Breaking News: Breastfeeding is Best for Babies...and p.s. Cancer Sucks!

Last week, our local news reported on a study about how breastfeeding is best for babies.

Why are there still studies being done on whether a mothers breast milk is the best choice for a newborn baby? Yes-it probably is.
But is it a wondercure to prevent sickness? Probably not.
BUT - in the grand scheme of things---do we need to pursue this debate?

Let's move on.
Maybe those really smart scientists could work on a different project. Maybe something like, say....cancer??????

I just don't get it. I'm just not sure I understand why this particular study is being repeated over and over. Here are the facts:
  1. Feeding a baby via the mother is in most cases is probably going to be the best, just as it is best for a fetus to grow inside a womb, not an incubator.
  2. Some mothers are not able to breastfeed, for reasons beyond their control. This doesn't mean they should be ostracized, looked down upon, or emotionally punished.
That's it. Those are all the facts we need to know, right?
Let's move on.
I know scientists and doctors and the like are probably trained on one issue, but just like in that one movie about aliens and a killer asteroid or something-shouldn't we pool our resources and just kidnap the very smartest, top-dog scientists and doctors and force them to work together on a solution to something very important?
Like the mystery of breast cancer. Or colon cancer. Or childhood leukemia. Or uterine cancer. Or lung cancer. Or prostate cancer. Or thyroid cancer...see the theme? Cancer is bigger than all of us. Cancer is killing over half a million americans EVERY YEAR.
Let the kidnapping begin... (To be humane, we will pay them for their time, reward those who make the best contributions/ideas, and allow them 2 phone calls a day and 30 min of personal Internet time a night)
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  1. I agree with you 100%. WTF, there are many other diseases that could benefit with more research. It shouldn't take a scientist to determine that breast milk is best for babies...Oh, I'm getting riled up now, so I'll sign off for now.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    cancer does has had triple digit skin cancer surgeries...i have several other family members who have it in some form or another...

  1. Cancer does suck and breastfeeding should be left up to the mother and her dr. Really who am I to tell her she must do one or the other.

    ~Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog

  1. Jay said...:

    The breast feeding debate annoys me. Especially the militant moms who are trying to force everyone else to breast feed too. Sheesh!

    Cancer totally sucks!

  1. Katherine said...:

    I'm with you. Besides, formula has come a long way.

  1. ♥Georgie♥ said...:

    I speak from personal experience cancer DOES SUCK!!!

  1. Pam said...:

    Cancer does suck. Having lost my mom, grandmother, and aunt from this I totally agree.

  1. Tara DuBois said...:

    Agreed. Freedom of choice all the way on the breast feeding topic and who hasn't been affected by cancer one way or really does suck!

  1. Helen said...:

    Those 'scientists' who keep researching on mother's milk really should move over to cancer research and put their time to better use.

    Yes cancer sucks, I've known and lost a few familiar faces to it too early.

    Thank you for sharing your comment on my blog.

  1. Heather said...:

    Two of my bestest friends have been diagnosed with cancer. One has done her chemo and radiation for breast cancer, but is still dealing with the after affects of what the treatment did to her body. The other is going through the chemo right now for lung cancer. Cancer has no cares of who you are.

    I agree with you totally! It is outrageous the things they study and do research on, when there are such larger issues.

    I'm like Urban Cowboy...I had better go now cause I'm liable to keep going and going.

  1. Totally agree with you and I think you should run for President!! You seem to be the smartest person I know. :-)


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