Lawry's Marinade Pack Giveaway

Here's the latest giveaway! It's a good one for my foodie friends!

Lawry's newest marinades allow you to infuse your meals with exotic flavors without ever leaving your home. Inspired by the sun-drenched villages of Italy,the Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade features extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet red bell peppers and the perfect blend of herbs. The Szechuan Sweet & Sour BBQ Marinade gives meat a delicious sweet and sour flavor with a touch of Szechuan heat.
I received this great gift pack from Lawry's, and you can too!!

It comes with a great pyrex baking dish (with lid!), marinades, spices AND skewers! I actually got this package a couple days before I had a bbq with friends, so it was great timing. I tried each marinade on half of our chicken and they were DELICIOUS. My favorite was the Sun-Dried Tomato, but I'm not typically a sweet & sour kinda girl. Lawry's is also making some other delicious flavors, such as these:

  • Chipotle & Maple - This culinary comingling deliver a fresh take on smoky, spicy and sweet.
  • Brown Sugar & Bourbon - This duo brings a delicious dose of Southern charm to the patio.
  • Cinnamon & Coffee - Bold and confident - with just the right edge of bitterness.
  • Red Chili Sauce & Mango - The flavor of mango takes hot or sweet red chili sauce far beyond mere "condiment status."

For recipes and Lawry´s marinades that complement the flavor pairings visit the Grilling Flavor ForecastTM website.

Visit to check-out the full line of Lawry´s products, additional grilling tips and to find delicious recipes for grilling season and beyond!

I had meant to take some pictures of my delicious chicken and my friends enjoying it....but was distracted (by the yummy food probably). Instead, here are some pictures of my well-fed friends enjoying the aftermath of a great bbq:
People aren't this happy after having bad food right? So check out Lawry's new delicious marinades.

To Enter:

Leave a comment about your favorite marinade flavor.

Extra entries:
Leave an extra comment if you follow/subscribe to my blog.

Leave an extra comment if you blog about this giveaway (and leave the link to the giveaway post).

Giveaway closes on August 12th at midnight.

Winner will have 72 hours to respond to my email. Please make sure you have a public profile or leave your email address in your comment. If I can't contact you-you can't win!! (this happened with my last giveaway!!)

Lawry's and MyBlogSpark were wonderful enough to sponsor this giveaway and provide me with the gift package to try.


  1. Karen said...:

    I usually am a sucker for anything with Teriyaki marinade as I like the sweet with the salty taste but the Szechuan Sweet & Sour BBQ Marinade sounds right up my alley. Could be a new favorite! :-)

  1. debbie said...:

    I would like to try their carribean marinade. I love that flavor.

  1. debbie said...:

    I am a email subscriber.

  1. Julie said...:

    Brown Sugar & Bourbon I would like to try

  1. Julie said...:

    follow your blog

  1. I am definitely partial to the sundried tomato! I think the mango one would probably kill me. :-)

  1. suburban prep said...:

    Something with a kick of Lemon and pepper.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    I would really like to win this one!!!!!!!!! I use lawrys all the time! and i love those pyrex dishes with the lid!!!!!!!!!

  1. JC said...:

    I like teriyaki flavor

  1. JC said...:

    I'm a subscriber.

  1. Raven said...:

    I'm torn between Red Chili Sauce and Mango and Brown Sugar and Bourbon. Both sound delicious!

  1. Jessica Brown said...:

    Oh god, I must have this. I use Lawry's seasoning salt on everything I BBQ I love it. I've not tried the sauces.

  1. Raven said...:

    I subscribed to your blog.

  1. Raven said...:

    Oh, and my email is

  1. Lynette said...:

    Cinnamon & Coffee
    oh that sounds perfect to pair with the lamb I have to grill.

  1. Lynette said...:

    and of course I am your follower

  1. Jennifer said...:

    I love Teriyaki marinade with some garlic added in jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

  1. Jennifer said...:

    I follow via google friend connect jk{dot}gorcery{at}gmail{dot}com

  1. carma said...:

    I'd say you can't go wrong with brown sugar and bourbon

    carmasez at bellsouth dot net

  1. barbara.montyj said...:

    Favorite marinade flavor - Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade with Minced Garlic and Olive Oil!
    I've had this - fantastic!
    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  1. barbara.montyj said...:

    Blog follower - Google Friend Connect as
    Barbara Montag
    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  1. zekebamm said...:

    Brown Sugar & Bourbon..........I'm from Kentucky!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Red Chili Sauce & Mango is the one i would like to try, Never thought about chili and mango as a sauce till now bet it taste yummmm

    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  1. 5webs said...:

    I love the Cilantro Lime the most.
    Alicia Webster

  1. 5webs said...:

    I follow you on GFC(5webs)
    Alicia Webster

  1. cstironkat said...:

    We like the Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade, it is great on ribs.

  1. melsywsou said...:

    Chipolte & maple. Ooooh. Sweet & spicy

  1. cloud10277 said...:

    I like their steak and chop marinade.

  1. cloud10277 said...:

    I follow with GFC
    Tracy P

  1. Renee G said...:

    We love a spicy, hot barbecue sauce. rsgrandinetti@yahoo(DOT)com

  1. I love sweet yet spicy sauces so when I saw the Chili Mango I know I've got to try it!

  1. Rebecca Graham said...:

    I would like to try out their Dijon & Honey Marinade.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  1. Anonymous said...:



  1. Aisling said...:

    I think the Brown Sugar & Bourbon sounds delicious.

