Goodbye, Dear Friends!

Goodbye to all my friends....on the tv show Lost. Are we sick of everyone talking about it? I'm actually not sure we ever did discuss it here...but we should have. It was a great show full of mystery and drama and some comic relief (like most any time Hurley talked). I'm so sad that it's over....but I had a lot of questions left-over after the ending. No, none of it matters. Yes, it was a great show regardless...but still....I kinda feel like I was led on. Like the writers of the show were just messing with us to see what we would believe.

This is a superb summary of the questions I have (and I'm sure I'm not alone on most of these):
I will miss these guys. It was a great cast of characters and almost all the actors were top-notch, except for a select couple:

Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer - not a great actor. He over-emphasizes and his facial expressions are all the same. He is nice eye-candy if you like this look. I think he could be much improved with a hair cut (and shampoo).

Michelle Rodriguez, aka Ana Lucia - not the best either and I cringed when I saw her face in Avatar, but she did do a bit better in that movie so maybe she's taking some lessons. I hope so, I do like her, but her acting in Lost was bleh. She had this same face almost the entire time. And the exact way of speaking every.single.line.

I think there was someone else I wasn't fond of from the early seasons, but these two are top of mind.
Regardless....I will really miss this show. It's up there with ER at the top of my favorite tv shows.


  1. That was a fantastic video! I am glad they tied up the emotional part but darn it, I want some mythology answers!

    I will miss them dearly!

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    great know i never got into it...i really wanted to...and that blog title should be

  1. Heather said...:

    So sad you didn't like Sawyer. I LOVED HIM!!!!!
    AND AND don't touch a hair on his head! He's a dreamboat!

    But yeah your right about the acting, although I do think he got better in the last few years.

  1. Tara DuBois said...:

    I liked Sawyer the most and I agree with you, definitely easy on the eyes...could've done without the acting of any of the characters...although Hurley was funny. The two who annoyed me were Kate & about stressed faces and trying too hard :) I couldn't even make it to the end...I fell asleep. AND...what do you think about all of those commercials!?

  1. otin said...:

    In my opinion, after the first few weeks they totally screwed that show up. It had potential at first. It was too all over the place for me.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    I feel sad whenever one of my favorite shows end.

  1. Raven said...:

    I stopped watching Lost during the middle of the second season, cuz it just seemed to lose it's direction. But, I'm wondering if I should have stuck with it. Oh well, I can always get it on Netflix.


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