eventually you do get tired of it.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    lol. being caught in the snow storm and offline for the last 2 days...yeah, my list is long....

  1. Pam said...:

    Did you win and get the groceries with no worries? : )

  1. Dual Mom said...:

    My reader looks like your's.

    Good luck getting the list checked off!

  1. Julie said...:

    So now the weekend is just about over, did you win the $100.00 a bingo? Go though all your google reads? Hang your pictures? How about did you just enjoy your weekend? I sure do hope so. I didn't get 1/2 what I wanted done but I did enjoy my weekend so good enough. There's time later for more, just a bit at a time.
    Take care Kaylen, have a great week. God Bless my friend.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Don't let the reader stress you out. It's supposed to be fun. Taxes, not so much fun.

  1. Heather said...:

    I haven't even figured out how to use Google Reader yet. I follow about 35 blogs and I am always at least a day behind. Good luck with that.

    I play Spider solitaire all the time, while I'm waiting the forever minutes for people's pages to load. Love the game.

    I wish I could go to Bingo!

  1. Haha! Made me laugh with the angel getting its wings. I, too, need to sort. And I don't think I'll ever get caught up with all the reading. Best of luck with those taxes.

  1. wow you so have my 400 beat. damn.

  1. I so know what you mean about Google Reader... I am so overwhelmed by it ... plus my 173 emails that I have to read and respond to... I have already deleted over 70 emails.... AGHH!
    So sorry to hear about Andrew's uncle, please give him my deepest sympathy - and to you of course.
    EEWWW... taxes, thank God we have our accountant do them. I used to do them 15 years ago, but I am SO out of touch, I have no idea anymore. Good luck!
    You do so many wonderful volunteer things that it is such a pleasure knowing you. God bless you and Andrew.
    Hope you were able to get everything done.


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