Great Big Sea at the Oregon Zoo

You can come into the zoo at 4:00pm, but the concert area doesn't open until 6:00pm. However, I got there at 5:20pm and there was quite a fair amount of people in line already, so step one: get directly to your spot in line and wait until 6:00pm. Once the gates open, you can just set your stuff down and wander the zoo.

Where you can see this fabulous little birdy:

And this fun monkey who appeared to be eating a large slab of cheese, but monkeys don't eat cheese, right?

Or this young giraffe in a jail cell:
Our zoo actually makes me a little sad. I feel like the animals don't have big enough enclosures, aka "homes." Like the cheetahs for example-have this area the size of my house/land. Cheetahs need to run!!! They need to run like a fat man needs cheetos. They need to run like a model needs cocaine. They NEED TO RUN. And our cheetahs didn't have a lot of room to run...

Back to the concert area, with a couple drinks in hand:

It was really crowded! For this random Irish type band!! Who knew...

The show opener was the zoo's Birds in Flight show - where they have some well-trained birds fly really low over the crowd and to the stage. Here's the gorgeous bald eagle from the show:
I actually have 5 photos of just the sky and the trees - so this tail feathers picture is the best I can share. Bald eagles are so amazing looking. Very regal. I love them.

Here is my date for the concert:
Aw, another beautiful creature, right? She really isn't a fan of having her picture taken. I have this shot, two with her mouth in a Frankenstein pose, and three of her eating. She's one of the most beautiful friends I have, I swear...

One of the best parts about going to the zoo concert was the people. I sometimes forget that Portland, Oregon, is a land of free-spirited, tree-hugging, friendly and lovely people. Our city also tends to really let their kids dress themselves.
 This sweet little girl walked by in a blur of a 1960's lsd-flashback, but topped off her outfit with bright pink crocs. Adorable.

Another adorable girl was sitting directly in front of us. But apparently she was tired of sitting after a couple hours because my view suddenly changed from this:

To this:

Lovely, tall, Portland girl....with no self-awareness.

Anyway - it was a good concert! I enjoy Great Big Sea and I think they do a pretty good show.

The negatives: 
  • The lead singer talked a LOT about how much he loved Portland. All bands do this, right? But he went on and on about it. Like between every third song he would mention it. Overkill.
  • Security was really harsh about people in the walkway. These children were harassed:
  • They ask that you bring low beach chairs, out of courtesy of others, but nobody says anything when people bring in full-size lawn chairs and plops down in the front area. And yet a small child isn't allowed to sit on the sidewalk. Bleh.
  • You can smell the elephant pee. I'm not kidding. The concert field is right next to the elephants. And we could tell when one of the pachyderms emptied their bladder.

The positives:
  • It's so beautiful out and you're in this big open area.
  • You can come and go from the concert area, so if you have kids and they are bored, you can just set them free to go look at the animals!
  • The lead singer said the phrase: brothers and sisters a lot. We thought maybe it was a Canadian thing, eh?
  • All the band members sing - and a couple of them did some songs a capella that were AMAZING.
  • It was nice to just sit with a friend and chit-chat and people watch, with good food and good music.
My final opinion: If you have a chance to go to a zoo concert ---- DO. 

And if you have a chance to see Great Big Sea - check them out. And let me know if they talked a lot about how much they love your city the best!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    nice love the zoo and the monkeys are a fav...sounds like the positives outweighed the negatives...ave a wonderful weekend!

  1. Raven said...:

    It looks like a lot of fun! Great pics too! I know what you mean about the zoo making you a little sad though. We have a zoo by us that has such small enclosures for some of their animals that it breaks my heart.

  1. Looks like you had a gorgeous night for the show. Sorry about the elephant pee, that sounds yukky! I hate when people are not aware (or just don't care) of their surroundings.
    Definitely sounds like it was definitely something you will do again when you get the chance - with your beautiful friend with the funny face.

  1. That sounds like a great event! I'll have to read my zoo member newsletter more often and see if our zoo has concerts!

  1. Heather said...:

    I love to go to the zoo, I mean when else are you going to get to see all the wild animals. I also agree the enclosures are all way too small. Our San Antonio Zoo has one of its large cats in a super small place and my heart breaks for him.

    Overall it looks like it was a great concert and evening out with the galpal.

  1. Brandy said...:

    ok you had me right up the elephant pee. that's pretty much my deal breaker.

  1. Allison said...:

    Taking the kids to the zoo is always interesting. :D


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