Monthly Workout Stats - July

The end of another month. Can you believe it's August already??

And can you believe I've been sticking with my treadmill-ing for three complete months? Not just "maybe I'll get on the treadmill tonight" obligation, entire three months of planning every night around my treadmill time, and planning out my week based on when I have plans so that it becomes my off night. And planning two-a-days when I have low miles for the week....for three months!!

And I'm seeing great results. I feel healthier, I have more energy, I am fitting in smaller size clothes, and I am meeting my goals each month. A winner all around!!!

Since starting this, I miss my cherry coke the most. I went the first two months at a zero-tolerance, but last month I let myself have a few. I am not a fan of "diets" per se, so I'm trying to live a more healthy way - everything in moderation. So cherry coke and I are now seeing each other once a week. It's a love-hate relationship, but for now we're just keeping it casual, not getting too serious, but not completely breaking up either.

Let's review:

Goal: 40 miles
Actual: 64 miles

Goal: 50
Actual: 75

And now here are the treadmill stats for July:

• minutes: 2062
• miles: 88.19

• calories burned: 9322 (if the treadmill is to be trusted)
My goal for the month was 85, so I met and passed it, but only by 4.19 miles.
It was a hard month - I had a monster blister, which kept me out of my shoes for 3 days, I was out of town for two days, and then I had some horrid heel pain and had to take off 3 days (and had two bad days before I took time off).
I went to the runners store and had them check my gait and pressure areas and do a full assessment of the way I walk and determine what insoles and shoes I need to prevent the heel pain I suffered. Which means I no longer am wearing my super cute pink shoes, but am wearing some non-pink Nikes with some specially created insoles that were molded to my feet and hopefully will prevent any more issues. We'll far they are working out well.
I think my goal for August is going to be 90 miles. 85 was hard but I had some issues that hopefully won't happen again this month, in which case 90 miles should be a perfect number for August.
Cheers to working on the new me!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    yay! good hope that the new shoes help with the blisters...

  1. Jay said...:

    You're doing great! Way to kick ass!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You're doing awesome! Congrats on kicking some treadmill booty!

  1. Yay you!

    Sigh, I really need to get off my ass.

  1. kel said...:

    That is so awesome!!! I need some of your willpower!

  1. Right on! Exceeding your goals will give you the motivation to keep going.

  1. Heather said...:

    You are amazing me! Yeah for your determination and success!


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