Canvas Print Giveaway Winner

We have another winner! Thanks to for sponsoring another great giveaway (and for providing free shipping again).

Some people have very scientific ways of picking winners.

Some people use the random number generator.

My very first giveaway was my most creative-if you haven't seen it, you should. Go here and check out the video. It's great fun, but I just can't live up to that creative-level standard all the time. So I go a much easier route.

Sometimes I pick my winners by doing this:

I walk into the room where Andrew is and say, pick a number 1 - 35 (or however many entries I have).

Andrew picks a number.

A winner is born!

A couple of times I have had family members win back-to-back contests so then I actually have Andrew pick a new number, because it's just not fair, right? Even by Andrew-the-teen-random-number-generator who has NO idea who is what number or for what contest, it just doesn't seem right if my family and friends win a lot. Sorry family and friends. Think of all the blogger people out there who deserve it....

Though one time there was a contest where I had names printed on little paper pieces in a paper bag and Andrew drew my mom. So I said, not fair, pull another. And then he pulled her name AGAIN! And there was another time where my sister was the number he picked from across the room, and I said, no fair-forget it, I'll use the random number generator online. So I did---and it pulled HER NUMBER. You can't fake these things people, it really happened!

And so today a new person deserves it and it happens to be someone I know, but there weren't many entries and it's not a family member so we are going with the first random number selected by Sir Andrew which was:

Lucky #12

TQ said...
I want to win this one!!! My favorite winter memory always includes Smokey and snow - he loves loves loves loves loves snow and nothing makes me happier than seeing him eating and playing in it...

Congrats to TQ, akaTori!!!
Tori is a fairly new blogger who would love if ya'll stop by and say hi to her, I'm sure. Especially if you are a dog-lover. Even more especially if you have a black lab. And most especially if you have a tri-pawd dog (a 3-legged pooch), as she does.

This is a photo from her blog header (which makes it a public picture that I can steal and post here, right?) of her and Smokey, her 3-legged puppy-pal.

And that ends the last giveaway I have going on for the next week or two.

FYI-for those of you who are keeping track, the winner of my last drawing didn't respond, not just in 48 hrs like some bloggers command, but not in an entire week. So I gave the prize to the first person who commented on the Giveaway Winner post, the delightful and poetic Brian Miller. Congrats to Brian for being a great commenter and a caring human. I think he has good karma and now he gets free cereal. Proof that good things come around, right? Right.


  1. TQ said...:

    Woo hoo! Thanks Kaylen :) I will put this award to very good use!!!!!

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    That's pretty funny. :) I should have some giveaways but I'm just too lazy. lol

  1. carma said...:

    congrats to your non-family member winner :-)

  1. Nat said...:

    I should give away my homework assignments... I think this is a great idea. :)


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