What Have You Been Up To?

In the last 7 days: (click on any pic to enlarge)
...I have taken a ton of photos with my new wonderful camera.
Whiskers really prefers to drink from a small stream from my bathtub faucet. This often leads him to have this splatter of water across his head. He will usually sit in the tub and wait for me to rub my hand across it and clear it from his fur before bounding down the hall.

...I volunteered last Saturday morning at an event called The Great Urban Race in downtown Portland. The race: The Great Urban Race is a wacky urban adventure. Teams of two solve twelve clues, have a wild city adventure and complete fun challenges while discovering the city in a fresh way.  This wonderful nonprofit, Schoolhouse Supplies was part of one of the clues and people had to donate to the agency and have a picture taken with one of our signs. People get into this-some just run like mad and try to be the first to finish, others dress up to try to win best costume. This is my vote for best costume:
Love them!

TMNT! Will this ever get old? No, probably not.
The volunteer crew (aka my friends I roped into going with me) on the left, Schoolhouse Supplies staff on the right.

...I went to my friend Denis' house (above on the far left) and we had a chicken marinade cook-off. We had four contestants with marinated chicken. Two judges. One winner.
The judges...thinking very hard, being very fair (they didn't know which chicken belonged to who).
The host Denis actually won and then revealed that he used a bottled sauce to marinate.Nothing special...just a bottled sauce, beating out the other three handmade marinates. Funny.

No purpose to this pic-I just love this man-cub of mine.

....On Sunday, I volunteered for the Alphabet Project. No pictures. Great group of volunteers. We got a TON of posters made and if anyone knows someone teaching at a not-for-profit school setting overseas, we would love to send them some of our posters. I have a batch going to Tanzania (via Africa Bridge) next week, but have a LOT left to send.

...On Monday, I had a volunteer meeting at Africa Bridge, helping plan the upcoming gala fundraiser that I volunteered at last year. It was such a great time last year, and I'm excited to be more on the planning committee this year. It's such an amazing organization and if you're looking for a cause in Africa (or anywhere), I recommend them!

...On Tuesday, I volunteered downtown at the mission to feed the homeless. I didn't have time to eat dinner before I went (straight after a long day at work), and it was really hard not to just lean over and shove my face directly into the spaghetti we were serving and eat it, pie-eating-contest style. It smelled REALLY good...but alas, it had beef in the sauce and that prevented me from digging in. Which is probably for the best.
I had a 20-minute conversation with a trans-gendered person who isn't homeless but comes down for the food because he/she has no pots/pans/silverware. He just got his apartment and doesn't have money yet to furnish it. He talked to me at length about how hard it was to be himself back on the east coast, where he lived his entire life until two months ago, and how grateful and appreciative he is of people in our city. He would never feel free to wear makeup back east, but here in Oregon, he went to Macy's and sat down and had the ladys at the counter teach him some tricks (and then went out and bought his makeup at the dollar store). He really does do an amazing job at his makeup...I should consider going to Macy's. It wasn't a conversation I would normally have -ever--but it's nice to be a kind listener to someone who was obviously just lonely and needed to talk to someone.

...Wednesday-Friday I worked REALLY hard at my job. That's it.

...This morning I volunteered at Schoolhouse Supplies, sorting donated books that eventually go to teachers. Great cause!!! Fun and easy work.

...And somewhere in these busy days, I managed to log 24.36 hours on the treadmill. That's in 7 days. Not too shabby.

What have you been up to?


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    man, you are all about the volunteering...that is so cool...and cute about your cat...mine drinks in the shower as well...smiles.

  1. Pixie said...:

    wow you are super woman...I've been complaining because I thought -I- was busy...now YOU were busy! Kudos!!

    And what's with cat's liking bath tub water, 2 of mine do too!

  1. Nat said...:

    Dang, you go girl!

    In the last 5 days, I've been laying down in different beds- that is all.

  1. Heather said...:

    Goodness woman..do you ever slow down? I feel like the cheese watching the mouse run in circles.

    I love how you are so out there in the community giving it your all, you truly are a super woman!

  1. Don't forget about CitySolve Urban Race Pdx on August 7th.


  1. carma said...:

    You are incredible with all the volunteering you've got going on. I bet you really made the day of the transgender who just needed someone to sit and listen to him - such a simple thing - but one that many might not take the time to do...You are an amazing person.


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