Heal Your Wounds...With A White Potato

Yeah, so remember the other day when my precious son was shot in the head?

Yeah, we had a GSW (gun shot wound) at 3am. It was called out that perhaps my son shouldn't have been out at 3am, but really - a group of 17 yr olds hanging out in a hot tub not drinking at 3am on a Saturday morning...it could be much worse (well it was pretty bad actually considering someone got shot). Though really, they may have been doing things they shouldn't have-who knows? I'm a parent so I'm slightly clueless due to survival instinct, but nobody smelled like they were at a party....

Anyway - here's a great picture of young Andrew's gun shot wound, aka The GSW.

(note the cavities in his mouth, which cost me about $300)

Here's a top view of his brain, with the shrapnel on top.
Nice right?

Here's a cooler picture of his brain:
Cool right?

Let's all enjoy these pictures, because it's very possible that when I asked for a copy of his ct scan, they billed me $8000.00. I haven't gotten the bill yet...but I'm hoping that my guess is high.

The emergency room sent his doctor a copy of their report and he called me today and we discussed what to do moving forward. He agreed that it could stay there forever and ever and might never be a problem at all, but if it bothered him, we could try to take it out.

However - he had a better suggestion...something that isn't in medical books. And isn't a standard method to treat such injuries in hospitals, but that he knows has worked in the past.

He told me this:

Take a white potato, like a russet with the brown skin. Wash it really well. Cut it in half. Take one half of it, put the white surface of the potato directly on his head where the shrapnel is located. Leave the potato there for about 15 minutes. Repeat for 5-7 days.

No joke.
He's a really good doctor. He really is!!! He told me this story about how his sister got a big piece of graphite lead in her arm when she was young and he watched as his mom made her hold this cut potato against it over and over again and then one day...the lead just came out! He said that he has heard of this before, but he's not sure about whether it will work on a near-adult male...

The potato apparently has some kind of gravitational pull that draws the metal towards it. Just like in alien movies when you reach your hand out to touch an alien and then you can't stop reaching out and then the alien being absorbs you completely and it's too late to do anything. That's not how he explained it, but that's how I imagine it works.

Anyone ever hear of this?

Anyone want to take bets on whether a potato will have any effect at all on Andrew's GSW?


  1. You know stranger things have worked! I say give it a try, if nothing else maybe one of you could sell the story to make some money for the emergency room bills :)

  1. Dual Mom said...:

    I've heard of this, though I'm surprised a doctor would suggest it. It can't hurt, right?

  1. Raw bacon will do the same thing - but it is considerably stinkier than a potato. And yes, it really does work. Good doctor!

  1. Oh no! I never heard of such a thing, but I applaud any doctor willing to think outside the surgery room.
    Now, for a photo that expensive, you'll get it matted and framed and hang it alongside your other art, right?

  1. Jessica Brown said...:

    If I didn't personally know the doctor in question, I would say he is a quack, but even though I know him, know him to be a good doctor, know him not to be a quack, I really am having a hard time believing this malarckey, so please do tell me if it works, and better yet, if you are able to get your 17 year old son to put a raw skinned potato on his head for 7 days in a row.

  1. How did I miss the GSW post? I think I would have taken on the slower than molasses cops and ER desk!
    Glad he's okay (mostly) and I hope the potato works! (It would be the cheapest thing out of the hospital bill..)
    (Funny, how an 8000.00 bill won't solve the issue, but an 80 cent vegetable may..)

  1. Brandy said...:

    ooooh it's so exciting - I can't wait to find out if the potato thing works.

  1. I've used this method to remove splinters...I say give it a try.

  1. Oh...I had no idea that this happened. He is alright, I'm assuming? My thoughts and prayers go out to your son and family.

  1. carma said...:

    I say give it a shot (the potato - the head already has a shot) -- and OMG - how did it happen??? I'm glad he is OK.

  1. Debbie said...:

    Freaky! I hope it works. Keep us updated.

  1. lo said...:

    Try it and let us know!! I'll be SO amazed if it works...

  1. Raven said...:

    I've never heard of that, but nature can do some amazing things, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it worked. If you try it, let us know. I'm glad your son is ok!

  1. Heather said...:

    Can't hurt to try! I admit I had questioned to my hubby about the 3 am thing, but was quickly reminded of when I was 17. Nuff said! LOL!

  1. Denis said...:

    How long will it take? I can't wait too!

  1. Pam said...:

    OKay, I missed the gunshot wound post. Good grief! I hope he is doing okay. That's scary too! I hope the potato works. It seems strange but can't hurt to try. Keep us posted.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I found your blog via google search...I see this was years ago but I am concerned that you don't seem to be aware that the ct shows an intracranial hemorrhage (blood in brain) - I can't be 100% sure sine you only showed a few images, but the first brain image has a bright white stripe in the right lower part of the image which is unmistakably blood. It seems like you were not treated well in the ER but I wonder how anyone could have missed that. Was he not admitted to the hospital???!!! This is scary.


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