Bring An Escort to Your Class Reunion!

I missed my ten-year high school class reunion without a thought. I was in South Korea at the time, so it wasn't really an option, but ten years wasn't very long...if I really meant to stay in touch with anyone, wouldn't I have stayed in touch after high school? At least for ten years?

I guess I understand the old 25 year reunion - it's so far from graduation and you might be interested to see where your old friends ended up. But now with Facebook as a method to stay in touch with everyone, a chance to see 200 photos from their summer vacation, a chance to hear from them every hour on whether they are having a good day, or if they have their coffee yet, or if they just watched a tv show, or if they ate something bad, etc....are class reunions really even necessary?

I actually left high school a semester early. I only needed a couple of credits to graduate so I just took a class at the community college. I had an older boyfriend for the last 8 months or so anyway, so I had been slowly losing track of my friends by the time that last semester rolled around. I went back to take part in the graduation ceremony, but by then, I was WAY older and WAY more mature than the rest of the people graduating (meaning I was married and slightly pregnant).
Me on the left.
The high school years were great for my hair. I remember feeling REALLY confident in this outfit- I'm sure you will agree that it was smoking hot. I only wish I still had these clothes...

I didn't grow up with any of them either - I moved to the area when I was in 9th grade, which is when our high school started, so everyone mostly knew each other, some grew up with each other from elementary school. Some were like sisters. And then there was me. I was part of a lot of different groups, and I had some close girl friends, but I never really felt like I was anyone's BFF. So it didn't really feel too horrible to lose track of 90% of the people after I left high school.

And now we are all on Facebook and everyone who may have had a class with you is adding you as a friend on Facebook, but do any of them really care? Are any of us really friends?

I might be feeling like I'm a bit of a one-woman-island tonight and maybe a little bit happily isolated. But as of now, I don't think I am that interested in exerting energy, time and money into attending my 20th high school reunion in two years.

However, I do think it's really cool for those people who were really connected to their schools and who had really great experiences together during that time. The ones with prom pictures with 15 people crammed in the photos and who proclaimed it was the best night of their lives - though I hope that didn't hold true all these years!

And I think it's really great for the people who actually coordinate the reunions. I know from planning get-togethers with friends locally and volunteer events with large groups of people that it can be really frustrating and time-consuming to plan such things. I would guess that people who plan the high school reunions are doing a thankless job. People might say thank you for doing the work, but I'm guessing those are the people who don't offer help and probably have no concept of all the work that is involved.

Here's a fun letter from the Alumni Association of Rolla High School Alumni in 1938, I'm pretty sure it was for my grandmother.

My favorite part is how they suggest you bring an escort. Or a lady friend.

And their slogan (near the bottom) is BIG FEED=BIG TIME. I'm not sure I even understand what that means...

Did any of you attend a high school reunion?

Was it worth it?

Was there a BIG FEED BIG TIME?


  1. LOL Love the big hair LOL

    I have not attended any of my reunions. Next year will be my 30th. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

  1. I never went to any of my reunions, I was always overseas or on the other side of the country. I do have one really good friend that I have managed to keep in contact with through the years though.

    Oh yea, love the hair. ;)

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i have not been to any reunions...i really have little interest...the few friends i want to still talk with, i do....the rest, i hope they enjoyed life...

  1. My 20 year is actually this coming up weekend and I am not going. I moved to my graduating HS my Sr. Year and have kept in touch with like 10 people. I am not even sure I could identify the other 400+. The other school I went too is so small that we combine with other grades so that reunion might not be for a couple of years but I still probably won't go. I was glad when HS was over and really have no desire to go back LOL

  1. Brandy said...:

    I didn't go to my HS reunion. I don't really have a reason. Just wasn't feeling it. I grew up in a small town and wanted nothing other than to escape it and escape that mentality.

    love the hair.

  1. Denis said...:

    Ditto love the big hair. Yes smoking hot

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    You just made my day by sharing that picture! Your hair was ah-mazing!

    I have not attended any high school reunions and I am so okay with it.

  1. Lynette said...:

    Went to Dear Hubby's 30th reunion this summer. No don't add the
    But I would have loved a letter like that to tell us about it.
    No big big time...but he loved visiting old friends.

  1. carma said...:

    I've not been to any of mine, but I understand from talking to the class VP on Facebook that the 25 (this year - I'm damn old!!) will be at "a bar" because so many people have hit on hard times; I think I may just have to pass...

  1. prin said...:

    ooo chile my 40th will be in 2012. the bunch i went to school with, i swear, have had one every 5 years. i was perfectly content to never go to one. i was the fat kid with an attitude and a big mouth, not one of the pretty little popular kids. i swear as many times as i have moved in my life, they have always been able to track me down! this year, i guess they have decided they can't wait until 2012 'cause we might all be dead by 2012, so they are having a bash out at the pissiest place in my town. geez, get a life and leave me out of it will you already! i don't want to really say that to them...cause they are old, you know...and decrepid...but i sure can think it :) i sent your link off for the referral today. the advertising money won't be available until august 1st. also there is no guarantee they will be interested, but i tried :) have a good one!


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