Random Thoughts Tuesday - I'm a Racist About to Lose My Vision

My son is an artist. This is a series of photos he's been working on, which I like to call - What I Drink.

I took the diet coke pic...it took me 9 tries and involved him getting very irritated that I couldn't coordinate the camera taking with one hand while holding the can with the other without getting my thumb in the pic...

And he was also irritated that I wouldn't hold still for my cherry coke photo, but in my defense I didn't realize it was a creative arts project he was working on!!
Have I mentioned how much I love my camera? I do.

Only in China would they have a 9-day traffic jam. When I read about this, I wasn't shocked to find out it was in China....why is that? Am I racist? I don't want to be... I also want a black boyfriend so I can call him: Boo. Or a mexican one so I can call him Papi. But does that make me racist? No. I just like nicknames and  white men doesn't go by the name Papi. Ever.

I have successfully passed my pre-op appointment to have LASIK surgery. I haven't even stressed out about the extremely expensive cost of it (which is ridiculous and should be covered by insurance) and I haven't stressed even a little bit about how there will soon be a laser ray gun pointed directly at my eye and I am going to willingly let someone pull the trigger on their laser ray gun at my EYEBALL. Nope, not gonna stress about that. And what if there is a power surge? Or an earthquake? Or someone sneezes and bumps the machine firing a high power laser at my EYEBALL? Nope...let's not even think about it. All I'm focusing on right now is how great it will be to wake up and be able to see. And exercise without having to nonstop push my glasses up or go blind. (If I were to lose my vision from the evil ray gun, it might help me not be so racist!)

I am so irritated at Steve Carrell that he's leaving The Office. He is a critical piece of the show and I will never forgive him for this!

The backpack project is coming to a close. Thanks so much to all that donated or sent good thoughts. I'll have pics and a final project wrap-up next weekend. Get ready to be bedazzled by all the goodness.


  1. Brandy said...:

    that photo project is awesome. AND I WANT LASIK

  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ha. i like the pics...cool idea for a project...9 day traffic jam...i woulda been ballistic...

  1. Lucky's Luna said...:

    Those photos are cool, he's lucky you encourage him! :)

  1. I call my white husband "daddy" sometimes. He told me he thinks that's hot. Should I be worried? lol

    Update after you get LASIK. I have thought about it for years, but too chickem to actually do a consult.

    Also, I like the photos. Cool idea!

  1. Denis said...:

    I was interested in lasik at one time but tried contacts for awhile and got dry eyes plus could not see short distances especially at night.
    You do look even cuter without glasses though.
    :) Of course you're already super good looking.

  1. carma said...:

    The Office just wasn't the same this past season and now with Steve leaving - put a fork in it...


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