Africa Bridge Fundraiser - Check Out My Crappy Photos!

You might remember me talking about this amazing nonprofit called Africa Bridge - this last weekend was their annual fundraiser. I just love this event every year.

They have great music (though it really didn't go on very long this year!):

And some fun African dancers:

My girls, Tara and Amy, volunteered with me and we worked at the silent auction tables, where I  practiced my sales-woman-like skills and tried to get people to drop some bucks on some wonderful donated items up for grabs. I had a few strategies with this, having never been a salesperson, I really had to work it...

One strategy was to tell people walking by that there was a competition with the other tables to see who could get the most bids. A few people seemed to buy in to this and agreed to write their name down to help my cause.

The other strategy I had was to tell people strolling by that I'm a new volunteer and I really can't have the auction end with no bids - I'll get fired!! I'm not sure this strategy worked.

The last strategy I had was to try chatting up the men. This sometimes works really well.

Once the silent auction was closed, they had dinner and a live auction, which was fun to watch. We were busy wrapping items in the back, but still got to enjoy the action. One of the volunteers family member wanted to bid on an item as a gift for his mother without her knowing it, so he asked if one of us could do the bidding for him. Or maybe I begged him if I could do it...doesn't matter - point is---I got to have a bidding number and spend someone else's money on something in the auction, and it really is fun!!!
He threatened to tackle me if I went over the maximum allowed, which was $500.00, but I was outbid at $500 and he gave me a head nod to go one more time and I won for $550.00. I wish I had a fat bankroll in my pocket cause auctions are fun!!! And it was for a great cause!!

This was "my" winning item:

It's a really intricately detailed drawing, on handmade paper in a frame. It's like 3 feet wide and totally gorgeous.
The founder of Africa Bridge, Barry Childs, gave a very moving speech about his passion for the children and people of the communities in Tanzania. I love hearing him talk. I love hearing anyone talk when they are so passionate about such a worthy cause.

He just moves me. Every time. I could listen to him talk anytime.  He inspires me to want to do more in life.

Such a beautiful night.

The goal of the night was to raise enough funds to build 4 cow co-ops and provide the supplies for it, including the cow. Each co-op costs $10,000 to build. They most definitely raised enough for the four. It was very inspirational to see people be so generous for this community so far from us. If I had an extra $10,000, I would definitely consider sponsoring a cow co-op. If you happen to be in this position and don't know what to do with your extra $10K, please consider Africa Bridge. They are doing such wonderful things to make an African country more self-sufficient, productive, free.

**note that these photos were not taken with my new and wonderful camera, which I didn't want to bring with me as I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep it close-by. These were taken with my phone camera, which I'm typically pretty happy with...but which I'm not really now since I have a new fancy, schmancy camera that totally kicks ass.


  1. Heather said...:

    What fun! That pic of the tiger is just awesome! Glad they raised enough money.

  1. Mama Zen said...:

    Sounds like an amazing event!

  1. Raven said...:

    Oh, that looks like so much fun!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That looks like a fun day! Love the tiger!

  1. Denis said...:

    Crappy photos NOT. For some reason I especially liked dancing ladies


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