The IRS Can Suck It

My taxes are in the mail!!!

Some of you (anyone who reads my blog or has spent more than 13 minutes with me) may know that I'm a single mom, and one of the best things about that (other than not having to deal with a drunken louse) is that I get a wee bit of a tax break. Thank you, Uncle Sam.

And this year, my friend President Obama, gave me a wonderful gift of a fat tax credit for being a first time homeowner. Thanks Big O!!!

So there is money coming my way - WOOHOO!!!! I love when there is money coming my way.

I have a thousand things I could do with it, but I think my man Obama wants me to use it for my house. Which means I'm saving most of it until something goes wrong. More on how I will spend my riches another day...

How about you all?
Taxes filed?
Do you wait til the last second?
Do you get money back normally?
Do you evade the taxman altogether?
Are you Canadian and have to give 30% of your income to the government out of your paycheck? (I heard that is true!)

A little cartoon that was found in my grandmothers old papers ages ago: (click to enlarge)
I think it's cute she kept this. I wonder if it was hanging on her fridge, or just in a stack of papers. Or maybe someone sent it to her and she meant to share it with others. And so I will share it with all of you, cause that's what grandma would have wanted. (she died when I was still in a nappy)


  1. kilax said...:

    We had ours done, and thankfully, got a return. Ugh. This time of year always makes me nervous though! Happy the Big O got you a return, LOL ;)

  1. sewa mobil said...:

    I congratulate the prize given by the president obama for your taxes.

  1. We always file in February -- unless, of course, we owe money. Then I sit on those returns until the very last possible moment.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    submitting our perk of the job craziness this year, i will be getting a pretty good return...

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    I'm happy you are getting money back.

    No I have not done my taxes yet. I'm afraid.

  1. Manic Mommy said...:

    You just inspired me to start ours. I've been seriously procrastinating - and we usually get money back! Ah, home ownership.

  1. Gah! We own a business so tax season can kind of suck for us. I really hate it and hate prepping for it.

    Glad yours are filed though and you are getting money back - nice! :)

  1. Pam said...:

    We got money back this year too. Of course, tons of stuff chose that time to fall apart, so there goes my rebate.

  1. carma said...:

    When it is tax time, I typically go into a funk for three weeks as I agonize over doing the taxes; I've been opting to do the state by hand to save on having to get the full turbotax, which may or may not end up being a huge mistake :D relieved that I sent them in over a week ago.

    You are wise to save your money for unexpected house stuff...

  1. Heather said...:

    I did ours back in Jan. I do them as soon as I get all the paperwork.

    Glad your getting a return.

  1. Brandy said...:

    I have them done - just don't want to file them. ugh stupid taxes.

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    We need to send them in... I want my fat check!

  1. It's a nice little spring surprise to get some tax money back, huh? Hope you have enough to do something fun with it, as well!

  1. Sarah Laurence said...:

    Congratulations! I just got my taxes off too. They’re an extra pain if you are self-employed and running 2 businesses. I do get a tax credit as an unpublished novelist. At least my art makes money.

  1. Serenityville said...:

    Since I moved to Germany in '03 I haven't filed...I didn't owe anything, but was still supposed to send in paperwork. But seeing as I'm allergic to anything technically paperworky, I couldn't do it, no matter how much it weighed on me. Now that I'm back, I once again resent people like you who do them early.

  1. Live.Love.Eat said...:

    Gotta love your money coming back to you. Good for you. Thanks to my hubs we usually have our money back by February. He's good like that.

  1. So glad you got the tax credit for the house. We are hopefully going to get that on our 2010 return for building a new house this year. It's not as large as for 1st time home buyers, but it will help.
    I don't know if we will get a return, but if we do, it will only be a tiny one. I completed our paperwork & sent it to the accountant last week, not it is just wait and see.


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