Winner Winner, It's Cereal For Dinner!!

Time for a winner!!! The General Mills Cares About Your Heart giveaway is closed.

Everyone offered up great ideas on how they keep their heart healthy. If you feel like your heart isn't as happy and healthy as it could be, go read the comments and learn more about what other people do (people who care about their hearts).

Are you feeling lucky???

I have the winner picked out!


The winner....

Posted a comment.....

And didn't follow the rules (but it's my blog and I'm really nice and I'm going to let it slide this ONE time) and didn't post advice about keeping his/her heart healthy.

Think it's you?

Here's another hint....

The winner...

Did not capitalize their first name in their comment.

AHA! Was that you??

The winner.....

Has a name that starts with a B!!!!

Is it YOU???


AND - The winner does not appear to have a blogger profile and so I couldn't steal their picture to post it here so I just drew one in Microsoft Paint for her:

She may or may not look like this, but congratulations to BARBARA who posted at 6:45 pm on the night the contest ended, as a great example to kids everywhere to never give up, it's never too late and people who arrive late still have a chance to party with the rest of us.

Congrats Barbara!

And thanks again to General Mills and MyBlogSpark for hosting the giveaway and providing a prize to myself and Barbara. We luv ya!

And if anyone would like to hire me out for my superior Microsoft Paint skills, please drop me an email and we'll see about my availability.

Thanks for playing along everyone - I have another giveaway going (see sidebar) and will post another one at the end of this week.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i was getting excited when we got to "b" and then figured i could not pass as a female...

    nice drawing though. smiles.

    congrats barbara!

  1. carma said...:

    that picture looks so much like me I had to read through to the end just in case :D


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