A Not So Bad Singer For You All To Enjoy

So there's this one funny little kid that hangs out at my house frequently.

I call him Laundry, ever since we played poker one night and he folded his hand a lot.

Ha- I just made myself laugh out loud! Laundry - folds a lot - ha! Get it? HA! Laughed out loud just explaining that.

Laughed out loud again, thinking about how I laughed out loud.

Anyway, he has this fanpage thing on this thing called The Facebook. I became a fan of his page, as I like to support the little people in the world. I'm nice like that.

He makes these little videos in his spare time where he lip syncs songs we've probably all heard before. The key here is that he is lip syncing.

I sent my sister a link to this video (below) via The Facebook Chat and this is how she responded:

Jenny 11:17pm
interesting dude
good voice

Ha - right, yeah, okay, he sounds okay. He's got a "good" voice....Ha. Hilarious.

Check him out. You can become a fan of his page here. Remember the little people...at one point we were little fish in a big pond and we needed people to be our fans. Let's go be this little fishie's fan, ya'll.


  1. Nat said...:

    I actually found this really entertaining, so my sisters and I gathered around and watched it together. Haha.

    Also, I'm assuming this is one of Andrew's friends, but he looks like he is like 25. Weird.

  1. Jay said...:

    He sounds so much like Paul McCartney! It's uncanny. ;-)

  1. Heather said...:

    It is great that you supported him, by being a fan. He really does look older than a teenager.

  1. Love this!! He is adorable... I love his smile. I became a fan of his Facebook page, you are such a sweetie for bringing him to our attention.


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