Weekend Wrap Up - Another Trip to Seattle

Actually - the trip north started on Wednesday night. I worked from my parents house on Thursday, had Friday off. I wish I only had to work 4 days a week always.

Andrew headed off to a salmon fishing/camping trip with his father. I don't typically mention a father on this blog....because the man has chosen to not be part of Andrew's life. However, a couple times a year, they manage to make plans to see each other. Andrew was REALLY excited to go salmon fishing and so he is off in the woods with people he barely knows for a four-day camping trip. Let's all wish him luck. He sent me two pictures within 24 hours, here is one:

A 22-pound beautiful salmon! I haven't spoken to Andrew yet, so I don't have any real details, but how awesome does that fish look? And how handsome is my son?? Ugh, he's a grown man already!! Let's not think about that...

Andrews dad lives about 40 minutes from my folks, so I stayed at my parents house. My mom, aunt and I made the typical trip to a local casino, where I made $40 last three hours, playing the slots. And then came home with $42. Not bad for an entertaining night. At one point, I was on a machine where you can win free spins. I won 10 free spins. Then during those 10 - I won 42 more!! So I had 52 free spins. That's a lot of spinning going on, right? So you would expect I would have won a lot of money, right? No, I didn't. I won about $16.00. On FIFTY-TWO spins. I think we can all agree that this is just plain bullshit. Anyway--with that $16.00 I won, I was able to walk away from the casino with two extra bucks in my pocket, so I could honestly proclaim it a winning night. (but really...52 spins!!!!!)

Unfortunately, my aunt  got a call that her elderly mother was really sick and we rushed out of there. As we were getting closer to her house to drop her off, her anxiety level was increasing...and we stopped at a red light and an ambulance went flying by.....and she said: I hope that wasn't for my mom.....I bet that was for my mom..... So we called her mom's caretaker and sure enough--it was. A very traumatizing night. We rushed off to her mom's house, where her mom was refusing to go in the ambulance. Her vitals were okay so the ambulance left. My poor aunt was a mess. Her mom has been so sick. So very sad...

Friday morning, my mom and I headed off to Seattle via the ferry.

We saw this normal-sized fishing boat passing by this cruise ship, but it looked like a toy boat, it's so tiny in comparison. Look to the front, right side of that cruise ship. See the boat?

From the ferry, we drove a bit north to a doll museum. I would guess that most people have no idea that this museum exists-we certainly didn't until we found a coupon in a visitors book on the ferry. I'm not a doll collector, but the museum had some really interesting historical artifacts. Dolls from the 1800's aren't something you ever see, or hear about. Unfortunately, the doll museum has a no photography policy....so I can't share any photos. But if I happened to take a couple photos with my phone, this is what they would have looked like:

This was made in 1992 and is a Somali Man that looked so realistic, you would expect him to be trying to get out of the glass case. It was quite impressive!

It was actually really interesting to see the history of dolls - how they added bending knees, talking boxes, baby dolls that close their eyes when you lay them down, dolls that will move by themselves, faces that rotate so your doll can have a different face, etc. They have a pretty impressive collection of dolls through the last 300 years.

We left the doll museum and attempted to go to an arboretum, but after driving around the area where there should have been a big sign and a parking lot and some kind of indicator where to go - we decided to pass and head to the next option.

Which was the Log House Museum. After a struggle to find a parking spot, we walked in and were quite disappointed to find that the "museum" was one room with some artifacts about the history of the area. It really was not what we were expecting and this is one of the coolest things (I would love to have this!):

The history we read about was interesting. But not worth the drive. If you're ever in Seattle - skip this!

Next stop - the International District, where we were going to meet up with my friend from high school.
We had a hideous time trying to find parking and find each other-so we just parked on a street and got out and walked in the area where we were--which was not the international district. Driving failure #2 of the day. But it worked out fine-we were right next to Pioneer Square and we had a nice lunch outside and chatted and relaxed and bonded with her new little baby girl.

Our next stop was supposed to be the Underground Tour, but my mom had a sore knee, I have a monster blister and we weren't sure if it was practical to take the baby, so we decided to do this tour another visit.  And I would like to take Andrew on this too, so that works out fine.

I love this baby face! She was telling my mom a very serious story at this point. It might have had been something about this strange lady pointing a large camera at her face all afternoon....

On our Seattle downtown map, there was a garden in the international district so we headed there instead, but it really wasn't a park. It had this funky seating area and a tiny path through an unkempt area. It was a nice place to sit and visit, but calling it a park was a stretch. It was easy to find though, and had plenty of parking so that was a huge plus, considering our frustrations from earlier in the day.

Mom headed home on the freeway and my friend and I (plus baby) walked through the Pike Place Market. Love it there. Everyone is so happy, the colors are vibrant, the smells are good (minus the fish areas), and there's always something interesting to see.
Look for the flying fish!
Wonderful ceramics!
The only Starbucks sign where the mermaid flashes her boobs!
Bubblegum wall! - seriously, it's a wall of used bubblegum. Some people stick their id's in their gum-gross. Some leave important messages:

Saturday and Sunday - housework, cleaning closets, scrapbooking, a little work - very productive, though nothing exciting! Loving the peace and quiet in my clean house, but missing Andrew all the same (especially when I had to cut the grass! That's not my chore!).

How was your weekend? Anything exciting going on?


  1. kel said...:

    SOunds like a great trip!! I love the artsy stuff like the ceramics and the dolls! The bubble gum wall sounds cool, but I think I'd be slightly freaked out by the germs!! lol!

  1. Brandy said...:

    very cool. dolls freak me out.

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    wow. you had quite the emotional trip this weekend as well...hope all the medical issues work themselves out.

    i love seatle....been a while since i was there though. the wild ginger was a place i always ate at though.

    that is some fish as well...very nice.

  1. Denis said...:

    Regular Bingo? Casino on the weekends?

    Andrew's fish looks huge. Looks like alot of fun.
    P.S. Pike's place is alot of fun.
    Your aunt's mom is not your grandmother so your aunt is married to your mom's brother? Hope she gets better :(

  1. Nat said...:

    I spent my weekend being excited about how I get to see Kaylen next weekend! :)

  1. carma said...:

    ACK!! that bubblegum wall is creepy. Talk about a huge salmon -- and good work with your gambling :-)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh, my. I'm a Seattleite and there are so many things I don't do regularly. Where do you come up from? I remember the days when there were only TWO Starbucks in the whole wide world. My mom would send us out to pick up "half a pound of Mocha Java." :-) I'm so sorry about your aunt's mom. How scary!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I hate Seattle, I can stand driving there. Nice Andrew!

  1. TQ said...:

    What a great trip! But I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt's mom... I hope all is ok.

  1. What a wonderful trip, hope your great aunt is OK and that Andrew had a good time with his father. (My kids have a similar situation with their father.)
    I love your photos, and that baby is SO adorable. I've seen that market and the flying fish on TV before. I love the colors and all the amazing things at the market and would love to visit it someday. I think I'll skip the bubble gum wall, though, because it is kind-of gross in my opinion. EEWWW!


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