Ground Zero Mosque Debate - Tired, Old, Never Accurate, Never Real

Here are some facts for you, and then let's be done with it:
  1. The so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" is actually two city blocks away. It's not on any walking path from a major transit area to get to "ground zero"- so it's not really going to be something you have to walk past and be insulted by.
  2. It's not really a traditional mosque-it's a large building with a pool, community rooms, and happens to have a prayer room. There are Jewish community centers in the same area that are never ever called synagogues. This is NOT going to be a mosque. There will be no calls to prayer, there will be no big turreted decorative building. It's just a building with lots of rooms-one of which is for prayers.
  3. Are we not a country built on the freedom of religion?
  4. Do we hate and fear all Christians because Timothy McVey blew up a large gov't building full of hatred for the United States...and he's a Christian.
  5. Remember the Japanese Internment? That happened here, in the United States, and is hardly mentioned really and is just a huge embarrassment in our history. And what about slavery? Remember how people feared black people and had to keep them virtually (and sometimes literally) caged? And how we let that whole Nazi thing drag on quite some time and millions died before we thought it was something seriously wrong? Don't those correlate a little bit to what is happening now? See anything remotely similar?
I'm done with this topic. Let's stop being racists, bigots, and idiots. I do not think that this community center built by Muslims is meant to be an insult to anyone. And although I KNOW that there is a huge faction of people who call themselves Muslim are really into hating America, I do not believe it's possible that ALL people who call themselves Muslim feel the same way.

Just like all Christians do not believe it's okay to beat your wife, though some do.

And just like all Catholics don't think it's okay to force a young girl who has been raped by her father to have his baby, though some do.

And just like all Jews don't....well, I got nothing on the Jews actually...


  1. kyooty said...:

    I have one thing to add YMCA... YMCAAAAAAAAA...

  1. Brandy said...:

    I like this post. I get so tired of simple-minded rednecks that don't even understand the WHOLE story.

  1. I TOTALLY agree with all comments especially #3. I don't understand why people get so up in arms about it.

  1. Heather said...:

    #3 and 4. Right on!

    This is a great post! There are crazies in every religion, is it right to mark the rest for the actions of a few? I think not.

  1. Veronica Lee said...:

    Well said!! There are always extremists in every race and religion.

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.
    Have a nice day!

  1. Lynette said...:

    good voice, glad you spoke up!


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