Book Review: Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

I think most everyone has heard of Michael Crichton....he wrote this little story about an island of dinosaurs, a little tale that was made into a movie called Jurassic Park. His first book was actually published in 1966. He could write books in a six-week period, sometimes just getting 4 hours of sleep a night.

He also created one of the best tv shows ever, ER (let's not argue about this-it is what it is).

Some might not know, but he was also a doctor, writing his first few books while he was in med school (insane). I worked at a hospital and I had a heated debate with medical students about him and they had very negative feelings towards him because apparently Mr. Crichton took a residency position with a well-known hospital and then left it early, leaving the hospital without someone to fill the hole and taking a spot that was coveted by others. I don't know how much of that is true but it wasn't just one med student who was angry about it.

Anyway, the wonderful Michael Crichton died a couple years ago. Sad.

And after his death, as happens with many busy and wonderful authors, his family published a manuscript they found. That is this book: Pirate Latitudes

And I really liked it.

Rumor has it that it was unpublished because Michael hadn't fully finished it. Some say the characters weren't developed. Some say that it wasn't the normal Michael Crichton quality. Some say it's just not that great.

However, I liked it! I read it in less than two days. It was one that I carried in the car with me and read in the drive-through at Starbucks. It was just a nice book. I'm sure there are other authors who write better pirate stories, and maybe this book is not as high of quality as his others (none of which I've read in the last decade), but honestly- I liked it.

I'm not really a pirate-book-kinda-girl. But for whatever reason, this book kept me captivated.

You should read this book if:

  1. You are a fan of Michael Crichton. If nothing else but to just see what one of his last known pieces of work turned out to be.
  2. You are looking for a captivating and fun read, filled with pirateering, a quest for gold, good vs evil, and all-around debauchery.
  3. You wear an eye patch and/or say Argh just for fun.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i do wear an eye patch on occassion, just for the fun of it...

    have not read this one..have read most of his stuff though, so perhaps i will...


  1. Jay said...:

    Michael Crichton was a great writer and very interesting dude. Also, he was like 6'10 or something. Very tall.

  1. Ciaran said...:

    Hi there! Stopping by from UBP. Thanks for the book review. I need a new book to read. Just finished The Weissmans of Westport and loved the first half, hated the second half. Better find a new book to cheer me up fast!

  1. Felicia S. said...:

    I will have to put it on my summer reading list!

  1. He wasn't a very good doctor. I really think writing was a better channel for him. Jurassic Park will always be my favorite, and I've read them ALL. Spielberg did a great job with the movie. What always impressed me most about Crichton was the research he did before writing. No one could say he was unprepared.

  1. Pam said...:

    I'd heard all the bad stuff about this one. Thanks for giving us another perspective. Arrgh!

  1. Dual Mom said...:

    ER was the best medical drama show...ever!

    I may check this one out, I haven't read anything by him in a long time.

  1. Heather said...:

    I don't think I have ever read any of his work, but i love the movies based on his novels. I'm going to have to check this out.

  1. Happy UBP10 Party!!! The linkys up there are insane, I cannot possibly visit everyone. So glad, I found yours. I am now a follower, you can also follow my blog at

    Have a great week!!! Lets finish this party!

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I loved ER and Jurassic Park, but I didn't like the book for JP so I've never bothered to read any others of his.

  1. Mrs4444 said...:

    I didn't know any of that stuff about Michael Crichton. Interesting.


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