  1. Aisling said...:

    I follow your blog with GFC.

  1. Sue said...:

    Cilantro Lime. Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  1. Teriyaki ROCKS!


  1. I subscribed to your blog via email.


  1. llinda29 said...:

    My fave is orange juice garlic and oil

  1. hity88 said...:

    I like to add a little garlic powder to my Teriyaki sauce (for a little tang).

  1. Min K said...:

    Can't wait to try the Brown Sugar & Bourbon!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love a tequila lime marinade

  1. mogrill said...:

    I love Lime mixed with chili powder,lemon pepper and soy sauce. Its fantasic!
    Thanks for the chance.

  1. Amy said...:

    I like my homemade marinade that LOST to the bottle of Teriyaki sauce in our contest - but I totally want to try the Brown Sugar & Bourbon.

  1. Amy said...:

    I totally follow your blog.

  1. I like anything with a little Spiciness in it, or garlic! The Sundried Tomato flavor sounds good!

    stormraven at gmail dot com

  1. snowluvnferret said...:

    The brown sugar and bourbon sounds perfect for ribs!

    rugerpuppies at hotmail dot com

  1. terri142 said...:

    I have not tried it yet but the Brown Sugar & Bourbon marinade sounds great.

    tderosa142 at gmail dot com

  1. terri142 said...:

    I follow your blog with google friend connect.

    tderosa142 at gmail dot com

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cilantro & Lime sounds like a tasty marinade that I would like to try.

  1. hiann88 said...:

    I like the Szechuan Sweet & Sour marinade.

  1. paula michele said...:

    I love Honey Mesquite Barbecue.


  1. Rebecca said...:

    I love the Teriyaki Marinade with Pineapple Juice - yum!
    beckyspoolstra at

  1. Rebecca said...:

    Follow via GFC!
    beckyspoolstra at

  1. Shawn said...:

    My favorite marinade is Teriyaki.


  1. Marsha said...:

    I normally do a Italian dressing for my marinade. However the Cilantro and Lime is really good on chicken for a Mexican dinner theme.

  1. rah267 said...:

    higgs.rachel at
    I like cilantro, lime and olive oil. From the Lawrys line I like Red Chili Sauce & Mango

  1. Louis said...:

    I love lemon - garlic marinade

  1. Louis said...:

    Following publicly as Louis on Google Friends Connect

  1. Michelle R. said...:

    My favorite is Brown Sugar & Bourbon.

  1. Michelle R. said...:

    I a public follower on GFC.

  1. Jennifer M said...:

    I love teriyaki marinades.

  1. Lensey said...:

    I love teriyaki flavor !

  1. Katie R. said...:

    I love the hawaiian marinade.

  1. Michael said...:

    My favorite Lawry's Marinade flavor is the Herb & Garlic Marinade with Lemon Juice - absolutely a must for chicken and shrimp! :)


  1. amyd said...:

    I love the hawian


  1. amyd said...:

    follow by gfc

  1. tlannan30 said...:

    So many of the marinades look good that I have a hard time choosing! The Havana garlic and lime looks good, though!


  1. dddiva said...:

    I like anything with lime in it so the garlic lime is my choice.

  1. dddiva said...:

    Sub via google reader

  1. amy16323 said...:

    Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade

  1. amy16323 said...:

    i follow through gfc

  1. Erica C. said...:

    I like Italian Dressing as a marinade.

  1. Becky said...:

    My favorite is their garlic and herb flavor.

  1. Sandy said...:

    I like the Herb & Garlic Marinade with Lemon Juice ... it's good on so many things.

  1. Deb S. said...:

    Herb garlic is a family favorite.

  1. wombatspurple said...:

    Carribean marinade
    wombatspurple at yahoo dot com

  1. ladyt64 said...:

    My favorite is brown sugar and bourbon.

  1. ladyt64 said...:

    GFC follower. ladyt64

  1. Hbomb said...:

    I like the Dijon & Honey Marinade
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  1. Hbomb said...:

    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  1. Linda said...:

    My favorite is Dijon & Honey Marinade.

  1. Linda said...:

    I follow you on GFC.

  1. kathy pease said...:

    i have to say teriyaki is my favorite :)

  1. kathy pease said...:

    following your blog as klp1965

  1. FDP 4 Life said...:

    i love honey mustard
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  1. Ash said...:

    I like Terriaki marinades.

    The Lawrys Brown Sugar & Bourbon sounds really yummy!! I'd love to try it!!

  1. Ash said...:

    Following your blog via GFC as ashcupcakes

  1. SantaFe said...:

    I am a Teriyaki Marinade fan, especially with pineapple, mango, etc.

  1. mail4rosey said...:

    Lemon-based marinade on chicken is a favorite at our house.

  1. Atreau said...:

    My favorite flavor is Chipotle & Maple.

  1. Heather said...:

    I like all those things above, but I'll tell ya: I just polished off some Chipotle ribs and I'm in heaven.

  1. purango said...:

    My favorite marinade flavor is Dijon and Honey.


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