Catching Up: Everything Is Broken; BIG Thanks; Giveaway Winner

Whew!!! What a busy week!!

We had some employees visiting from London and New York this week, so Tuesday we had a big team meeting. The afternoon was an offsite at a cooking school: it involved 3 small glasses of champagne and one small glass of wine. Oh, and some cooking too. After the cooking class, some of the team went out to happy hour for more drinking and eating.   I honestly don't know how the Irish drunks do it....I was pretty faded early on. Not like sloppy drunk faded, but super-sleepy faded. I went home at 4:00 and fell asleep on the couch by 4:12pm. I think if it were something I am used to - like Mike's Hard Lemonade - I would have been better off but champagne and wine just knock me out.

And on Wednesday, our operations manager came to our cubicle world with a pitcher of blue vodka, called Tidy Bowl shots and most of us took a shot. At 3:30pm on a Wednesday. Who does that? The coolest company in the world, that's who. Did I mention in my office we also have a pool table and a keg and free soda and free ritz crackers? We are the coolest.

Everything in the world broke this week. My headphones (mandatory for my treadmill time) broke. Then my dryer broke. My icemaker is broken. My heart broke when Andrew was rude to me. My car radiator is broken - it's got a small leak. Bleh. The world is breaking down, why should my little home be any different?

I need to give a big shout-outs! Some of you have read about this ambitious volunteer project I have taken on to provide backpacks and school supplies to 100 local children and I know a LOT of  you want to donate money towards my project and you were all just a little scared to be the first....well, you can relax---we have a first donation!!!!  HUGE thanks to Julia for making a donation and helping me get closer to my goal!!! I have actually met Julia and visited her store just north of Seattle and she is simply wonderful. THANKS JULIA!!!!!!!!!

I also need to give a shout out to Tara and her family, who have brought over 12 backpacks!!!

Feel free to head on back to the original post and donate, so you can be as cool as Julia and Tara.

And I had a giveaway that ended last week - Congrats to Pets and Their People (love the name!) who is the winner of the canvas print giveaway. She has 4 dogs, 9 parrots and 6 rats - so she probably has plenty of photo subjects to have printed.
I still have a contest going on right now and another two to post!

Busy weekend ahead for me - volunteer project in the morning, barbecue at my house in the evening, another volunteer project on Sunday and I have plans to walk another 8 miles (I got in 4.5 today).


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    hope you have a onderful weekend! so cool they gave 12 backpacks that is awesome! sorry everything is breaking....

  1. Right on with your project. What company is this again? ;)


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