Remember That One Time.....? No....No, I Don't!!!

Sometimes I have conversations with people where I really seriously do laugh out loud. I probably type "lol" 4,329 times a day, but about 29 of those times-I really mean it, I really did laugh out loud. Here's one example. Jason is a boy I "dated" in high school. We made out a lot for like 2 months. He probably still loves me (who doesn't).
Jason says:
did you ever know mindy Thomas?
Kaylen says:
she was tall
Jason says:
she wasn't tall
like 5"8 tops

Kaylen says:
oh - she had black hair

Jason says:
no, brown

Kaylen says:
i guess i don't know her
wait-she dated that guy i didn't like
the big stoner

Jason says:

Kaylen says:

Jason says:
reminiscing with you is like trying to teach my dogs to do laundry

Why do I have the worst memory in the world???
There are tons of people on my facebook page who I know from high school and I really don't remember them well at all. To be fair though, I did pull away from most of my friends at the end of my junior year when I fell for Andrew's deadbeat dad, the sailor. And then I finished my credits halfway through my senior year so I didn't even go the last semester.

I had a conversation with a few friends from high school and it went something like this:

Friend 1: Do any of you remember Gina Fakename from high school?
Me nope.
Friend 2: that her married name?
Friend 3: I think her maiden name is Blahblahblah.
Friend 1: Oh yes---she lived on the corner across from bus route 39.
Friend 2: Oh yeah, we never liked her.
These are people MY age, who have gone through some amazing life experiences. We have all done a LOT since 1991 when we would have last thought about a girl who lived on bus route 39. But they remember things like bus routes and whatnot.

So it's just me? I'm 35 and my memory only holds tiny bits and pieces? Is this normal?

I have this picture from 8th grade trip for some class trip with three good friends of mine (Hi Holly!!!) and I have no recollection of that day at all.

If someone were to show me this picture, I would deny that I was there that day.

So with that being long is it before I forget other memories?
I just need to take more pictures.
And write more.
And get my scrapbooks together.
I have so many moments I don't want to forget.....
like this one:

We went on a bus journey to the Andong Mask Festival in Korea with Andrews nana, who was visiting us for the week, and my very favorite student, Jung Eun Su. On the way back, we missed the last direct bus to our small town, so we had to arrange for a bus transfer, which sounds simple...and we thought we would have no trouble - we had a Korean girl with us! Unfortunately, a 13 yr old girl has trouble stepping up and acting as interpreter for us and we ended up on the wrong bus and it took us four extra hours to get home that night.

Or the two road trips Andrew and I went on to Glacier National Park, where we saw wild buffalo roaming, chipmunks who came right up and ate chips out of Andrew's hand (yes, that is illegal-no, we didn't know that at the time), white water rafting through the mountains (AMAZING), going on a small cruise across a lake and seeing a dozen bald eagles up close and personal, making smores at the campfire -and that time he burst out singing I Shot The Sheriff after we invited some neighboring campers over to share the fire (what's cuter than a 6 yr old singing Bob Marley?) and the wonderful people we met on our trip.

I just don't want to lose the important moments. I feel like I need to get them all written down or they will get lost. It has been just Andrew and I for the last 15 years (mostly) so once I die, the memories of when Andrew was little are GONE. GONE!!!! It's depressing.

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  1. otin said...:

    Memory is an interesting thing. I can remember song lyrics and movie lines from songs and movies that I have not seen or heard in twenty years, but I cannot remember phone numbers or people's first names to save my life.

    My SIL is a picture nut. She has all of her photos in chronological order over the past twenty years. Sometimes when I look at her pics, there are entire events that I had forgotten about. I guess our brain is like a computer, except it decides what goes in the trash bin and when it gets emptied. I have been defragmented quite a few times lol.

  1. Jay said...:

    I have a pretty good memory for things that happened back in the day. I just can't remember where my keys are most mornings.

  1. My brain is a vast store of useless information. When I was younger, my memory was nearly photographic. I could close my eyes and picture an EXACT scene. Now? I write EVERYTHING down in my planner.

  1. My memory is pretty good, long term. Short term though, I'm pretty much on par with my four year old.

  1. JoeyRes said...:

    I remember most people from high school, but there are occasional blanks that do make me wonder if my brain has a slow leak or what.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I hear ya. I have a horrible memory from my childhood.

  1. TQ said...:

    My memory can be a fault for me at times. I remember too much! And the oddest things too... I can remember exactly what I was wearing on a night that is actually a bad memory... and vice versa. It's crazy. Sometimes I wish I didn't remember everything I do. But then again, sometimes it's nice to be able to think back and remember good times, even if they were 20 years ago! But sometimes now I'm finding people on Facebook I went to high school with, I have no idea who they are. And my class wasn't even that big!

  1. Heather said...:

    I wanted to reconnect with my friend from school. I went to and got my page done. Started to go searching for people and can't remember anybodies full names! Barely lucky to remember their first names!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    its funny the little scraps of memory that slip back in at the oddest moments...and there are those i just dont want to forget, so i write them in th notebook or blog them.

    went white water rafting a few years back. it was amazing!

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I just found a guy I dated back in 9th grade, and then he moved away and I hadn't seen him since. As soon as I clicked to accept him on FB, he messaged to tell me he was sorry he was mean to me back in the day, that he shouldn't have been. ??? He was never mean to me. lol I was mean to him. I broke up with him because I was afraid my dad was going to beat him up, and I dated his best friend instead. Which I would say kinda makes ME the mean one. But maybe he was and I don't remember? I've forgotten lots of stuff too.

  1. Mrsbear said...:

    I'll be 35 in March and I have the same issues with memory. My husband and I remember different things too, like an event that sticks out in his memory, I'll have no recollection of, and vice-versa, it's weird. Same with my sister, stuff from our childhood, our memories always vary.

  1. Brandy said...:

    i get you. i have a horrible memory. bad bad bad. I'm glad i have a blog now. because I look back on stuff I wrote just a year ago and am like really?!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    HA HA HA - I can't believe that picture of us!! I don't think we were on a class trip though... I think we were in Peterson for Gammel Dag Days.... not sure though... I'm 36 now, the memory doesn't get any better! Holly

  1. I love your photos and stories. I can just picture Andrew singing Bob Marley, because it is just what my boys would be doing. :-)
    I've done my boys scrapbook from when they were little up until graduation, but I have to work on the rest of stuff, because my memory is horrendous. Plus the medication I am on does NOT help at all.
    Your post has spurred me on... but not until I've finished my coffee and bagel.


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