Print It & Love It - Custom Canvas Print Giveaway

Thanks to the printing company - we have another great photo giveaway! It's a custom canvas print - I held this same giveaway some months ago and loved the result! The website is easy to use and shipping was very fast. The print I got was from our San Diego zoo trip and it turned out perfect.

The Prize: 16x20 Rolled Canvas Print

To Enter: Leave a comment about what photo you would like to create into a canvas print.  I might choose one of Andrew playing guitar.
Limited to US residents; 18 years old and above

Extra entries:
Leave an extra comment if you follow/subscribe to my blog.
Leave an extra comment if you entered any of my other current giveaways (check the link at the top of the page).
Leave an extra comment if you blog about this giveaway (and leave the link to the giveaway post).

Giveaway closes on July 28th at midnight.

Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email. Please make sure you have a public profile or leave your email address in your comment. If I can't contact you-you can't win!! is providing the same prize to me for being the host of this great giveaway.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    so i havent talked to you much lately....but first...
    i would put a picture of alyssa and tessa and save it for a christmas present. i would have to scan the picture in my computer as i only have a print copy of the one i want. it is alyssa fav picture.

    how are you? Love the pic of andrew with the fish, that is INSANE how big it is! tell him i said hi and i miss him!

  1. Lynda Del. said...:

    I'd like to create a canvas print of me at this beautiful creek located in the Great Smokey Mountains.

    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  1. Rachel said...:

    I have a few prints of flowers I'd like to print for my walls. ps love the nod to it's a Wonderful Life. :)

  1. Rachel said...:

    i entered the CSN giveaway!

  1. carma said...:

    my son took an awesome cloud photo that I would love to get made into a print

  1. carma said...:

    entered CSN giveaway

  1. carma said...:

    entered Febreze giveaway

  1. Jan said...:

    I would get my wedding photo of my husband and I on the motorcycle

  1. Jan said...:

    I follow this blog

  1. Jan said...:

    I entered the Walmart Febreze giveaway

  1. LC said...:

    I have this really adorable print of my hubby with our cat that I would get done (much to his chagrin!)

  1. LC said...:

    I'm follower #245

  1. LC said...:

    I entered Febreze giveaway

  1. Debbie said...:

    I'd get one of this summer's beach trip:)

  1. Debbie said...:

    I entered, and hope to win!, the CSN giveaway.

  1. Shan said...:

    I would choose a photo of the kids together.

  1. ky2here said...:

    I'm going to be sneaky and hold onto to the credit until we go to spain, monaco and italy in October. I know we'll have something wonderful to print.

  1. ky2here said...:

    Google friend connect follower kycouple2000.

  1. ky2here said...:

    I entered our CSNStore giveaway for the $60 credit.

  1. Either one of my family and I or a shot of some beautiful morning glories I grew a few summers back, always inspires me. :)

  1. I follow via Google Friend Connect.

  1. Entered your CSN stores giveaway.

  1. I have a picture of my husband with his 32 Ford show car that i would love to have done for him

  1. I subscribe by email (

  1. SteveW said...:

    I have a panoramic photo from the top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles that I would love on canvas

  1. Randy said...:

    I ran and finished the Chicago Marathon last year and my wife got a nice picture of me crossing the finish line. I would love to get that a little bigger!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I would put a photo of my kids overlooking the ocean.

  1. patrick m said...:

    I would choose my niece catching her first fish.

  1. Molly C. said...:

    I would love to use a pic of all 6 of my children together.

  1. Molly C. said...:

    Following you on google friends

  1. sweepmom said...:

    I would get one done of a great family picture we took while hiking in the Grand Canyon.

  1. vboackle said...:

    i would like a pic of me and my grandkids.

  1. Denise S. said...:

    I would use a picture of my two daughters swimming together at camp.

  1. Denise S. said...:

    I'm a GFC follower
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  1. Denise S. said...:

    I entered the Fabreeze giveaway.

  1. Brenda Young said...:

    I would put a picture of my family on a beautiful mountain.

  1. mverno said...:

    my grandchildren

  1. slb3334 said...:

    my nieces' prom picture.

  1. Fionen said...:

    I would use a photo of my niece on her 1st birthday.

    fionen_ftw @ fionen dot com

  1. Hbomb said...:

    I'd print a picture my boyfriend took of our puppy and i. He'd love it for his birthday.
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  1. Hbomb said...:

    I entered the CSN giveaway
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  1. Hbomb said...:

    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  1. amanda said...:

    I would pick one of the photos I took of my daughter at Disney world this summer.

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  1. amanda said...:

    GFC Follower (amanda D.)

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  1. Lucky's Luna said...:

    I'd use it on a photo of my upcoming wedding.


  1. Lucky's Luna said...:

    I follow you on GFC.


  1. Aisling said...:

    I'd have my granddaughter pick a favorite photo of her and her fiance (and then give the finished print to them).

  1. Aisling said...:

    I follow your blog.

  1. Katie R. said...:

    I would pick our family portrait.

  1. Ms. Autumn said...:

    my sons newborn pic

    autumn398 @

  1. ania said...:

    a picure of latte that i would hang in the kitchen

  1. loni said...:

    I would choose one of my two dogs laying in the sun

    trippyjanet at hotmail dot com

  1. Hoa said...:

    I would either choose a family picture or a nice picture I've taken.


  1. Hoa said...:

    Follower via GFC


  1. paula michele said...:

    I would use a picture of my kids playing outside.


  1. Jennifer Neal said...:

    I'd love to print a picture I took on my recent trip to SF!

  1. Leslie said...:

    I would make a canvas of my favorite photo from my recent African safari.

  1. Michael said...:

    We have a picture of our three puppies cuddled together 'posing' for the camera - it would be ideal for a canvas print!


  1. Kimberley said...:

    Our teen daughter (and ace photographer) has taken some WONDERFUL pictures of her little miracle man baby brother, and we'd love to have one of them made into a canvas print!

    Many thanks!!

  1. amyd said...:

    A nice pick of my boys together&smiling!

  1. maryandtodd89 said...:

    My daughter just got married I would love to have one of her wedding pictures printed :)

  1. Marissa O. said...:

    I would put a cute pic I have of my son playing in the pool!

    m_biebs@hotmail dot com

  1. Marissa O. said...:

    I am a new follower!

    m_biebs@hotmail dot com

  1. FDP 4 Life said...:

    our last family portrait
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

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