Killing The Townspeople, One At A Time

Has anyone heard of this party game called Mafia?

I have played it a few times, it's really quite fun with the right crowd of people.

Here's how you play:
One person is the narrator. They never get killed.
You need a good-size group of people, maybe 10-20, who are playing.
You need a deck of cards. If you have over 12 people, you need 4 face cards. If you have under 12, probably just 3 face cards. You'll need one ace and then you'll need one card under 10 for the rest of the players.
With me so far?
We haven't killed anyone yet. (typically) But we will.

You mix up all the cards and keep them face down. Pass them around so everybody playing gets one card. Nobody knows what other people have.

The people with the face cards (jack, queen or king) are considered The Mafia. Or if you're from Canada - it's apparently pronounced Maf-ia, as we found out from our Canuk friend Saturday.

The one person who gets the Ace card is the Cop.

Everyone else is a Townsperson.

The Narrator starts the game by letting everyone know that it's night time. Everyone playing closes their eyes. Then he (or she but for the purpose of saving words, we'll say he) will say -Mafia only, open your eyes and wake up and select someone to kill.

The 3 or 4 Mafia members try really really hard not to move much and just point to someone they want to kill. They can only kill one person a night. Once they all agree, via pointing, blinking and/or grimaces and smiles, then the Narrator says, Mafia-close your eyes. Cop only, open your eyes and wake up and select one person. Then the Cop points to someone (don't move) and the Narrator nods if the person the Cop pointed at is part of the Mafia. The Cop gets to have a sneak peak and get some clues this way. He needs them.

Then we all wake up and the Narrator says, Kaylen, You were killed last night by the mafia. Then Kaylen is out of the game and it's no longer fun.

I suppose he could say someone else, but as it was this last weekend, he seemed to say my name almost immediately. Why would anyone want to kill me??!!!

What is supposed to happen is someone else is killed and then we all discuss who we think is in the mafia. Everyone, mafia and cop included, will talk and then vote on who they want to be revealed. People will fight for someone they believe is it based on their expression, or if they felt movement next to them, or how someone voted last time, and then the nominees will plead their case and try to steer people to not vote for them. Then the group votes and kills off someone they think is Mafia.

Lots of killing going on.

The person killed during the day will reveal their card and if it's Mafia, people cheer. If it's not, everyone groans and some yell out "I told you so!" Then the Narrator says, it's night time, everyone close your eyes, and you repeat the process until the Mafia have an equal number of people in the town or until the townspeople kill off the Mafia.

The Cop is meant to help steer the voting until people vote off Mafia members, but has to do so without exposing himself as the Cop because once the Mafia knows, they will kill him that night. So he might jump in during the nominating and try to convince people it was someone based off of seeing a wink or sensing movement (if he's close to them). He is important. Sometimes you get a lame Cop and then they get killed and it doesn't matter cause he was lame anyway.

Make sense? It's a lot of fun....when played correctly.

And when Kaylen isn't killed off first.


  1. Brandy said...:

    Omg - that sounds so fun. I don't have enough real friends to get together and play that. lol

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    oh, i totally love playing mafia! we have played it for hours and hours...and i always get killed...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What happens when Kaylen is mafia? (Rocko

  1. Pam said...:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Of course in these games I am always the first one killed!

  1. Raven said...:

    It sounds like such a fun game. I wish I had friends to play it with. hehe

  1. Flea said...:

    That sounds AWESOME. Thank you!

  1. Nat said...:

    I want to play! It reminds me of the game "murder" we used to play when we were younger. Not a very original name, now that I think about it...

  1. Heather said...:

    Sounds like it could be fun, but your right it would have to be the right kind of people.

    The only time I am around that many people is at holiday events with family...they would not play it, I'm sure.


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