Welcome Back, Kaylen: San Diego Vacation Wrap-Up

I'm home!! Sometimes it doesn't even matter how great your vacation is, coming home is just the sweetest feeling.

Andrew and I spent four days in sunny San Diego visiting my sister Jenny, niece Alyssa and bro-in-law, Jason. We were pretty content to just hang out with the family, but we made sure to do some touristy things.
(you can click on the pics if you really want to enjoy them full-size)
Like the wildlife portion of the zoo, with a special photo caravan tour so we could do things like this:san diego zoo wildlife park safari

We visited the Historic Town area, where they have the original San Diego all set up in this lovely recreation of an actual town from the 1800's. It was interesting! I like a bit of history to make me feel connected to a city.
historic san diego historic san diego
And we visited Little Italy for the farmers market where we had some delicious samples:
little italy farmers market
And an even more delicious lunch:italian food
italian food

We hung out at my sisters house and played a lot of games:
games night We also wandered around the Gaslamp District:san diego gaslampsan diego gaslampI literally have 800 photos to sort through. I know you probably want to see each and every one, however, it will take me at least a month to find the time to organize them.

The fun was had while on the ground. I nearly died trying to get there....

I had a horrifying flight experience. Read this at your own risk..if you are already afraid of flying, this won't help you.

I flew down on some kind of commuter type plane, with about 50 seats. It looked like this:small airplaneIt felt like a toy plane. I actually paid an extra $25 to have the extra leg room, because I knew it was a small plane, and plane seats are already small, and honestly-I am not small, so none of that equals out to a comfortable 2 hr ride. Extra leg room is a great luxury and totally worth $25.

However...at some point in the plane ride, our plane did this:

deadly airplaneWell, maybe not fully like that, but it was definitely a very deep dip and not just normal turbulence. It was like when you are in a car and you find you are dozing off a little and you are driving off the roadway a bit so you swerve really quick to get back on the road.

And people screamed.

And then it very quickly did this:

deadly airplaneAnd more people screamed.
And it was like when you are nearly dozing while driving and you swerve to get back on the road and then you swerve again real fast the other direction as you overcompensate trying to get control....

And the lady across the aisle from me yelled at a very loud level: HOLY SHIT!!!!
And nobody laughed or anything at her, because honestly, we all felt like yelling that. It was horrifying. And then we hit some little turbulence that is the normal bump-bump-bump in the air, like your plane is bouncing on a cloud. And then we waited silently, all of us holding our breath, preparing to die. And waiting for our captain to come on the intercom to assure us that we were okay and we were indeed not going to die....but he never did!! He didn't say one word.

So we all just continued to believe we were going to die. Or at least I did. And I'm sure the Holy Shit Lady felt it too. Most horrifying flight in my entire life. Actually, probably the most horrifying experience of my entire life. And before I fly next time, I will most definitely be getting some kind of anxiety medication and will most definitely double the dose before I step onto another plane.

oh-and no more toy planes for me!! Bigger is better!!!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    great pics. looks like a wonderful time...had a nephew who used to feed the giraffe cookies out of his mouth...and the plane...thats so scary...had a HS man on a plane to LA once...he would not put on his seat belt and then the plane dropped and he hit his head on the ceiling, cursing and screaming as he scrambled to finally comply with the stewardess. scary but too funny.

  1. Brandy said...:

    it looks like a fantastic time except the ol plane ride. ugh

  1. Jay said...:

    What a great trip! Except for that flight. I've been to San Diego once. But I was 10 and remember very little of it.

  1. Glad you had fun--but yes, my few commuter flights have been of the turbulent variety and I'm one of those screamers. And cursers.

  1. Aunt Juicebox said...:

    I hate flying. =(

    We went to this place in Fl one time, Silver Springs, and they had giraffes there too. One of them reached down and started eating my niece's pony tail. Luckily there was a lady standing right next to her who grabbed her as the giraffe actually started pulling her up off the ground by the hair. She was about 9, and mad the rest of the day because she had giraffe spit in her hair!

  1. Maribeth said...:

    I love giraffes! Call me weird, I know.
    Hubby was a pilot before he retired. So for some unknown reason, I just don't get nervous anymore about turbulence.

  1. Pam said...:

    I'm glad you had fun on the trip! I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the 800 pictures. The flight experience sounds like one we had once. The plane just suddenly dropped, then went back up, then dropped again. Not a little dip either, I'm talking major. There were people screaming on that flight too.

  1. Nat said...:

    Looks like a fun trip! :) I can't wait to hear even more about it when we get together soon (yes?). Also, those tiny toy planes are scary! We went down to nationals on one and I wasn't aware that we were going to be on the infant plane, so I was not-so-happily surprised. There was so much turbulence and numerous times I thought I had died due to intense fear. Blech... not fun! I'm glad you made it safely!

  1. carma said...:

    Andrew looks very Pete Wentz-y in that first photo. You are very brave getting on that plane to begin with. I would have been certain death was imminent too!!!

  1. krista said...:

    ugh. i had a plane ride like that with finn. i was terrified. it's made me rethink ever getting on another plane.

  1. Heather said...:

    Well I didn't get to see all the pics, but from what I did see, they were great. Love the one with the giraffe.

    All the more reason why I don't fly. Glad you made it back safe.

  1. olivier said...:

    Hey !
    I came across your blog by doing a google search on San Diego (btw, I just luv it! :p)
    I’m in SD right now and seriously, this town is sick!!
    It’s like you’re in paradise here: sun, beach, parties.. The good life to sum it up! Plus, I’m really lucky cause I live in an apartment complex where there’s a swimming-pool, a jacuzzi and a fitness center! To be honest, I first thought it was gonna be like impossible to live in such a complex cause I was like “ it’s gonna be too expensive, bla bla bla …“ But actually, even if you’re on a low budget, there still is a possiblilty to live in such a place ! Awesome, isn’t it ? :D
    If you’re interested, you can check out the website www.sandiego-studenthousing.com. I found it on the Internet and seriously, it’s really worth a peek !
    I hope it’s gonna be the same for you if you come to SD (and if it’s okay with you, we can also stay in touch to share our experiences). If you want to contact me, it’s dead easy : just search for Deborah on "San Diego Student Housing" fan page on Facebook. ;o)


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