March Visit to Seattle Recap

Once upon a time, back in 1996 (which feels like forever ago), I decided to move away from all my family and friends and take off with my 4-year old and go to college, 4 years after my high school friends had done so. It was...courageous (or stupid) and I really thrived due to a core group of people who helped and loved both Andrew and I.

This is one of them:college friend Courtney is one of the wisest and most kind people I have ever met, and probably ever will. She is so kind and it's amazing to see her "all grown up" now. She was just 18 when I met her and now she's 32. It's so fun to see where she ended up. I feel privileged to be able to call her my friend.

We went our separate ways after college...and every now and again we'd email but it was really much too long since we've been together. She is the reason for the Seattle trip last weekend and I suspect it will not take us another decade to get together.

That was the before picture---here is the after: (you'll note thatAndrew's gotten a bit taller since then)



Courtney and I spent the evening talking about life and love and where we've been. I knew about her current life, and hers mine, thanks to The Facebook, but it's like reading the first chapter (college) and then the last - we had to fill each other in on all our lost loves and places we've lived and jobs we've had. It was so nice to spend the time with her. There are friends who come and go and then there are friends who are like the most comfy sweatshirt ever and you can go without it for awhile, but then you put it on and you wonder why you don't wear it every day and you just l-o-v-e it....Courtney is definitely like that. We might come and go, but I will never feel any less love for her. [End sentimental cheesiness]
The Seattle trip included: a lot of eating, a lot of talking, we got our nails done, went to a craft class, we ate more, a bit of shopping for Andrew, and some wandering around downtown. A good trip overall. One we should make more often.
Seattle cityscape
And on to the pictures...

We ate at P.F. Changs, which I have only done once before and I wasn't really impressed with it that time, but oooohmygod was it good this time. We ate much too much and indulged in a way-fattening dessert (worth it!):

This is some kind of chocolate mound. Filled with chocolate. Nothing but chocolate. And two side shooters to go along with it. Nothing in the world is better than dessert. NOTHING.

pf changs dessertI love creativity. This phone is creative:
This guy rides a stationary bike to support the troops.
seattle man supporting the troopsI'm not entirely certain how it relates to the troops but we all support our causes in our own ways.
I had a short conversation with him and he said that he is a veteran and he feels so much love for those who are serving in the military. He said that when he gets tired and wants to stop, he thinks that the soldiers in war don't get a chance to stop (though while I was talking to him-he did stop spinning-I refrained from pointing it out to him). He's ridden over 4,500 miles so far.
He also told me that he contacted some national cyclists clubs and none-NONE-of them were interested in joining his cause. So he just rides alone.
We dropped some money in his box and bid him well.
seattle man supporting our troops
I made Andrew go through this fountain. There's a little sidewalk through it. Later I complained that his shirt was wet when he needed me to hold it to try on clothes.
seattle fountain
This man yelled at people walking that they going to hell and that god is punishing them and they need to act now to make things better. He was angry, mean and violent. I very shortly considered pushing him off his stand and letting him know that he was being punished for being a mean christian. But my son was with me and I thought that wouldn't be very mother-ly of me. (but next time-watch out mean man!)
some christians are meanI have one more post on the Seattle trip - the one where I meet another blogger! I love how blogging has introduced me to so much, and now it's bringing me a wider circle of friends.
And I have a giveaway I'm posting tomorrow, for those of you who are into that kinda thing.


  1. Mrsbear said...:

    Dessert is my weakness. Sounds like a fun trip. Especially reconnecting with old friends. It's rare to have friendships like that, you can just slip back in to so easily. They're priceless.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    nice. sounds like a great trip. wow a little difference in height between the two mean people suck, regardless of their religeon.

  1. krista said...:

    oh crap. i'm laughing so hard i'm going to wake the baby up.
    first, i really wish you would have pointed out that the guy stopped cycling. crap that's funny.

    and i wish wish wish you would have pushed the guy off the box and told him that jesus told you to do it.

    happy easter, lovely!

  1. krista said...:

    wow. my 'happy easter' at the end really cements that comment up there, doesn't it?

  1. Heather said...:

    So nice that you got to reconnect with your friend.

    Mean christian..LOL! I wouldn't have been able to resist saying something. Kudos to you for being a good mommy.

  1. Serenityville said...:

    It's nice to hear about Seattle, I spent 6 years there 6 years ago. Definitely a crazy place. I like your sort of haphazard take on it. And love the idea of old friends fitting like an old sweatshirt - can totally relate and you make it all cozy.

  1. Courtney said...:

    Wow, I feel like I've just been eulogized K! LOL Thank you for the sweet comments, for sharing the fun pictures, and the walk down memory lane. It's just no fair that I stopped growing in the fourth grade and Andrew now TOWERS over me. It gives new meaning to drawing the 'short straw'.

    And, for any available, nice, and decent guys out there that might happen to read this blog - this girl is SINGLE!

    Sorry, Kaylen, had to do it. Gotta get the word out somehow. :) Love to you. Next stop --- your place!

  1. carma said...:

    looks like a fun trip!! so fun to reconnect with people after years apart. And that dude shouting that we are all going to hell -one would think his time could be better spent - perhaps in HELPING someone


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