No-Reply-Comment Email Fix - The World Could be a Better Place

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I don't get a thousand comments a day. I don't know why...I should. But for some reason, I don't.

So the few people, mostly regulars, who do leave a comment - I love. LOVE. I love you guys!!! You took 30 seconds out of your busy lives to leave a short comment on a post I spent hours lovingly creating with all my creative energy and in my very little free time. Comments = Love. They do, everyone knows this, it is true.

Let's take a minute to give a small shout-out to the wonderful, dedicated best-blogger friends of mine who have left a comment in the last day:
and Denis a non-blogger

I LOVE you all - thanks for commenting!!!

I love seeing that someone has commented - for you non-bloggers out there, I get an email with every comment, so I know when I get a new comment and I can hit reply to that email and it goes directly to the person.

 But wait.....sometimes it doesn't....because when I hit reply I see this crap:

Notice the To: line?
There's no email address. Meaning I can't reply to the person.

I rarely ever go back to peoples blogs to view comments made after mine (unless it's a really fun comment war going on) and I don't subscribe to comments because some bloggers get a million comments and I get an individual email for EVERY comment made after mine if I do subscribe. SO - I prefer to have someone reply directly to me about my comment, if they want to reply at all. And since that's how I like it, I assume that it's right and that everyone should do it that way. Logical, eh?

But then I get people who have the no-reply-comments email address....which actually means that they don't have their emails attached to their blogger profiles and I'm left with this empty, unfinished feeling. Do you really want me to feel that way?  No, no you don't. Let's fix this issue, shall we? Here is what you can do to make this misery stop:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Dashboard.
  3. Select Edit Profile
  4. Check the box for "Show my Email Address"
  5. Save changes.
  6. Leave a comment on my blog.
  7. Sit back and wait for the friendly reply.
  8. Enjoy the birds singing, the butterflies flying, the flowers blooming...because now the world is right again.
 I think there is a fear of hiding this email address because you might get spam from some 14 yr old malicious kid in Russia, or a rich long-lost cousin in Uganda who needs your help getting your inheritance before it's too late.

From what I can tell, you have to actually go to someone's profile to get this email address. Is it really possible that your 14-yr old Russian or long-lost Ugandan cousin is going to flip through hundreds of blogger profiles to collect email addresses? I highly doubt it.

And do you really think you're privacy is 100% without having this box checked? It's not. People can find you. Just accept it. No need to be paranoid, it's reality. We are a digital world.

And think of all the interaction you can have with people who you leave comments for. Interaction with other humans is shown to be good for your heart and your brain and maybe your liver. It's almost like it's a health risk NOT to check this box.

For the record, I have had my "show my email address" box checked for four years now and have never noticed that I get any extra amount of spam then I did before I started blogging. Though I do have google, which has the best spam grabber thingy ever and I think I've had just about 15 spam emails in my inbox in the last 4 yrs.


  1. I feel the same way when I go to reply to a comment and I can't! So frustrating...

  1. kyooty said...:

    I get more "offers" for me to join the Miltary, police, and oh what was it? oh cash in my Veteran Benefits. You know cause Canaidnas get them from the US government. ugh!

  1. kyooty said...:

    wow totally messed up that spelling. Canadians. :)

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i hear you...the main reason i blog is for the interaction...i dont always reply, in many cases b/c of the no email but i always return a visit...

  1. Ha, too funny. I was being contacted by subscribers to comments complaining. After researching I did find one plugin that would only notify if they received a reply to their individual comment. It is for wordpress, I don't know how blogger works but it is called Comment Reply Notification. There may be a similar one for blogger?

  1. Oh yea, thanks for the shout out!

  1. Helen said...:

    I have to giggle some when I read this, cos I'm just nodding and agreeing with you about the not getting enough comments bit. Oh well, I just this new blog so that's ok (for now)...

    I agree with the spam part, but if you want to stay in touch there's no way around it, but keep separate emails.


  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Yes, all the way around.

    Stop by when you get a chance. I moved to Wordpress and I'm not sure I reconfigured the feeds correctly.

  1. I will change it at some point today :) I didn't check it out of shear laziness LOL

  1. Hey Kaylen! Thanks for stopping by my blog AND for leaving a comment that I could reply to!

  1. Brandy said...:

    yay - my name is on here. woohoo.

    I've been preaching the same thing about the email thing!

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    Comment! You crazy comment-loving fool! :)

  1. Denis said...:

    I always learn something new. Adjustment made :I Also comments might allow the google web crawler to find your old unused blog. Hint.

  1. Pam said...:

    Since I've posted my email I can't believe how many millionaires want to share their money with me!

  1. Heather said...:

    I had a simular post in mind. I was wanting to know if anyone goes back to check if your comment had been commented on. I see that you don't. I rarely do. I have never recieved a email telling me that the blogger has commented back.

    I try to comment back to all the folks that left me comments, but I really like your idea better, commenting back through email instead.

  1. Bex said...:

    Our mutual bloggy friend, kyooty, linked me up to you! So i just posted my email and we'll see how that goes. Thanks for the tips! I googled it and found nothing but negativity so I gave up after 15 minutes.

  1. kilax said...:

    I have that selected and people still say they do not see my address. Weird.

    Here I comment as name/url so that is why it does not show up. I don't like using the blogger/google platform.

  1. carma said...:

    I figured for sure you were getting 100+ comments a day on this fine blog!!!! I always wonder where all those return emails to no reply comment blogger end up - I must have sent at least 500..

  1. Because of your post I updated my email status...the box is checked!

  1. Courtney said...:

    This is my comment, so that I can make your next "Comments = Love" list. :)

  1. WOW, look at all the comments you got on this post, I think you hit a nerve.
    I could have written this post myself as I like to answer all of my commentors also because I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars when I receive a comment, "You like me, you really like me!"
    Sorry I haven't been around, things have been stressful, but I'm trying to catch up to all my friends. I'm hoping to get better and I have been thinking about you, Andrew & the kitties!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Thanks so much for explaining how to fix that problem. I didn't even know about it until a fellow blogger clued me in.

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