Red Rover, Red Rover, We're Flying On Over!!

Remember that free ticket I had?
It expired today. I've had it sitting on my desk for a year now.
I actually moved within that year, but it still somehow made it on my desk through the move. And there it sat for a full 364 days.
So at 9:30 pm, on the night it expires, I decided I should call in and make a reservation.

Oh-and did you know that when you have a free ticket voucher and want to claim it, you have to mail it to the airline (at least 14 days in advance of your flight) or take it to the airport representative?
Remember 15 seconds ago when you read that my voucher expires today? Yeah, so I guess I'm off to the airport (sucks).

All three of the nice representatives in India assured me that as long as I had reservations today, I could take my voucher to the airport tomorrow. We'll see if this really works. And after I pay for $20 parking and stand in line for an hour and hate the world, they best just confirm my reservations or we're gonna have some non-TSA approved behaviors goin on. I might bring a 12oz bottle of shampoo so they really feel threatened.

Anyway.....I know you're all losing sleep over the mystery around this---so-----relax, here's the final answer:
San Diego is the lucky city that shall receive my son and I for a long weekend of fun. Mostly because my sister and her family are there, but also because of this little guy:

How cute is he? Don't you just want to tie his little legs together (safety first!) and hug him until he cries really loud and his mama comes charging at you from out of nowhere and the next thing you know you are in the hospital, but you'll always remember that special hug you shared? Yes. Of course you do-he's effing adorable. And all his zoo-ly friends will be too!! I want to feed a giraffe!! Is this worth the cost? Maybe!!!

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best ever, right? And once you get past that whole ethical dilemma of whether it's right for us to cage creatures for our own entertainment, the zoo is a wonderful place to be.

I think we're also going to try to make it to Six Flags, where we shall ride the rides til we puke. And we'll just hang out with the family and laugh and play games.

We're not leaving for at least 6 weeks, so don't come try to burglarize my stuff yet. I have two guard cats and a surly teenager. You do not want to enter uninvited.


  1. Nat said...:

    I'm glad that you found a place to go! San Diego sounds like a perfect choice. I expect to see a ton of unbearably cute pictures of animals. :)

  1. Take nail clippers. That really makes 'em nervous.

  1. San Diego is great -- almost as good as Denver...

  1. Anonymous said...:


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    that is awesome! hope they were right adn the voucher goes fine tomorrow. my teddy bear growing up was a panda. i recently gave him to my little one when we found him in parents basement.

  1. Shana said...:

    Love, love, love the San Diego Zoo. You guys are going to have such a fun trip.

  1. otin said...:

    I would love to go somewhere warm!! The zoo sounds like fun. I like aquariums.

    Sorry That I have not been by in a while. I have been pretty much answering my comments and have not had a lot of time to go to my dashboard.

  1. Lynette said...:

    the best zoo in the usa

  1. Cool! There was a huge write up about San Diego in our paper today--it sounds like a fabulous vacation destination!

  1. Mrsbear said...:

    Well I hope you were able to take advantage of your voucher. A hug from a Panda sounds awesome, they are adorable and scary all at once. I hope they don't eat anyone's face.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    Ooh, I hope your ticket was good. Sounds like you're going to have fun. We have a really good zoo in Cincinnati.

  1. carma said...:

    good choice in destination. Hope it all worked out.

  1. Heather said...:

    I love San Diego, I spent two summers there with my aunt. Great times. I went to the zoo, but at the time it was the first zoo I had been to. I had nothing to compare it too. They say it is one of the best, I am inclined to agree.
    My favorite memory there, was having a picnic on the (downtown) college grounds. Such a beautiful place.

    Hope your ticket was good and hope you have a great time.


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