Monthly Workout Stats - May

Remember my big plan for the year to get in shape? And then my goal for May to walk 40 miles?

Well things are progressing fairly well.

Here are the treadmill stats for the month:
  • minutes: 1643
  • miles: 64.35
  • calories burned: 7996 (if the treadmill is to be trusted)
I'm missing the first day of May, when I know I walked but I used to just randomly write the numbers on a piece of paper and I lost the paper  and couldn't remember (I'm using a calendar now!)...but regardless--I'm way past my goal so I'm happy!

On to June.

I'm going to be out of town for a week, so I'm not going to be able to track my numbers that well, but for the other three weeks I'm going to try to hit 50 miles on my treadmill. FIFTY miles in 22 days. It's possible, I guess. I take off every fifth day but usually the night before I have an off-day, I go further so it all evens out over the week.

This is about 35 miles more than I was walking on the treadmill in January.

And 25 more than in February.
At this rate, I figure I'll be walking about 284 miles a month by December.

I might be off on my math....

A fun thing I discovered is that my treadmill only has two places for minutes. So what happens when you hit 99:59 minutes and then go one more minute? It starts over at zero. And then when you're done, it looks like some superhero was just on the treadmill:

This says I burned 451 calories, in 10:22 minutes, going 4.250 miles.

Again, I'm not a math wizard, but this would be the BEST ten-minute workout EVER. I think it breaks down to something like one mile every 2.5 minutes or so.
I'm not really sure, but I think this is not possible. Unless maybe you are from Kenya, cause their athletes run like they are on fire! Go Kenya!


  1. carma said...:

    you should take on that Usain (? sp) Bolt guy in a race for sure

  1. kyooty said...:

    WOW! that's some 10minute work out :P Excellent progress

  1. WAY to go! That is excellent :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Good job..! you are doing great and look wonderful....!!

  1. Courtney said...:

    Awesome! Keep up the great work friend!

  1. Cold As Heaven said...:

    You're doing great! Good luck with the next steps >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  1. Heather said...:

    You are a person to look up to and aspire to be like. If only I wasn't weighted down with this evenings speggetti supper!


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